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First Look: Renderings of the New Test Track Chevrolet Design Center Pre-Show Released

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

While the reimagined Test Track – Presented by Chevrolet is still a few weeks away from opening at Epcot, we have a sneak peek of the attraction’s new pre-show to share with you today.

Upon entering the attraction, you’ll be invited into the Chevrolet Design Center where you can design your own virtual custom concept vehicle at design kiosks. Here, you’ll be asked to make a few selections that really allow you to create a unique vehicle design that’s personalized to your taste.

Rendering of the New Test Track Chevrolet Design Center at Walt Disney World Resort Rendering of the New Test Track Chevrolet Design Center at Walt Disney World Resort Rendering of the New Test Track Chevrolet Design Center at Walt Disney World Resort

First, you’re asked to draw an outline of your vehicle. If you don’t have the steadiest hand, don’t worry because you’ll have a chance to smooth out the shape before moving on. Next, you’ll be asked to make some choices that adjust the shape, length and width of your vehicle.

Rendering of the New Test Track Chevrolet Design Center at Walt Disney World Resort

Then you’ll select your type of engine, choosing among several fun choices, including Solar Drive, EV Hybrid, and Plasma Burner, among others.

Rendering of the New Test Track Chevrolet Design Center at Walt Disney World Resort Rendering of the New Test Track Chevrolet Design Center at Walt Disney World Resort

Next up, you’ll make choices on your design’s aesthetics. Here you choose the face of your car, the paint color and graphics, and even choose the wheel size and style.

Rendering of the New Test Track Chevrolet Design Center at Walt Disney World Resort Rendering of the New Test Track Chevrolet Design Center at Walt Disney World Resort

And you’re design is complete and ready to be put to the test. From here, you’ll board a SimCar to see how your design compares, as they’re put to the test in the categories of Capability, Efficiency, Responsiveness and Power at different points along the attraction’s track.

What do you think? Let us know in the “Comments” section below.

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  • Will there be a Annual Passholder Preview or soft opening? if so, when?

  • Will Bill McKim still be there? Either way I am excited to experience this.

  • These are great! They kind of remind me of other Disney projects. The art direction is definetly similar to Tron Legacy, while the idea of creating your own car of the future seems like an expansion on what the original idea was for the ending to the predecessor to Test Track World of Motion

  • Will Gm employees still be able to access the VIP entrance?

  • Any news about a soft opening???? I’ll be there until the 4th of December, hoping that I’ll be able to check it out before I head home…

  • The ride structure/layout was unchanged, correct? Mainly just different themeing and programming?

  • Will there be a soft opening or preview date? If so when will it be. Thanks so much!!!!:):):):)

  • Any previews the week before? We will be at Epcot on Nov. 29th.

  • Awesome! I can’t wait to ride it and see it for myself for my birthday on January 2013!

    • I hope you have a great birthday trip!

  • Less than a month until we are there – can’t wait!

    Still a little curious about how it works… Will the ride itself be the same each time, but at the end you get the comparison? Or will aspects of the ride be adjusted or randomized based on selections made?

    Also, can you skip the part where you design a car and just hop in line to ride? We may want to ride a few times, but I’m not sure we’ll want to design a car each time.

    • 1. I’m not sure…keep checking back for more updates.
      2. Yes! Our Imagineers planned for this. 🙂

  • and someday we see a version of our car being developed by GM…

  • I’m so proud of GM for stepping up and revamping my families favorite attraction. Will there still be a separate GM employee entrance to go to the lounge on the second floor? If so, how will an employee using this entrance be able to design their car since they skip the queue?

  • I really loved the old version and thought that it would be hard to improve on that. But this is Disney so I’m sure that this version will be just as awesome.

    • 🙂

  • Will you guys make a sneak peak video of the ride before it opens?

    • Stay tuned – I know we’ll have more updates to share.

  • No more Bill McKim!? 🙁 It does look pretty awesome though!

  • PLEASE say they will be doing soft openings for this. We check in on Nov. 24 and leave Dec. 5. My father as never been on this and we think he would LOVE it!

  • Will Test Track be a fully handicap accessible? I cannot step down into a ride vehcile, and would love to ride Test Track, but sometimes transferring into a ride vehcile is hard for me.

    • Let me look into this for you.

  • 50 days and we’ll be able to check this out during our vacation. Can’t wait!!

  • Very cool, I can’t wait to see this when it reopens! 🙂

  • which is the height requirement?

  • This sounds awesome! I will admit that I was doubtful when they announced the revamping of test track but after hearing more about it i’m excited about it. It sounds like we are still going to be on a real track in a real car and not in a machine like virtual space mountian which was my main concern. Are they still going to have a single rider line?

    • Correct, it is NOT a simulator. It’s a real car that you board.

  • This looks fantastic – I think the latest rendition of Test Track is more in touch with early Epcot Center in that it promotes optimism for future technologies. I’m surprised there’s no mention of automobile safety – testing the SimCar for crashworthiness would be fun. I’ll be there opening day, can’t wait.

    • I hope you enjoy it!

  • Are you doing this while in line? I feel like it would take a really long time. But anyway, it looks so high-tech and soooo awesome. It’s so different from the classic ride! Even though I will still miss the classic, I can’t help but get goosebumps from how cool this one looks! Oh, and one more question… Will there be a “test” for test track. Hahaha i I would love to be able to say I went on test test track!

    • I agree, it does look very cool.

  • Does any one else remember playing this game on Apple IIc’s, maybe around 1988? Sure the graphics are much better now. As soon as this was announced, I wondered if it would be like that old game we played in middle school. It IS!

  • Hmmm, fuel Cell or Plasma Burner…choices, choices! I’m really exited as well to see the ride in action. Can’t wait to hear an update on how the enviroment will change as well. I have my hypothesis about how one will be able to test out everyones car but I rather wait to see the surprise, who knows! Maybe we’ll be able to challenge other cars side by side at some point.

    The Point is that I love this ride and I can’t wait to see the future unfold in it.

  • Test Track is my favorite ride and I can’t wait to see the new version.

  • Will the vehicles on the ride itself be different?

  • This sounds so GREAT!!!!:)) Can’t wait for the opening! Maybe I will finally be able to create my dream car!:)

  • I can’t wait to build my own hotrod! 26 days and counting

    • I hope you love it!

  • Looks slick! What I am most curious about is how “actually” interactive the design is.
    I totally get and appreciate the display pieces that actually don’t influence the ride experience but I am curious to know whether the ride will actually react differently based on the settings you choose for the car. If each car handles 6 passengers, how will the system decide which car to test? 😛

    But that’s just because I’m annoyingly technical and the technology is what makes me go “aweeeesome!” Either way, I’m really excited to try Test Track again! It’s one of my favorite rides 🙂

  • I’m curious to see how this is going to work with multiple parties seated in the same car. If I’ve designed my car and the people in the other row designed their car, which car is being tested?

    Also, how will it work for people who don’t care to design a car, and just want to go on the ride?

    So many questions!

    • You ride in a SimCar, which will be tested against your design. You’ll find out at the end how your design compares to your actual ride experience. Make sense?

  • This looks like so much fun! Is this while you are waiting in line, design a car and track and it takes you in and around the car and track you made? Either way it looks fun and my whole family will love it!

  • It looks very nice. I’m sure my kids will love it (me too).

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