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Are You Ready to ‘Glow with the SNOW’ at Disneyland Park?

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

'Glow with the Snow' During the 'Believe ... In Holiday Magic' Fireworks at Disneyland Park with 'Glow with the Show' Ears

One of my favorite parts of the Holidays at the Disneyland Resort is wrapping up a day in the park with the “Believe … In Holiday Magic” fireworks spectacular. And this year, the Creative Entertainment team has made that show even more special by incorporating the popular “Glow with the Show” Ears. Disneyland park guests will be able to become part of the performance, with visions of sugarplums literally dancing on their heads!

Just as they’ve done with “World of Color” and “Fantasmic!”, our designers and technicians have seamlessly integrated the magical, glowing Mickey Mouse ear hats into key moments of “Believe … In Holiday Magic.” From wildly changing patterns of red and green during the “Nutcracker Suite” to a bed of newly fallen snow leaving you dreaming of a “White Christmas,” the audience gets swept up in moments both up-tempo and serene.

And here’s a pro tip: If you’ve worn your “Glow with the Show” Ears a lot or just haven’t taken them to the park in a while, you may want to change the batteries (they take 3 AAAs). Fresh batteries will help your ears pick up the signal and glow along perfectly!

“Believe … In Holiday Magic” is scheduled to be presented nightly, November 12 – January 6.


  • I agree with @Tracy’s #10 comment. Disney should provide an announcement that these are part of the shows. I was just there this weekend and had two rude people ask me to remove them. They continued to complain about it even after I explained how they worked. They finally believed me when they saw that they were obviously synced to the show. The constant disruption from people who did not know what they were about was distracting to /me/.

  • We are definitely getting these the day we arrive… wait, that’s Friday!!! Can’t wait. I didn’t think “Believe” could get any more magical… I think I was mistaken.

  • For everyone asking about “Glow with the Show” Ears at the Walt Disney World Resort, we don’t have anything to announce at this time. “Glow with the Show” is currently exclusive to the Disneyland Resort, with functionality at “World of Color,” Fantasmic!, “Believe… In Holiday Magic” and select locations in Cars Land.

  • Osborne Family Dancing Christmas Lights would be the perfect application for glow with the show ears at WDW.

  • I love the Glow with the Show ears. We all got a pair when we were there right after they were introduced. But it would be nice if Disney provided a little more explanation (possibly during the opening part of the show) to let others know what the ears are about. We had a very rude family demand that we remove our ears the last time we were at World of Color, citing they were “distracting” her.

  • This looks so awesome!! Two questions though:

    1. Will “Glow with the Show be coming to Walt Disney World in the future?

    2. Has anyone had a glitch with their ears? I replaced the batteries and they won’t shut off no matter what I do.

  • We need these ears in Florida!

  • Whoot! Whoot! Finaly more usage out of my ears! Is there any expantion for the other fireworks shows and what about at the remote locations like its a small world or the rivers of America?

    • Brian – The team has been working on getting Main Street and Central Plaza online first, but should have the “it’s a small world” and Fantasmic! viewing areas up and running with the show very soon.

  • YES!!! Our countdown is now at 5 days…thank you for giving me even more reasons to be excited! The kids are going to remember this magical holiday for the rest of their lives. Keep up the great work!!!!

  • When can we start using Glow with the show ears during “Believe”? Will the ears work for Believe this saturday and sunday too?

  • Will there be a special event for annual pass holder?

    • Christine – Details about a reserved viewing area at tonight’s show have been published to the Passholder Facebook page.

  • Wonderful! I’m heading over to the park next week so I’ll be sure to pick up a pair for my boyfriend and myself! Thanks for the tip you guys! 😀

  • When does Walt Disney World get to experience these fun ears too?

  • This is a great idea!

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