Disney Parks After Dark: Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park

In one of my previous “Disney Parks After Dark” posts, I promised to share photos from my favorite place at the Disneyland Resort after dark, Cars Land in Disney California Adventure park. This one requires little backstory on Radiator Springs: Stanley, the town’s founder, sold radiator caps in Ornament Valley along Route 66. After he discovered an oasis of water (later named Stanley’s Oasis) the little town of Radiator Springs sprung up around that spring in the middle of the desert. A statue of Stanley was built outside the town courthouse in his honor.

He’s donning a Santa suit now during the holidays, but at night, Stanley’s statue always takes on a special glow from the neon along Route 66.

By taking a long exposure, the water around Stanley’s Oasis reflects the light off of the surrounding rocks, and the water flowing from the radiator cap on the Original Radiator Spring becomes more noticeable. The starbursts from the lights on the water tower bring a unique drama to the scene.

What are your favorite Cars Land spots after dark?

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  • I especially love how the rock work in Cars Land looks at night – just gorgeous. Can’t wait to go back.

  • The ‘Oasis’ picture is so beautiful! Great job! Makes me reminiscent of my visit in September 🙂

  • Nice. I have to say that everyone and their mother have been posting pics of Cars Land, including myself, because of the magnificent detail and theming of Cars Land. These images of course are way more impressive then that of my iPhone 3GS. Also thank you for not posting pictures of Cars Land Holiday setup at night. Even though every amateur photographer is putting up pics of Cars Land’s first Holiday, I have not seen any yet of it at night. I am planning to experience it myself this upcoming weekend. Thanks again for the images!

  • I love how the whole town looks at night with all of the neon. I also love the way the mountain range looks at night!

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