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All in the Details: 10 Reasons You’ll Love New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

The grand opening of New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park is now just 10 days away, and in honor of the upcoming milestone, here are my Top Ten Reasons you’ll love New Fantasyland – no matter what age you are.
Maurice's Cottage in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

  1. It’s so darn photogenic – No matter how many times you’ve been to Magic Kingdom Park, New Fantasyland is so scenic and beautiful, it’s sure to be a favorite stop for photographers.
  2. The area adds not one, but two new castles – Magic Kingdom Park is now the Disney Park with the most royal residences, thanks to the addition of Beast’s Castle and Prince Eric’s Castle. Add in Cinderella Castle and that makes three.
  3. The level of detail is amazing – As we’ve shown here for the past year, Imagineers have laced the area with an incredible amount of detail, from hoof prints in the ground in Belle’s Village to aged shipwrecks at Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid.
  4. The West Wing of Beast’s Castle – One of three dining rooms in Be Our Guest Restaurant, the West Wing from “Beauty and The Beast” is recreated here as ominous and foreboding. I love that our Imagineers included this room, as it played such a major part in the film.

Enchanted Tales with Belle in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

  1. Playing a part at Enchanted Tales with Belle – Forget everything you know about a character greeting. No matter what your age, you can easily get swept up in playing your part in the retelling of Belle and Beast’s love story.
  2. The interior of Gaston’s Tavern – This just might be a hidden gem of New Fantasyland. Just like the song says, there are antlers in all of Gaston’s decorating. Don’t miss the room here to the far right, which features Gaston’s personal chair – built to suit the man himself – that makes a great photo op.
  3. The Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid queue – There are so many things to explore in this seaside-themed queue, and lapping tides and rushing waterfalls really make you feel as if you’re heading “under the sea.”
  4. Storybook Circus – This area is so impressive. Instead of merely relocating Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Imagineers built an entire 1940s-inspired circus into the park. The attractions and new character greetings are a blast, and the theming of the area is simply charming.

Cupcakes from Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

  1. Cupcakes from Be Our Guest Restaurant – Available in three flavors – Strawberry Cream Cheese, Triple Chocolate and Lemon Meringue – these treats are plucked from an impressively stocked pastry cart and finished tableside for you. Delicious and amazing!
  2. The expansion continues – Two more attractions, Princess Fairytale Hall and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, will open in 2013 and 2014, respectively. Considering the amount of detail and imagination our Imagineers have put into New Fantasyland so far, we have a lot to look forward to.

What part of New Fantasyland is your favorite? Let us know in the “Comments” section below.

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  • I’m absolutely IN LOVE with the Be Our Guest restaurant! I felt like a princess when I ate there! Disney, I love you. By the way, I like your posts a lot!

  • Help. Sorry to bother you but since Disney doesn’t have a contact us, I thought I would ask the bloggers. I am trying to enter my email to subscribe and it keeps 404 erroring. I actually get to the point where feedburner sends me an email to reply and then when I click or paste it 404 errors again.

    PS. Love the articles. Try to read daily.

  • We just made reservations for dinner at BeOur Guest – can’t wait! Also can’t wait to get photos in the new Fantsayland.

    • I hope you have a blast, Karen.

  • We (two adults and one adult son) were there prior to Thanksgiving for one of the Annual Passholder previews. One of our favorite experiences was watching Gaston outside his tavern. His interactions with the guests was so perfectly in character, as you would expect, but the impromptu dialogue with kids and adults is always clever and often hilarious. He plays the role of that arrogant, self-centered chauvinist we despise in the movie with such delightful humor that you can’t help applauding his “show”. It’s similarly enjoyable as the Wicked Step Sisters in Disneyland.

    The roasted pork shank at Gaston’s Tavern is tender and very tasty. A lunch we will repeat

  • My daughter and I arrive on 12/15! Can’ wait!

  • Our Number 1 was having dinner at Be Our Guest on out 5 year olds birthday. She will always remember that for sure!

    • Fun!

  • I will be there on the 17th and back again in April! I have been waiting since day 1 of the expansion announcement to see everything. When we were there in June we got our first look and started to get really excited. My question is, are fast passes available for Enchanted Tales With Belle? And if they are do you suggest getting one?

