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New D-Tech Cases Coming to Disney Parks in Fall 2012

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

New D-Tech Cases Coming to Disney Parks in Fall 2012

I recently shared with you an update about a special deal on select D-Tech cases. There were several questions about future development, so I visited with Kevin-Michael Lezotte, merchandiser for the D-Tech electronic accessories line. He was thrilled to share that the first two cases for the iPhone 5 are scheduled to arrive at Disney Parks in early November.

“We will be offering two iPhone 5 cases in early November at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts,” Kevin-Michael said. “These cases are part of our D-Tech On Demand line, and are similar in look and feel to the cases we featured during the 30th Anniversary of Epcot celebration. I love how the on demand printing technology has given us a way to quickly create cases for those fans looking to add a little Disney to their mobile devices.”
New D-Tech Cases Coming to Disney Parks in Fall 2012

There will be additional iPhone 5 cases arriving in December that feature some of the more popular previously released designs for the iPhone 4/4S. The D-Tech team has also created three cases for New Fantasyland (release details will be shared at a future date so please stay tuned). The current plan is to introduce brand new designs for the iPhone 5 in early 2013. I’ve seen some Disney Princess cases that looked beautiful!
New D-Tech Cases Coming to Disney Parks in Fall 2012

For those who have an iPhone 4/4S, we recently released three limited-edition holiday cases. Two cases feature Sleeping Beauty Castle and Cinderella Castle decorated for the holidays. The Disneyland Resort case has an edition size of 1,000, while the Walt Disney World Resort case has an edition size of 2,000. One additional case featuring Mickey Mouse as Santa Claus will be shared between coasts. That case will also have and edition size of 2,000.
New D-Tech Cases Coming to Disney Parks in Fall 2012, Including Cases for Android Phones

New to the Android phone case line, the D-Tech team will be introducing a few cases for the Samsung Galaxy S III. Kevin-Michael said this is the only Android phone that will have cases developed in the immediate future. You can currently find several previously released Android phone cases on the Disney Parks online store.

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  • So its November 14th and when will the iPhone 5 cases be out?? lol I keep looking and i can never find them. Thanks

  • Where can you buy the holiday cases at?!

  • Does anyone know if the iPhone 5 cases have arrived at Disneyland yet?

  • Will the iPhone cases by the harder plastic ones, or will they be rubber like the Epcot 30th cases?

  • I really wish you’d consider something for the Galaxy NOTE… 🙁

  • Steven, I will be at Disneyland this weekend. Are some of the iPhone 5 cases already available there?

    • @Alan – It’s difficult to say if they will be in locations by this weekend. I know they are in the process of being checked in at our warehouse, and delieveries will be made in the coming days. The D-Tech team said they may appear (and I stress “may”) this weekend. Most likely, the cases will be available by next week. Sorry that I don’t have a more definitive answer at this point.

  • Ditto on the comment “the iphone is NOT the only phone out there” and Disney would benefit from widening its horizons and so would I… 😉

    • @Janet and Julie – I’m sorry to hear of your disappointment. The D-Tech team continually reviews what cases are being offered. I know that historic sales record or Guest demand are factors in determining what we offer. It’s a balance we strike between offering cases for all kinds of phones and identfying cases that offer the best results.

      Unfortunately due to limited space and the many different Android phone forms that exist, we aren’t able to carry cases for every model (unlike the iPhone that really only offers two different forms).

      I know the D-Tech team has listened to Guest feedback, which is why some Android models were released earlier this year (and why we fast tracked some iPhone 5 development). Additionally, we will have some Galaxy SIII cases soon.

      I hope this insight is helpful. Your feedback is important to us 🙂

  • I haven’t seen cases for the android galaxy2 phone’s anywhere and I am soooo bummed. I would purchase several if I had the opportunity! Especially with all the new ones coming out. Anyone seen any or are they available?

  • I realize you cannot make cases for every phone out there, but those of use that work for big corporations and have to use a Blackberry phone would love to sport one of these cases!! I have to order my Disney designs from Skin It!

