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Enhanced Disney Parks Shopping Card Makes Unique Gift for Merchandise Fans

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

The Disney Parks Shopping Card Is a Unique Gift for Merchandise Fans

I’m happy that I’ve started my holiday shopping a little earlier than normal this year. I usually shop for gifts online, yet I still enjoy braving the crowds to find that perfect gift. When I’m looking for unique gifts, I head to Disney Parks (hello, World Showcase at Epcot!). I have an outstanding update to one unique gift item that makes shopping at Disney Parks even easier.

We introduced the Disney Parks Shopping Card and Deluxe Framed Castle Pin Set Product for $1,000 in October 2011. As a refresher, you can use this card to shop for merchandise at Disney-owned and -operated merchandise locations at Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort and Disney Vacation Club Resorts located in the United States.

We have enhanced the shopping card to allow certain discounts to be applied to when the card is used for merchandise purchases. Accepted discounts include, but are not limited to, Passholder merchandise discount, Disney Vacation Club discount and AAA Member discount. I cheered when I learned my Cast Member discount could also be applied. There is no discount, however, on the purchase of the actual shopping card.
Steven Shows Off the Deluxe Framed Castle Pin Set That Comes with the Disney Parks Shopping Card

When you purchase a card, you also get a Deluxe Framed Castle Pin Set that has a suggested retail value of $350*. The framed set features as many as 60 authentic Disney Pins that have been framed and double matted to create an image of Cinderella Castle. I thought the image of Santa Steven holding the set would give you an idea of its size.

To purchase the card and for a full list of terms and conditions associated with the Disney Parks Shopping Card, please visit

*Additional shipping and handling charges will apply. Suggested retail value of the Deluxe Framed Castle Pin Set is based on the aggregated individual retail value of the Disney pins included in the set as well as framing and matting costs. Limit two (2) purchases per guest. Subject to restrictions and change without notice.


  • Stephen,

    I tried to order online and I get the following error after adding to my cart and entering my name, address, phone number, etc. The error is:

    The Disney Ticket Store sites are currently experiencing technical difficulties, and we are working to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

    I tried the number on the FAQ that it mentions for another method to purchase, which leads me to the Internet Help Desk. I talked to ticketing, floral and gifts, Disney Store, Internet Help Desk, Guest Relations, and one unidentified department. The Floral and gifts group gave the number for the Internet Help desk again, which the FAQ states is the number to purchase by phone.

    How do I spend $1000 with Disney to get this card? Dead ends everywhere I call!


  • Steven
    Seriously do you know if the Discount card is accepted at the Character Warehouses/Outlets that Disney runs and is staffed with Cast Members?

  • Stephen
    Can you please tell me if the discount card with your smiling face can be used at the Official Character warehouses/outlets.
    Have a magical Thanksgiving

    • @Martin – I spoke with my contacts who said that the card is not accepted at the off-propety liquidation outlets like Character Warehouse. Sorry 🙁

  • Hi, Can you tell me if the discounts are automatically applied when you are in the store? For example, if I am in the World of Disney store and want them to use the cast member discount, will they know to use it or will the cash register just automatically take it off?

    • @Shannon – You will still need to present a valid ID (like valid Passholder ID, Disney Vacation Club ID or Cast Member ID) at the time of transaction. The card doesn’t have your discount information attached to it. Unlike before, the shopping card can now be used as a form of payment when a discount is applied. That wasn’t the case when it was introduced about a year ago.

  • Ok, so given the limitations, why would one buy this over a Disney Gift card that can be redeemed for food and merchandise?

    Especially considering that you can easily get $1000 worth of cards for $800 at various stores around the country.

    • @Eduardo – I’m unsure if you saw the new 11 car set featuring Pixar character Racers –

      I spoke with Cody from the toy team who said he is working on some additional things but isn’t ready to share just yet. He wouldn’t even tell me what they were 🙂 More to come next year.

      @Christopher – Thanks for the comment and I understand your point of view. This is an option for fans who enjoy merchandise from Disney Parks. Plus they get a nicely framed pin set not found anywhere else.

  • Hi Steven! I am sorry, but I was passing by and couldn’t resist… It is out of the post but do you have any news about new Disney Racers? Thanks so much!

  • This is a cool use of pins! I recognize many pins from sets and one particular hat we have. I believe the selection and arrangement will vary with each so no two ‘castles’ are identical.

    I recommend potential buyers read the terms of use on the Shopping Card carefully. This is not a Disney Gift card. There are limits on what the card can be applied toward.

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