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New Apparel for Duffy the Disney Bear Arriving at Disney Parks in Late 2012

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

New Apparel for Duffy the Disney Bear

I recently shared how fall signals the arrival of new apparel at Disney Parks. Guests aren’t the only ones getting new options this season, as several new outfit options will be introduced for Duffy the Disney Bear.
New Apparel for Duffy the Disney Bear

During a photo safari to Magic Kingdom Park, I spotted a new plush Mickey Mouse holding a small Duffy bear in the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe at Liberty Square. This is one of two new options for the holidays, with the other being a new nine-inch Duffy dressed as Santa Claus. The Santa costume for the 17-inch bear introduced last year also returns this year.
New Apparel for Duffy the Disney Bear

For those colder winter nights, Duffy is getting a fun holiday sweater and cap that arrives in locations at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort on October 29. Disney Design Group Artist Monty Maldovan told me that fan feedback helped create this sweater.

“I designed the sweater after hearing that Duffy fans wanted more costumes for 17-inch bears,” he explained. “We wanted some winter attire that could complement the Santa outfit we introduced last year.”
New Apparel for Duffy the Disney Bear

Some of the most interesting new items are a series of costume trunks arriving in late 2012. This first trunk will be released on November 23 at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, and will contain a pajama outfit for a 17-inch bear complete with a sleeping cap and slippers. The trunk also has a miniature pillow with Tippy Blue, a character first introduced at Tokyo Disney Resort. I turned to Monty for details about this new feathered friend.

“Tippy Blue is a character first introduced at the American Waterfront area in Tokyo DisneySea,” said Monty. “He made a cameo in the hardcover storybook we released in October last year. This pillow, however, is the first merchandise item to feature Tippy Blue for Disney Parks in the United States. I thought he would make a cool new addition to the Duffy the Disney Bear world.”

Two additional trunks containing costumes inspired by Peter Pan and the Mad Hatter will be released on December 17. (I gave a first look at these costumes back in June.)

If you add any of these costumes to your Duffy collection, I’d love to see photos shared on his official Facebook page.

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  • Currently it is only availabe on Disneystore It is very frustrating, but what can one do for an upset Duffy?

  • Steven question, i went looking for the duffy pjs, on nov 23 but it looks like nobody knows about it, they said that they didnt got the shippment?? do u know if this is true or they just sold out??

  • Is the sweater for the 17″ Duffy going to be available online before the holidays?

  • I saw a Duffy Passport set in Hong Kong Disneyland. Any chance this passport set will come to the states. It’s so cute!

  • Hi Steven, Could you please tell me when the next Mickey nutcracker based on last years pin series will be on line for purchase? Also, will the first one still be available? Thanks!!

  • Hi Steven! I was wondering if you could explain the price difference between the Mad Hatter trunk and the other two trunks. I’m guessing its because the Mad Hatter will have fewer accessories than Peter or the PJs? Thanks for your time and, as always, I love your work for the blog!

    • @Nicole – You got it! The PJ and Peter Pan trunks have a few additional items (hence the slightly different retails). Thanks for the kind words and for reading the articles 🙂

  • I love Duffy and i am exited to get the new outfits, and yes they need to bting shellie may soon, for the new fantasyland we can have her on princesses costumes and duffy in prince costumes, that would be amazing 🙂

    • @Brenda – As of right now, the Disney Theme Park Merchandise team is only focused on Duffy the Disney Bear development for Disney Parks found in the United States.

  • Hooray! I LOVE the new sweater and hat. I really like that the sweater is a pullover instead of something with velcro. Such nice quality! The upcoming “trunk” outfits are adorable, and I hope the Tippy Blue pillow might be a “first step” toward seeing some more of Duffy’s friends in the future, too.

  • I’m so glad you’re making more outfits for the 17-inch Duffy! I can’t wait to get my Duffy the winter sweater outfit. He needs something to stay toasty warm up here in IL!

    • @JC – I was just in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend and agree – a sweater is a must for this time of year! Keep warm!

  • These costumes are adorable! 🙂 I have a 17-inch Duffy bear, and he comes on every Disney trip with me. Last year, I even brought him to Epcot to meet ‘himself’! I can’t wait for the new outfits. And Peter Pan is my absolute favorite character! It’s perfect!

  • Is there a price already set for the costume trunks?

    Also, TIPPY BLUE!! :] Now we just need some Shellie May in the US! Come on, Monty.. Make it happen!

    • @Kaleigh – Tippy Blue!!!! 🙂 As of today, the retail for the trunks are as follows (please note that retails are subject to change without notice):

      PJ – $30.00
      Mad Hatter – $20.00
      Peter Pan – $30.00

  • Will all this be available online also?

    • @Margie – I know the 17-inch bear costume is currently on the Disney Parks online store –

      I believe the PJ set will also be carried online but I’m awaiting a confirmed release date from my online partners.

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