Holidays at the Disneyland Resort Coming November 12 Through January 6

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Yes, I know we’re right in the middle of Halloween Time here at the Disneyland Resort, but I also know that many of you have been asking about dates for Holidays at the Disneyland Resort here on the Disney Parks Blog. I’m happy to tell you that I finally have an answer – the Happiest Place on Earth will get merrier from November 12, 2012, through January 6, 2013.
Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle at Disneyland Park

Here’s a look at what’s in store this year!

At Disney California Adventure park:

At Disneyland park:

We’ll have all the details on the new experiences coming during Holidays at the Disneyland Resort this year, so keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog!

Read on for more news from the Disneyland Resort:


  • What is going on for New Years Eve and will you need to buy a special ticket?

  • I to would really like to have more information about the Candlelight Processional and when Annual Pass Holders and make reservations. I have Breast Cancer and I need to make Our Reservations around my Chemo Treatments.

  • Ditto to what Deborah said. Would really appreciate this info ASAP. Thanks! 🙂

  • We are bringing our two year old and making our first trip to Disneyland for her birthday and Christmas this year. We would love to book the tour but are wondering if it’s age appropriate for her. So very excited only 60 days til we’re there!!

  • I <3 Candlelight @ Disneyland. It is a lovely beginning to the Holidays.
    But some of us "Premium Annual Pass Holders" come from out of state just for this event. We need to find out which date we are lucky enough to reserve just to make our travel plans, airfare, hotel, rental car… The longer we wait, the more difficult this becomes, as weekends during the holidays near Disneyland begin to sell out. I see Disneyworld posted this information over the summer. Can you tell us when to expect to be able to reserve dining packages? The first Candlelight Processional is 5 weeks away.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Is there a Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party in Disneyland?

    • Tonya – We do not offer a special Holiday party here at the Disneyland Resort; however, there is so much to see with your regular park tickets! We’ll have more details soon.

  • I noticed that there are no Aladdin showings or parades in CA Adventure during Thanksgiving week. Is there any reason why?

    • Jerell – I just checked the schedule and it looks like the show will be running throughout Thanksgiving week. You might want to check again here.

  • I’m arriving Nov. 9 through 11. Does that mean I will miss the decorations, haunted mansion and small world’s Christmas makeovers?

    • Trina – Haunted Mansion Holiday will be open during your visit.

  • It’s now less than a month away before holiday time at the Disneyland Resort offically starts on 11/12 – I’m wondering when they are going to start releasing info about Candlelight Processional packages!? I’m getting ancy and want to start planning my holiday trip. Come on Disney Blog give us some info.

    • We’re working on it, Mandy – I hope to have something to share soon.

  • Hi! By chance is there any schedule information for the Candlelight Ceremony and Processional yet? Or a projected date of release of said schedule? Thank you 😀

  • HI Erin!
    We arrived with my family to Orlando 01/06/2013. There is a show to see the end of that day and just worth going to the park that day?

  • what is the WEB ADDRESS to get this update?

  • Other than a mention on the blog, will there be an email sent to AP regarding the Candlelight Processional as was done with the Halloween event?

  • As a few others have asked, I’d like to know if this time frame is the same for Disney World as well. I’ll be there on my honeymoon at the end of December to early January and wanted to know how long the holiday stuff will last there! Thanks!

  • Wonderful to hear confirmation! I actually built this trip around D23 and being there for the holidays is a bonus.

    I have yet to see Carsland and it certainly be a sight to see for my first glimpse!

    Anything about the Segway tours coming back?

    Now, how about those discounts for the hotels, please? 😉

  • I am sooo glad to hear “Holidays” will extend beyond January 3! Thank you!!!

  • Hi, I’m traveling from Mexico for Holidays and have just one day for Disneyland. Can you tell me which are the MOST places/activities/attractions that we need to visit? if you can share paredes schedules would be great.

  • Is there any word on Passholder/dining package information for the Candlelight Processional? It’s less than 60 days before the event for some people.

