Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

There are only two more weeks left for Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort! If you haven’t yet conjured a Disney Villain, watched the pumpkin carvers or gotten a pirate makeover at the Pirates League, here’s a look at what you’re missing!

Here’s a look at more of the fun happening during Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort:


  • Hello!

    I was wondering as to the timeline of the Halloweentime decor at Haunted Mansion? Does it stay up past Halloween?

  • Hi Erin! Will Nightmare Before Christmas still be gracing the Haunted Mansion this Holiday Season as well? Or is it just for Halloweentime? Thank you!!

  • Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort is the best. Go at least once and get a good view of the castle for the best fireworks show and seeing Zero fly is awesome. It is always crowded but good times.

  • @Vanessa – I have not seen fastpasses to Haunted Mansion at all this year.

  • Hey Erin, as an AP have been up many times this season. FUN TIMES! Was at Disneyland on Friday Night for Mickey’s Halloween Party. OMG! The Cadaver Dans are a must see. We went as and Pooh and Tigger. That’s right two adult men in onsies. It was a riot! @venessa, the fastpass is not open this year or at least hasn’t been on the days we’ve been there. The line is long but only takes about 45 minutes to make it through. We’ve been getting snacks prior to getting in line and it seems to go quickly but I’m also one of those annoying people who will strike up a conversation with strangers in line.

    • The Cadaver Dans were my favorite part of Mickey’s Halloween Party this year, too!

  • Great to see the pumpkin video, Erin! Were you working off a script? There is no way I could have rattled off all those options so eloquently!

    • You’re so kind! No script – they make me nervous. 😀

  • i love your video erin i cant wait to more new videos this video was funny and the best

    • Thanks, Brett!

  • i leave tomorrow i cant wait! i have a question i heard there is no fastpass for haunted mansion holiday this year. is that true?

    • I’m checking on that for you, Vanessa

  • your videos are cool, Erin. What is the most ‘accepted’ abbreviation for Disneyland Anaheim?
    I’ve heard “DLC”, “DLR”, is it “DL” ??

    • Thanks, Brian! Officially, we’re the Disneyland Resort but I’ve seen it abbreviated as DLR. Disneyland park is sometimes abbreviated as DL.

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