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Say Hello to New Fantasyland Merchandise at Bonjour! Village Gifts in Magic Kingdom Park

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Say Hello to New Fantasyland Merchandise at Bonjour! Village Gifts in Magic Kingdom

I recently shared with you a first look at the Big Top Souvenirs merchandise location which is now open in the Storybook Circus area of New Fantasyland. The other merchandise location coming to New Fantasyland is called Bonjour! Village Gifts. Located in Belle’s Village, the shop is just a few steps away from Gaston’s Tavern and the fountain of Gaston and LeFou. This quaint village store will house a variety of “Beauty and the Beast” themed items including some that were inspired by the details found in New Fantasyland.

Say Hello to New Fantasyland Merchandise at Bonjour! Village Gifts in Magic Kingdom, Including Minotaur Candle Holders

Three of my favorite items were inspired by details found outside of Beast’s Castle and the Be Our Guest Restaurant (you may recall seeing some images in my fellow author Jennifer Fickley-Baker’s “All the Details” article). The Minotaur candle holder is genius, and I intend to carry my gargoyle chalice everywhere I go! And when I get a photo of me holding my chalice, I will display it in an amazingly detailed frame featuring the beasts found outside the entrance to the restaurant.

Say Hello to New Fantasyland Merchandise at Bonjour! Village Gifts in Magic Kingdom, Including Elegant Dishware Inspired by the Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest Restaurant also inspired an elegant dishware collection of plates, coasters and stemware. Look for a Gaston’s Tavern stein and light-up castle-themed chalice also in the location.

Say Hello to New Fantasyland Merchandise at Bonjour! Village Gifts in Magic Kingdom, Including Belle Shirts for Kids and Women

The Enchanted Tales With Belle experience inspired several new Belle shirts for kids and women. The location will carry an assortment of fine decorative items, home goods, costume accessories and more. As we approach the December 6 grand opening of New Fantasyland, there will be a few additional items (and quantities of items shown in this article) offered for guests.

Like Big Top Souvenirs, I was again impressed with the details found in the shop. The use of warm colors, rustic lamps and wood beams gave the shop a nice, cozy feeling. You can see a few additional images from my visit in the gallery.

We are delighted to soft open this location during the next several weeks. Please note you will see new merchandise arriving weekly as we prepare for the grand opening on December 6. As a result, we will be limiting some of the newer merchandise items only found in this location to a limit of two (2) or four (4) items per guest. These items are marked within the location for your shopping convenience.


  • Do you have any tentative prices for some of the items pictured? I have my eye on that Belle poncho shirt, if it is an adult shirt that is.

    • @Colleen – I don’t know of plans at this point to carry these items via the Disney Parks online store. Sorry.

      @Leah – Retails vary on the shirts. If I recall correctly, they range between $24-$33 depending on the style shirt.

  • Will any of these items be available for purchase online?

  • The dishware, fabulous! Quite honestly puts my dishware at home to shame

  • Do you know if they will be having a dress rehearsal on the 30th or 31 of oct.? We are flying in from Ontario Canada for the first time with our 7yr old daughter. When we booked our vacation we weren’t thinking about the new area, we were only thinking of giving her a wonderful halloween surprise. Would love to be able to surprise her with that too. This trip has been a 3yr “in the making” plan, living so far away it is hard to get the money together. But we can’t wait to bring her it is going to be wonderful. I haven’t been to Disney since i was young. Animal Kingdom wasn’t even open when i was there last… I think I am more excited that she is, but then again she has been no where before. This trip is full of firsts for her, first plane ride, first vacation, first time to Disney 🙂 thanks !!

    • @Michelle – I hope you have a wonderful trip. I was seven when i first visited Walt Disney World and it made quite the impression on me (why I work here today!). From my understanding, the dress rehearsals in the coming weeks will be limited to special previews for Cast Members, Passholders, D23 members and Disney Vacation Club members. There was registration for these previews so access will be limited. I wish I had better news for you. Nevertheless, thank you for visiting us.

  • Hi Steven! SOOO exciting. As a Snow White fan, I hope that we will see a themed gift shop like this associated with the mine train ride when it opens. There is almost no Snow White merchandise in the park right now. Any hints….

  • Oh and Gaston himself was outside his tavern meeting guests and taking pictures. Of course I’m a Beast fan BUT I had to admit Gaston was pretty handsome!

  • I just came back from an incredible Disney vacation where we happened to luck into the first days of the New Fantasyland dress rehearsal!! We felt SO privileged to be among the first people EVER to be there! We enjoyed Belle’s Enchanted Tales and the New Ariel ride, sipped yummy refreshing Le Fou Brew in Gaston’s Tavern and found lovely Beauty and the Beast themed items in the gift shop. Everywhere was the Disney Magical attention to every detail that makes their attractions so special. We saw only the ouside of Be Our Guest restaurant; they were taking reservations for the opening and the menu looks most tempting!

