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Living Statues Bring Guests Into the Show at Downtown Disney in Florida

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Take a walk at night through Downtown Disney here at Walt Disney World Resort and you might notice a statue of a purple witch or a golden couple in “mad” top hats – statues you could swear weren’t there the last time you passed. The sculptures look amazingly real and if you get close enough, they just might spring to life.

These “Living Statues” were created by Nicolas J., a world-renowned mime who studied with Marcel Marceau. After appearing in Monte Carlo and across Europe, The Living Statues and World Gate Entertainment came to Walt Disney World Resort. (Disney fans may remember them from the France and Italy Pavilions of Epcot). These days, you’ll find The Living Statues not far from Paradiso 37 and Curl by Sammy Duvall.

Check them out:

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  • Sharon- that is DiVine. She is not a “living statue” per se, but a featured performer found at the Animal Kingdom. If you don’t look carefully you may just walk right past her!

  • That’s cool! We were at WDW in 2008 and in Animal Kingdom there was a girl on stilts covered in green paint and leaves and she would move as if she was part of the trees! It was really cool!

  • Just don’t blink…

  • We saw them in September and it was so awesome. My daughter is 6 and she thought the “pretty lady” was a statue. Once she went up to her so I could take a picture the golden lady bent down to hold her hand for the picture. So adorable!

  • I remember the Living Statues from France in Epcot…they were absolutely wonderful! And when I saw them,
    no one knew they were “living” and wanted a photo with a cool statue. Once they were posing for the picture, the WORLD changed…

    Wonderful entertainment!! I missed seeing them my last visit, and hope to see this next visit later this year!

  • Wow! That’s too cool! I also remember the Living Statues that were at World Showcase some years ago and loved them then…It’s great to see some older experiences come back to the resort. And I think Downtown Disney is a great place to have them!!

  • I remember them from France and Italy…What happened? I know entertainment performers don’t stay at Epcot forever, but Italy’s been quiet without them! 🙂
    (They were my 7-yo. niece’s favorite attraction out of her visit to Epcot. Yes, the entire park.)

  • This is great! I hope they’re still around when I go in December.

  • I have seen them Jenn. They are awesome, Everyone wanted their picture with them and then the real funny moments happened 😉

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