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Gaston at New Fantasyland: ‘There’s No Man in Town Half As Manly’

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Previews for New Fantasyland are just around the corner. As the date gets closer, we’re happy to be able to share more and more with you about this largest expansion in Magic Kingdom Park history.

Within the Enchanted Forest area of New Fantasyland, the world of “Beauty and the Beast” comes to life. Enchanted Tales with Belle transports you to the Beast’s Castle for a wonderful storytelling experience with Belle and Lumiere, and over in Belle’s Village, you’ll soon be able to meet another memorable character from her story – one with biceps to spare!

You’ll Soon be Able to Meet Man Among Men, Gaston, in Belle's Village in New Fantasyland

That’s right. That man among men, Gaston, will be tromping around the village square. As a specimen, yes, he’s intimidating, but he’s also everyone’s favorite guy, happy to pose for portraits, comment on the fine statue he has donated to the town or just generally talk about, well, himself.

You can ask any Tom, Dick or Stanley, and they’ll tell you Gaston will be in New Fantasyland when it opens for previews November 19.

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  • I truly cannot wait to meet Gaston 🙂 I will be visiting December 2014 and am already planning on everything Disney 🙂 You are so lucky to be a cast member!

  • I met Gaston at the Halloween party last year; I was hoping he’d come to Belle’s new area! 🙂 I can’t wait!!! The Expansion sounds amazing, and I always love to meet new characters!

    Do you know if there will be any more new characters added to the area? I hope the Beast will have a spot there; right now, I can only find him in Epcot, sometimes.

  • He’s so much more cuter than the movie!

    Do you know if the photopass photographers will be around to take pictures?

    • Lucy – Yes! Disney’s PhotoPass Photographers are on hand whenever Gaston is in the village.

  • One time, I imagined visiting Gaston, and he told me about the time the baker’s wife needed help with a rat extermination problem. Gaston described the vermin to be no ordinary rodent, but a monstrosity with red glowing eyes, inch-long claws, fangs dripping drool, etc. (this is obviously a Gaston trademark exaggeration)

    Then Mickey came up behind him, tapped him on the shoulder, and he screamed like a frightened girl.

    I have a very interesting imagination, don’t I?

    • Peter – That’s pretty funny!

  • Cant wait to see him!Q

  • Totally agreed with Klaske above about the Paris outfit. The outfit Gaston wears in Paris is much more impressive. I am excited that Gaston will be a regular around the village, regardless.

  • Yay!! Can’t wait to meet him in November.

  • @Tracy — He’s no barge… he’s a dreamboat! (Gotta give the old Videopolis show from Disneyland some love!) This is very exciting news!!!

  • Oh, he’s perfect! A pure paragon!

    Can’t wait to shake his hand 😀

  • Wow Darren I have always wanted to see gaston at Disneyland, but no luck (so far)! Looks like a trip to WDW is in our future. I think Gaston would have a lot to talk to my husband about.

  • We had a character breakfast at Disneyland with Gaston and friends years ago. The term “character” really fit! He was great and a lot of laughs!!

  • Wow. He is roughly the size of a barge. 🙂

    • Tracy – I know, right! You definitely can’t miss him when he’s in the village!

  • Finally! We in Paris were lucky enough to have him for the last few years, but now the whole World can enjoy the most manly man alive! Can’t wait to see the statue and the tavern!

    (If only the outfit could change the Paris one, so he’s not mistaken for Mr. Incredible anymore, and the outfit doesn’t make me think he’ll bring out an 80s fitness video ‘More Muscles with Gaston’ 😛 Those fake muscles really creep me out. A good Gaston is more about attitude than muscles, imho.)

  • We’ve met Gaston at MNSSHP and he is hands down one of our favorites. He was great with my then 3 year old and we can’t wait to see him again this year.

  • can´t wait!!! only 49 more days to be there!!!

  • Yay!! I was really hoping that Gaston would be one of the new characters! I can’t wait to meet him.

    • Carrie – He’s so much fun to talk with – a real card!

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