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Fun Facts About Recycling at the Disneyland Resort

Kevin Rafferty, Jr.

by , Communications, WDI


Happy America Recycles Day! Did you know the Disneyland Resort diverts more than half of its overall waste from landfills through recycling and repurposing? Here are some other fun facts about recycling at the Disneyland Resort that you may not know:

  • Disneyland Resort recycles enough aluminum each year to make a soda can about 1,000 times taller than its Matterhorn, more glass each year than the weight of eight steam trains, and enough paper each year to create a trail from Disneyland Resort to Walt Disney World Resort and back, twice!
  • Cans and bottles recycled by cast members in backstage areas benefit various nonprofit organizations, like Canine Companions for Independence, which provides assistance dogs to people with disabilities. To date, more than 35 assistance dogs have been assigned homes thanks to these funds.
  • More than a dozen types of materials are collected for recycling at the Disneyland Resort, and guests have access to more than 650 themed recycling containers.
  • The custodial guest services team helps to recycle 22 tons of material each day.
  • Paper napkins and plastic merchandise bags used by guests are made from 100-percent recycled content.
  • More than 600,000 plastic cards, from hotel room keys to Main Entrance passes, have been collected for recycling this year.
  • Disneyland Resort partners with Clean the World to donate more than 1,000 pounds of partially used soaps and bottled amenities per month from its hotels, which are sanitized and recycled into hygiene products for people around the globe.


  • That is great here that they support a awesome organization like C.C.I. My daugther trained a dog for them that looked just like the one in this picture and he was the greatest dog ever!

  • One of the many reasons I am proud to give Disney a large portion of my entertainment dollars !

  • An inspirational post. Thank you so much for this!

  • Love to hear that Disneyland is has partnered up with Clean The World – such a great organization! Its wonderful to learn about recycling efforts on such a large scale!

    Does the Walt Disney World resort follow the same practices?

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