  • Enchanted Tales with Belle is truly a magical, imersive and interactive experience. This may top my favorite in Magic Kingdom Park!

  • Bad news: I can’t come til May.
    Good news: I am coming in May!!!
    I am 56 years young, and I plan to ride EVERY SINGLE RIDE in the Magic Kingdom in ONE day!!!
    (Been trying to do that for years: haven’t made it yet! )
    I am going to start with the Journey of the Little Mermaid!!

    • That would be awesome! Best of luck.

  • Going to the MK on Dec.7 for the Very Merry Christmas Party!!! Can’t WAIT!!!!! Getting a bonus of the New Fantasyland!!! Jennifer, are there collector buttons for the Holiday or the Christmas Party I should pick up at City Hall while in the Magic Kingdom?

  • Two weeks has never seemed like so long a wait! Disney here we come December 15th! My teenage daughters are squeling with excitment that would rival any six year old aspiring princess!

    • I hope you have an amazing trip. 🙂

  • Our family of 4 will be there in 9 days!! And I have two very very happy children – both their favourite princesses are in Fantasyland – Belle and Ariel! Happy Mum 🙂

  • Can’t wait until we get to WDW.

    But in addition to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, doesn’t Disneyland Park’s Storybookland have three “castles” – Prince Charming’s (Cinderella) Castle, Prince Eric’s Castle and to the left behind the water curtain, King Triton’s Under-the-sea Castle?

  • Do you have an exact date for when Princess Fairytale Hall will open in 2013

    • Not yet – as soon as we do, we’ll be sure to post it right here on the blog.

  • We can’t wait to see it!! Will be there December 8th for our 5 year Anniversary! By the way we did get married in Disney World too!! WHOO HOO! See ya soon!

    • Sounds like a great anniversary trip – congrats!

  • The two volunteer knights for ‘Enchanted Tales with Belle’ did good today. (Make that yesterday).
    p.s.: Stand-by entrance to ‘Journey of the Little Mermaid’ – 40 minutes.

  • My wife and I just got back two days ago. We were lucky enough to get in on an Annual Passholder preview since we missed out on the Blog preview. What a fantastic new addition to Fantasy Land. The new Be Our Guest restaurant has been themed perfectly, and the lunch there is pretty darn good too. Gaston’s fountain and tavern are fun, and the Voyage of the Little Mermaid was a fun ride. Can’t wait to return in March and be able to show it to our two (grown) children!

    • I just had lunch there a week ago and it was very good.

  • Will be there in 3 weeks. Excited for the opening. I heard Mickey’s House was going to be moved to front of The Magic Kingdom. Is this true? I was there in August and I know the meeting for Mickey was just in the front of the Kingdom, but it would be cool if they kept that. I remember going through the characters houses when I was little.

  • I got to see the Storybook Circus in October, and loved it! But I have a question: why is Humphrey billed as the unicycling bear on posters throughout the area, when that title should belong to Bongo, who featured in the era-appropriate Disney film “Fun and Fancy Free”? I asked several Cast Members in the area, and no one seemd to know. I love Humphrey, but he seems more a national parks bear (with his pal, J Audubon Woodlore) than a circus bear!

  • Sooooo Excited!! We will be there for the Grand Opening…do you know if they will be doing anything special…I don’t want to miss anything!?!?!?!

    • We’ll post the details here as soon as they’re finalized. 🙂

  • I can’t belive just 9 more days and we will be there to celebrate our 45th Anniversary!!!!! Yea MICKEY!!!!!

    • Congrats on the milestone. What a way to celebrate!

  • My favorite is Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid.

    Any news/info about the schedule of events for the Grand Opening on the 6th yet? Can we expect a Blog post about that soon as many of us are trying to make our plans accordingly. I know Steven has posted articles about the merchandise, but what about any special events in Magic Kingdom for that day? Thanks.

  • We were there last Wednesday and participated in the Enchanted Tales with Belle. My husband thought that was the best part of the entire trip. Both my kids and husband had parts in the little play and we all received photopass cards at the end. The best part is Belle remembered my daughter the next night at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall and said weren’t you chip yesterday? It was super cute! Love it!It was our first trip.

    • Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  • The queue for Mermaid. The chocolate cream puff at be our guest and the area outside the restroom area past Gaston’s (great place to seat under a tree, off of the beaten path, and decompress for a few minutes or check email)

  • Today marks 90 days out to our next trip. Our “must-do” and “new-to-us” lists are longer than they have ever been before, with many of them in the New Fantasyland. Can’t wait!

