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Is This the New Turkey Leg at Magic Kingdom Park?

Inside Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

Just before soft opening, Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland has expanded its menu beyond those gooey cinnamon rolls (and cold milk) – they’ve added a hefty pork shank that may become just as popular as the ubiquitous turkey legs that theme park guests devour with glee.

The pork shank goes for $7.99.
The Menu for Gaston's Tavern in New Fantasyland

Also on the menu at Gaston’s Tavern are chocolate croissants, fresh fruit and veggies, hummus and drinks, including Le Fou’s Brew, a frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow, topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam in a souvenir goblet.

What’s your pick for a new Magic Kingdom Park favorite: warm cinnamon rolls or pork shank?

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  • I can’t wait to have the Pork Shank! Its number one on my list for my next trip!!

  • Tried LeFou’s Brew two nights ago at the Halloween Party. It was quite tasty, but VERY sweet!

  • Ok this food all sounds good I’m leaving tommorow to head there by sunday so will I get a chance to see New Fantasyland and eat there. I heard next week they are only letting CM in to new fantasyland I really dont want to miss this cause I dont Know when Ill be able to come back I have 5 kids and this trip was not cheap for my wallet. I have been hoping and praying ill be able to see it.

  • I’m so happy 🙂 we have just confirmed our booking to return in 2013… I shall have to sample The Pork Shank with the Cinnamon Rolls and The Le Fou’s Brew! It would be rude not too…. 😀

  • Those cinnamon rolls sound great! 🙂 I can’t wait to try one, along with the Le Fou’s Brew.

  • I want the chocolate croissant!! I did not try the apple brew at Carsland this summer, but will try the Le Fou’s brew on my next trip!

  • OMG! that pork shank is going to be the bomb! I already taste it Yummie.

  • Lol! Who’s gonna buy veggies when you can have a cinnamon roll or a giant pork leg?

  • Is this a roasted pork shank or a ham shank? (i.e. the way the turkey legs taste like hame rather than turkey)

  • *way? Oops…

  • YUM! Will this be brought to DLR in some what? I’d love to chow down on a piece of pork.

  • I just came back from the Kingdom and the pork shank was awesome!!!
    I will always choose it over the turkey leg, because I always felt the turkey leg was a tad too salty for my taste. The shank came with one end wrapped, so you can hold it up just like the turkey leg. I washed it down with LeFou’s brew which I loved. Chose the stein with the Beast’s picture on one side, and Gaston’s picture on the other side. The other choice for a souvenir cup was Belle’s goblet. It was very busy today because Be Our Guest was not open, and I can’t wait to go back after it’s open!

  • Hey Michael,I will have to go you one better!! You can have your shank and roll, I gotta have a pork shank in one hand and turkey leg in the other. As a matter of fact, I will be doing that when we are there next week!! Boney appytite to all and to all a good shank!

  • Can’t wait to wash some warm cinnamon rolls down with a stein of Le Fou’s Brew!

  • This is great! My sons both have multiple allergies, and I am so pleased to see a nice variety of simple options offered that could potentially suit many different special dietary needs. Way to go Disney!

  • My husband will be thrilled. He’s allergic to turkey. I can’t wait to try as well and I’m sure it will be a big hit if it really does count as a snack credit. Wow.

  • oh my, will disneyland serve pork shank?!?!!?

  • Pam, there is a snack credit logo next to $7.99 pork shank. Can that really be a snack credit?

  • Soft opening was today. There are guests walking around in there as we speak.

  • I’m going with the warm cinnamon rolls.. And a LeFou’s brew 😉

    And any idea when the soft opening is???

  • I am actually more excited about Le Fou’s Brew! Sounds delicious.

  • I would guess the pork shank will be a quick service credit and not a snack credit on the dining plan based on the cost. Snacks typically are $4 & under so I doubt they’d include it as a snack option. I wish they would though!!

  • Can we get the cinnamon roll icing on the pork shank?

  • The pork shank is tugging at my heart strings. I can see myself strolling along, pork shank in one hand, cinnamon roll in the other with a smile ear to ear!

  • If it’s like the turkey leg, it will count as a QS credit and you’ll get a side with it (maybe fruit or veg; it’s a bag of chips w/ the turkey leg) and a drink. Just my first thoughts on the matter but I would LOVE it if it was only a snack credit!

  • “Le Fou’s Brew, a frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow, topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam in a souvenir goblet.”

    You had me at frozen apple juice!

  • Looks like fun! Is that the snack credit symbol listed next to most of the menu items? Thanks!

  • Does that logo next to it indicate it can be purchased as a snack on the Disney Dining Plan?

  • I will buy the pork shank 1000 times more than I ever did the turkey leg. If this thing tastes nearly as good as it looks, this thing is going to be responsible for at least 5 lbs of weight gain per trip.
    Thank you for adding something worthy of Gaston to his eponymous tavern.

  • I see the dining plan logo beside the roasted pork shank. Will that item use one snack credit? I sure hope so…am looking forward to trying this!

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