  • Will you sell cases for the iPod touch? I don’t have an iPhone, but I have an iPod touch, and I’d love a Disney case.

    • @Allie – There are a few iPod Touch 4th generation cases now available. There will be 5th generation cases coming in Spring 2013. You can see some 4th generation options on the Disney Parks online store –

  • Hi Steven! Can you confirm whether the iPhone 5 cases are hard plastic or are they another material? i.e. silicone or other soft material. I have a D-Tech “Peace, Love and Mickey Mouse” hard plastic case which snaps on the back of my iPhone 3GS. I love it and I’m hoping the new cases are the same material… when I upgrade! Thanks so much.

    • @Richard – There are two kinds of cases materials we offer – D-Tech and D-Tech on demand. The lead image of this article is an example of D-Tech on demand. The cases are hard plastic but have a bumper. The other kind of case material we offer is featured in the holiday case image (similar to your “Peace, Love and Mickey” case). They do not include a bumper. We will continue to offer different options depending upon the manufacturing choice.

  • Which cases are the iPhone 5 ones? Just the two at the very top? Also…any way to know if “Early November” would mean this weekend? So excited!

    • @Jaclyn – I spoke with the D-Tech team who said the cases just arrived at the merchandise warehouses. It will take a few days for them to be delievered to locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. So it’s difficult to say if they will be available this weekend (fingers crossed they will). I know they should be in location for sure by next week.

  • Any chance for Droid Razor Cases to be coming out soon
    ? Pleassseeee?

  • Would love to have the castle design for the SIII. Not everyone has an iphone (nor wants one) and it would be great to have more options other than Mickey and Minnie for the Galaxy. I think it would be wonderful if Disney offered a Christmas version for the SIII. Can’t wait to put a Disney case on my Christmas list.

  • Galaxy SIII! Thank You Disney! where and when can I get one?!

    • @Jerry – There will be a few more cases for the Galaxy SIII coming in 2013.

      @Dawn – Sorry that we don’t offer that option at this point.

      @Bailey – Look for the Galaxy SIII cases to arrive in December at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

  • I wish they had the Razr Maxx case…every phone I’ve had Disney never has a case for 🙁

  • Love that there are some SIII cases. Hope there is a wider selection soon!

  • Steven, That’s great news on the Android cases. You were right in your previous response to me in that I am pleasantly surprised. Especially given the fact that I purchased a Galaxy S III about three weeks ago! Will these only be at the parks, or will there be any option to purchase them elsewhere, like through The Disney Store’s website?

    • @Craig, Iris and Michael – It looks like the SIII cases are due for release in December. I don’t have an exact release date as mulitple locations will carry them and delieveries happen on different days. There are also plans to carry them via the Disney Parks online store but no confirmed release date at this point.

  • Please please please tell us when the S3 cases come out! =D So exciting~

  • Any idea about release dates for the Galaxy SIII Cases? I was in the Florida parks last month, and I was bummed that there weren’t any cases for my phone! Glad to hear they are coming – I will order one as soon as they are available!

  • I want the Santa mickey for my Galaxy S3. I agree they need more cases for other phones.

  • I just got the Galaxy SIII (like two weeks ago) and I am soooo happy that there are cases coming out soon. Can’t wait! 🙂

  • Hi Steven! I love these phone cases! Do you know if they have any for the HTC Sense 4G phone??

    • @Ashley – I don’t know of plans for that Android phone. There was some development for the HTC Evo 4G. You can see some of the options we currently offer on the Disney Parks online store –

  • Will you be able to purchase the holiday edition iphone cases online or only in the Parks? If so when do they go on sale?

    • @Stephanie – The holiday cases will only be sold at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. They are currently available at both locations.

  • I hope to find a cool one for my Blackberry Curve, not everyone has an iPhone and last year, there were many more cool covers and cases for iPhones 🙁

  • Wooo!! I love that there will be SIII cases so quickly! I was excited to see the DroidX cases in May at DL, but that was 2 years after the phone came out. I recently upgraded to a SIII, so I will be on the hunt for these cases! Love them both!

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