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Mysterious Film, Photos Emerge in Disney Dragon Dilemma at New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

This has been a big week for big sightings and I’m still trying to fit puzzle pieces together and make sense of this dragon dilemma. For me, it’s not a question anymore, it’s a quest.

This week, as I wondered where this dragon came from and where’s he’s heading, I found more clues. First, I uncovered this worn, 8mm piece of film. I found evidence of footprints. And then, this photo:
Evidence of a Dragon Sighting in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park?

It’s not dated, but judging by the logo on the utility vehicle and the “WED Enterprises” label, it has to be old. By the proximity of Cinderella Castle, it could be smack-dab in the middle of the Enchanted Forest. Could this be related to the “curse” over the forest that’s told at (And could those creatures seen flying above the forest be dragons too?)

Do you believe yet? I do. I’ll post more findings here, and you also can keep up with my dragon blog at
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  • Stephen, you’re totally right about the villians though I was thinking that it was more of the evil queen from snow white(mostly from the apple on the shield.)

    in other opinions, it would be totally awesome for a dragon (I’m thinking nice, not all dragons are bad!) to appear at disney world. my high school marching band semi regularly visit disney world (twice while i was in school) and our mascot is the red dragon.

  • Pandora…????

  • Hmmm. This dragons nest looks as if it was magically transported to WDW after being filmed. I was completely immersed in the ARG until I noticed that Cinderella’s Castle is only i the picture but not the video….

  • Well, there is that little movie hitting the screens next year featuring Sleeping Beauty’s Evil Fairy that has been know to sometimes to also be a dragon! It’s probable and hopeful to be a Maleficent theme that they have yet to hatch! 🙂

  • Gary, Michael I live in Bakersfield, CA. and myself have gone out to catch the dragon… sad to hear he has moved on to Florida but sure he will find himself right at home. Happy hunting, just try not to get burned.

  • Not sure what it will be, but I’m guessing it will be located between Small World and the Haunted Mansion, just before the Columbia Harbor House! I’m calling it now and I can’t wait!

  • I would’ve said Maleficent… but i don’t remember her hatching from an egg or having children so i’ll go with the Reluctant Dragon 😀

  • How interesting and fun. Hey, doesn’t Disneyland Paris have a dragon in the dungeon of the castle ?

  • I hope the dragon isn’t Zhaitan. 😉

  • if anyone has looked at the new site, it clearly hints that there is something evil going on in New Fantasylan and I think that the Disney Villians are going to be playing more of a role in this park for a little while.

  • I am very stoked about the possibility of a dragon in the New Fantasyland. My boys have not been that excited about the New Fantasyland. Hoping this might change all of that. We are were thinking about planning a trip in 2013 because Disney updated Test Track which my family loves to ride. If there is a real dragon experience coming I think that will be the breaking point to saying we are Disney World bound!

  • Could he/she be a, hopefully nice, relation of Maleficent?

  • I love this! 🙂 I love dragons, and I love Disney, and I love the way that Disney brings the magic to life! I can’t wait to find out more about this mysterious dragon. I am very intreagued!

  • Since the sightings are in Fantasy Land..could this mean there is a Pete’s Dragon ride coming??

  • Or possibly Pete’s Dragon? Loyal dragon…

  • Matt I was thinking the same thing. Some Sleeping Beauty themed area. That would be…Maleficent!

  • How does a dragon NOT fit into fantasyland. Has anyone seen Sleeping Beauty?

  • An egg? A reptilian footprint?….It’s Lucky the Dinosaur! He’s back! 🙂

  • OMG! Does this mean Beastly Kingdom might be making a return!?!?
    My fingers are so crossed I think I broke them. 😛

  • I have heard of some WED research into a “flying” dragon that was contrived of a glider and a fan to propel it. It was speculated that this had to do with the new avatar land or maybe the Hong Kong Disney or Shanghai since dragons are important in Chinese culture. I wonder, though, could this be its purpose? I went to the website and watch the video about finding the four items, maybe another interactive quest? Did anyone notice the apple in the center of the coat of arms? Is Maleficent going to make an appearance?
    I guess all will be revealed shortly…

  • Have always been hoping the dragons would some day appear at the Animal Kingdom.

  • I would be so happy if we received the fantastic dragon found at Disneyland Paris, inside La Tanière du Dragon!

  • I think a dragon fits in just fine there. It’s the Butz dragon. After all, at the end of the day there aren’t all of our Butz dragon from all the fun?

  • I think this is so mysterious and yet so exciting when we find pieces of not just history but possibly Disney history scattered here and there and everywhere. Truth is, it seems that almost everything lately has a connection to this company and that feeling is amazing. I do hope that we down to the bottom of this story 🙂

    • I promise, Jeffrey, that I will do everything I can to find out what’s going on and where this story is leading. Thanks for keeping up with this little adventure!

  • I adore Dragons, but I feel very strongly that they need to be where they were intended to be, Beastly Kingdom. Is there a reason we don’t have that in there somewhere?

  • I am getting a little bit nervous. How does a dragon fit into the Magic Kingdom or the New Fasntasyland?

    • Thanks Chris – I’m not nervous about the dragon, though. From everything I hear, he’s a loyal and protective dragon.

  • More details please, I want to get to the bottom of it to. Very intrigued by this and a bit confused as to what’s going on 😉

    • Diane, I agree. I also have intrigue and confusion.

  • This is actually a perfect fit for the New Fantasyland! Looking forward to some real life sightings very soon!

    • Thanks Michael. I think the dragon feels a strong sense of “home” with New Fantasyland. The clues here and on my dragon Tumblr blog appear to be revealing a bit more with the “hows” and “whys” behind that. Stay tuned.

  • Well this is pretty clearly related to the giant dragon puppet/glider thing that has been spotted making test flights out in Bakersfield, CA.

  • This is annoying. Dragons belong at the Animal Kingdom. They are on the sign. They are on the front gate.

    • Hmmmm…that is an interesting point. Maybe this dragon is related to him. Or maybe he’s drawn here by the presence of other dragons at Walt Disney World, like at “Fantasmic” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Or Pete’s lovable dragon in the “Main Street Electrical Parade” at the Magic Kingdom?

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