The Art of Pumpkin Sculpting at Disneyland Park

It takes great effort for me to cut out the eyes – or triangles – on a pumpkin, let alone a gaping mouth with a missing tooth or two. Even then, it’s usually a crooked face at best. I’m sure some of you reading this can relate. That’s probably why the pumpkins at the Halloween Carnival at the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree fascinate me. They are works of art created by our pumpkin sculptors. Yes – they are pumpkin sculptors, not pumpkin carvers. This video shows their considerable talent as they transform pumpkins into popular Disney characters. Enjoy!

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  • Are the carved pumpkins for sale, or just on display for park visitors to view? They are really “awesome!”

  • The picture at the top of this is from the Adventure’s Club!!!

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