    • @Timothy, Cole and Roxana – I’m so happy to hear you were able to see New Fantasyland. Thanks for the reviews! My favorite parts … the sound of birds and the waterfalls. So pretty!

  • Went yesterday for the soft preview (Dress Rehearsal) It was Amazing!!!!! 🙂

  • This looks awesome! Belle is my favorite princess; I can’t wait for all of this new merchandise!

  • We just got home from the Magic Kingdom Park and they had a sneak preview day today. We didn’t know about the Ariel ride being open to a limited number of fast passes that were available but we did go through the gift shop saw the restaurants and admired the attention to details in the completed area. Thank you Disney World for the sneak peek.

  • Amy,
    Yep, I’ve seen those cushions at the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney. (in CA)

  • Steven, I saw online pictures of the invitations in a book form for the New Fantasyland. I would love to have one for my fiance and surprise her, we recieved the pass holder invite via e-mail but it isn’t nearly as special as the story book. Is there any way we can find it.

    • @Donald – Those invitations were created for media attending the upcoming grand opening celebration on December 6. They are not currently available. Sorry I don’t have better news.

  • So the new fantasy land is just based on Belle? I had come to the conclusion it was on all the princesses. We went last year in may when it was being constructed and i was told that all the princesses were going to have there own areas…maybe they were told wrong, from pics it looks amazing..Belle is a favorite:)

    • @Amy – Bonjour! Village Gifts contains items both created especially for New Fantasyland, as well as items found in other locations. The pillows are carried in a variety of places so you should be able to find them at Disneyland Resort.

      @Angella – There is a lot coming to the New Fantasyland area. It’s the largest expansion in Magic Kingdom history. I invite you to visit to see an overview of what to expect. It’s pretty impressive and detailed!

  • Will any of these items be available in Disneyland CA? We’ll be visiting in Jan and I LOVE those cushions!

  • Oh my goodness I’m soooo excited!!! Going to Disney World next August and I’ve just been looking at the pictures for the Beauty and the Beast merchandise and was thinking going to buy that, that and that!! Think I’m going to need to bring an extra suitcase just to bring everything back!!! I hope te rose in the jar will be sold too, I have been after something like that for years!!!! EXCITED 😀

  • Ooh, was that a Jim Shore sculpture of Belle I spotted???

    • @Barbara – Great eyes! I spotted her along with a few other figurines in the location. And there were more items in the location as of this morning.

  • Those Gargoyles and Be Our Guest plates are just the sort of classy unique items that Disney shops need more of.

  • A soft opening!!! I will be in the parks October 21-26…is there any for sure days and times on these opening? I so want to see this, and might not be back for a while, do you have any confirmed or possible days on those dates?

    • @Lauren – Stay tuned … an article is coming to the Disney Parks Blog hopefully with in the week. If you are at Magic Kingdom, stop by Sir Mickey’s in Fantasyland for a selection of “thing-a-ma-bobs.” 🙂

      @Tharin – Unfortunately I can’t confirm dates or times as I know this is a dress rehearsal. It means that certain parts may not be fully open yet and things are subject to change. However, I was there this morning with several other Guests and saw Gaston (he was awesome!). Haven’t tried the pork shank yet but heard others have enjoyed it.

  • I’m curious about Lois’s question regarding merchandise for the Little Mermaid as well. Will there be just as creative new merchandise inspired by the Little Mermaid areas of the expansion even though there is not a specific Little Mermaid shop?

  • Steven, I have to say that your posts are some of my favorites! I am VERY hopeful that this part of Fantasyland will be in ‘soft opening’ phase when I arrive November 3rd–Fingers Crossed!!!!

  • I thought the soft openings were starting on November 19th and the Annual Passholder previews were in the 2 weeks before that. Now I find out that there was a soft opening of New Fantasyland randomly today! Please can you tell us if this area will remain open in the coming days and weeks? Will it only be open for a few hours each day, or for the entire day? I will be in WDW next Wednesday, and would be so happy to get to experiece the area so much sooner than expected.

    Also, will there be similar new merchandise like what you showed in this post, but inspired by the Little Mermaid areas of the expansion? If yes, where will that merchandise be sold? I would hate to think that Little Mermaid fans will be left out of all the new merchandise goodness just because there is no designated Little Mermaid shop in New Fantasyland. Thanks.

    • @Lois – We are calling it a dress rehearsal as the grand opening won’t take place until December 6. I was there this morning and the location was open. I know that things are subject to change during this time dress rehearsal time frame, yet you may be able to see it on Wednesday. Make sure you stop in Sir Mickey’s on the way there as you will find a lot of Under the Sea merchandise. I took some photos this morning for an article I’m writing this week.

  • Already eyeing that dishware collection to display at home… So excited!

  • Oh d-d-dear, I picked the wrong time to downsize my Disney collection, lol. I might have limit myself to one item since Beast is my favorite Disney character! Looks great!!

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