  • We will be at the park on November 11th through 15th. Currently the schedule says there will be no parades???? Will the Christmas parade not have started yet? or (fingers crossed) It just hasnt been scheduled yet?

  • Hi Erin!

    Can you guys make a blog post about the Holidays at Disney World & the Thanksgiving at Disney World??? My trip is coming up in November and I am so excited! Would love to see a post about Disney Worlds holidays and also Thanksgiving like you guys did for Disneyland! : )



  • Erin – Great seeing you last night, on your way in and my way out. Wondering if you had any information as to the date and time—or performances—for Christmas Day Parade taping? We were there last year for the parade and the early One Republic performance and it was definitely a highlight of our holiday season!

  • I was at the park last year on November the 12. I need to know how to get the invite to join the crowd for the christmas and the new years eve party.

  • oh no 🙁 I’m going Nov. 6-8th. Egh at least I’m going to Disneyland, I am really really hoping we can do the Walk in Walts footsteps tour.

    • Kayla – A tip for you: be sure to book your tour in advance by calling 714-781-TOUR (8687). The “Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps” Tour is a really popular one.

  • I am so excited to see holiday decorations in Disney California Adventure. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when no decorations appeared for Halloween on Buena Vista Street or Cars Land. So, glad to hear they’ll be dressed up for the holidays!

  • I’d like to know too – when will fall specials be available?? Everything is for annual pass holders only. 🙁
    We’re planning to go in November and hoping for a deal!

  • We will be there November 16th and I CAN NOT WAIT!!! We have gone for the past 2 years during the same time and I will tell you, this is THE BEST time to visit Disneyland. The week after Thanksgiving is fairly empty and the weather is perfect. We are thinking about going during Halloween next year but I’m not sure I want to give up my Holiday experience. Anyone do both Halloween and Holiday and have any insight?

  • I there anything special planned for World of Color?

    • Christina and Dawson – “World of Color” will again feature special holiday guests Lanny and Wayne from “Prep & Landing.”

  • Nothing holiday for World of Color? and I heard that Santa’s reindeer would not be at Big Thunder Ranch this year. Is this a rumor?

  • We will be there for Thanksgiving and I’m so excited to start the Christmas season at Disneyland this year! We’re bringing our youngest (11 months at the time) for his first visit!

  • C’mon, guys, let us know more about the packages, and let APs start signing up for the candlelight processional.

  • I’m really looking forward to seeing Buena Vista Street and Cars Land all decked out for the holidays!

  • Is this the same for WDW also?

  • 🙂 I’m so glad I guessed in the right timeframe. We will be there in 43 days…on the 15th, just in time for all the festivities!! We’ve been looking forward to it all year – this will be our first time there for the Holidays.

  • Any news on candlelight narrators at DLR? If not, do we know when we’ll have the news?? Thanks!

  • Soooo excited for our 1st Christmas trip (loved our previous Halloween trips too though!) I am trying to be patient–but really can hardly wait to hear about the CP dining packages!!

    • Danielle, Pamela and Lisa – I’m sorry we don’t have an update on Candlelight at this time. But as soon as we do, we’ll have it here on the blog.

  • I am waiting for the announcement! I have never had the chance to go see this event. I am so excited about seeing it. Sounds so beautiful. Hope I have a chance to secure a slot.

  • Hi there, our trip is now within the 60 day window and we are DYING to book a dining package for Candlelight Processional. I hope the “more details to come” is shared very, very soon… this is the second “teaser” post regarding this topic.
    We want to plan our trip and our dining experiences now that it is 60 days out. I suppose I will just have to keep checking back *sigh*.

  • I agree with Cara……….no discounts for hotels in December?


  • Sounds exciting!

  • I will be there for Halloween, but would love to one day be able to come for the Holidays. I do have a question though…Why haven’t fall hotel discounts been offered this year? All of the discounts listed are for Annual Passholders.

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