    • That’s what I love to hear!!

  • We will be there 12/2 through 12/8 – first trip for my 2 year old. Can’t wait!

  • Beast’s Castle!

    • Beast Castle looks amazing lit-up at night. Be sure to check it out.

  • Its all amazing and beautiful place.

    I would visit with my family fantasy land. I visit Disney world in November but it’s closed.

  • it is ALL amazing, but my favorites are Be our Guest Restaurant (the rooms are beautiful & everything we ate was good), LeFou’s brew (minus the “foam”) and I loved the inside of Maurices cottage (especially Belles growth marks on the wall)

    • The growth marks are a cute detail!

  • We were there last week and it was absolutely amazing. We had lunch at the Be Our Guest restaurant and loved it. The ballroom was beautiful!

    • Be Our Guest is an amazing place, isn’t it?

  • We are planning a trip there this summer my little princesses can’t wait. And I am looking forward to it myself, haven’t been there since I was 9. Can’t wait!!

  • I will be there in two days with my 6 year old daughter who is a huge Ariel fan! We will be doing Mickeys Christmas party the night of the 2nd of December. Is there a way of knowing if the new Fantasyland will be open on the 2nd since it officially opens the 6th? Any way I can guarantee for my daughter to experience the new Little Mermaid ride? I look forward to suggestions.

    • New Fantasyland is currently in Preview Phase, which means it’s open, but there may be limited hours. Your best bet is to go straight there once you arrive at Magic Kingdom.

  • 19 more days until I’m there, looking forward to the new fantasy land and the warm weather as it was 17 degrees here this morning!

    • We had a high of 77 here today. 🙂

  • We will be there on December 20th…very excited to see the new Fantasyland.

  • Leaving tomorrow and hope I get to check it out! Can’t wait! It sure will be hard to sleep tonight!

  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid was my favorite!!! Cant wait to go back!!

  • My family and I will be there for the grand openning of Fantasyland and I didn’t even know it till a couple weeks ago. It’s our last day there but we will be sure to see it!!

    • That will be an amazing day. Bring your camera for sure!

  • Can’t wait to experience every facet of the NEW Fantasyland! Counting down the days til our annual visit, 18 days to go! 🙂

    • That will be a great time to visit. Enjoy the holidays!

  • I am SO excited… Visiting from Chicago next Friday the 7th… My daughter works at MK Guest Services and we are spending a whole weekend Celabrating a Very Mickey Christmas!!!

  • My parents get to go without me for 10 days, not fair, but looks very cool.

  • I was there in October and saw New Fantasyland during cast member previews with my brother. the whole thing is AMAZING! Journey of The Little Mermaid was definitely my favorite part though! 🙂

    • I’m happy you enjoyed it. 🙂

  • I’ve heard rumors about something spotted in the sky above new fantasyland .. keep your eyes peeled!

  • was there in early nov for food & wine festival. just had to see the new fantasyland! gaston’s tavern is a hidden gem—try lefou’s brew & a pork shank! that should be added to the “must do” list!

    • My husband tried the pork. It was GIGANTIC!

  • We’ll be arriving tomorrow and can’t wait to see everything. So thankful the preview phase opened when it did or we would’ve missed it by a couple days.

  • There on the 15th and looking forward to it.

    • Have a great holiday visit!

  • Any news as to when in 2013 Princess Fairytale Hall will open? I”ll be there in February and am hoping it will be open then!

    • No firm date has been released. We’ll share the news as soon as we know.

  • We (two adults without kids) hit the road in 16 days and can not wait to FINALLY step foot in New Fantasyland on December 14th!

    “Too excited to sleep” syndrome has already started to kick in!

    • 🙂

  • Can’t believe it’s 10 days to go. My favorite part of the New Fantasyland is all of it but if I had to pick one it’s Enchanted Tales with Belle. It’s so Magical

    • It is a great experience – so different than any other character greeting.

  • We will be at Magic Kingdom next week on 12/6 for the Grand Opening and can not wait!!!!!!!!

  • I’ll be there on the 8th of December! Can’t wait!

    • Have a great visit, Jeffery!

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