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New Disney Afternoon Items at Disney Parks Spark Childhood Memories

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs

Disney Afternoon T-shirt featuring Darkwing Duck

I enjoy finding items at Disney Parks that remind me of my childhood. When I saw some new Disney Afternoon merchandise, I could faintly hear the catchy theme song that introduced the afternoon block of 1990s television programming. I remember watching shows like TaleSpin or Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers during the afternoons with my sister. I also remember borrowing VHS cassettes from a local library (blast from the past), as I was fascinated with all things Disney. I know I’m not alone in my love for the Disney Afternoon, so here are three new items coming to Disney Parks.

Disney Afternoon T-shirt featuring Disney's The Adventures of the Gummi Bears

Last year, we released two different shirts featuring DuckTales and Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers. We recently introduced two new shirts at select Walt Disney World Resort locations; one shirt has characters from Disney’s The Adventures of the Gummi Bears, while the other has one of my favorites, Darkwing Duck.

New Disney Afternoon Pin Set

On December 6, we will introduce a limited release mystery pin inspired by the Disney Afternoon. I caught up with Disney Design Group’s Mike Sullivan, who created the artwork for this series, to learn more.

“We made this pin set after seeing the popularity of the Disney Afternoon Vinylmation series released last year,” explained Mike. “For this 15-pin set, I included logos from several popular shows and a mix of character vignettes. I liked watching DuckTales, so I made sure to include a few pins from that show.”

Each box will contain two randomly selected pins. Three of the 15 pins in the set have an edition size of 200. Mike told me the artwork for those pins “will remain a mystery on the packaging, yet the pins were inspired by the opening credits.”

Look for the pin set to be released at multiple locations at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. Best place to start is Disney’s Pin Traders at the Downtown Disney areas in both California and Florida.

What is your favorite show from the Disney Afternoon?

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  • Wasn’t Gargoyles part of the Afternoon Block? Why isn’t there any merchandise for them?

  • So looking forward to seeing the merchandise and picking up some of the pins! The tribute to the quality of these Disney shows is in the continued fan base after all these years, led (OF COURSE) by Chip ‘n’ Dale! Well played, Disney!!

  • Darkwing Duck is in my opinion the best Disney Afternoon show. It pays homage while making fun of several super hero elements (mostly Batman). I am excited to see pins and a shirt with Darkwing Duck and other Disney Afternoon shows. My wallet on the other hand…

  • I went as Magica from Duck Tales to Mickey’s Not So Scary Party this year, and was only recognized by a few guests. It’s great to get these classic characters back out there!

  • My life is changed!

  • Everything about the Disney Afternoon except…the shows on DVD boxsets! 🙁
    Where’s Aladdin: the Series?

  • I love all the new merch with the Disney Afternoon, I wish they would bring back the Disney Afternoon for my kids to experience.

  • To quote a meme: “Shut up and take my money!” Seriously, this is the best merchandise announcement you could have shown me. The Disney Afternoon is just a complete blast of nostalgia for me – it’s what I watched every day after school. I have never bought any of the 2-pin mystery pack things before for any other set, but I guarantee I will be buying these until I have the complete set. THANK YOU for putting these out there.

    • @Paul – Thanks for such an enthusiastic response! I’m glad you liked the article and items. I’ll share your feedback with our development teams.

  • This is great news!!! These were the best afternoon cartoons ever! There has not been enough of these characters in recent years, especially Darkwing Duck! We’re hoping one day to see DW at Disneyland. One can dream, right? For now, we’ll enjoy this new release. And one more thing…how about releasing the last season of Darkwing Duck on DVD / BLU RAY? We’re still missing one!

    Thanks again for such.good news!

  • So disappointed to know I won’t have a chance to get any of these products! I love the Gummi Bears and all the other Disney afternoon cartoons, I have them all on DVD. Finally there are other cool products but they are always at some exclusive place that I can’t get to.. Bummer!

    • @Loren and Angela – One option would be contacting Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477 or send an email to: merchandiseguestservices@disney.go.com

  • Too bad Home Entertainment never finished their DVD releases of any of the Disney Afternoon shows.

  • Why aren’t the shirts at the Disneyland Resort? I want the Gummi Bears shirt real bad!

  • Duck Tales – Woo, Ew!!! I love these shows! I was so excited to see Darkwing Duck during one of the runDisney races. Glad to see these guys having a larger presence in the park.

    • @Allie – Right on! I would still love to have a replica of Dale’s aloha shirt.

      @Danielle – That’s almost a motivator for me to run a RunDisney race. 🙂

  • Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers was the best! 🙂 I wasn’t crazy about the other shows, but I watched that one all the time!

    I wish Disney Channel would bring back some of the classic shows, and the old cartoons too!

  • What resort or resorts have the t-shirts? Love all of these cartoons!

    • @Michael – Aces! I’m happy to hear you found one.

      @Robyn – I agree! Unfortuntely, there are no plans at this point to carry the shirts at Disneyland Resort. Sorry.

      @Heather – The shirts were released at select Walt Disney World Resort locations. I would try the major merchandise locations in each of the parks or, as Michael indicated, the World of Disney at Downtown Disney Marketplace.

  • OMG Darkwing Duck was the best! Please tell me the shirts will be available at Disneyland at some point!

  • I just picked up the Darkwing Duck shirt at World of Disney this morning! I was so excited to see it!!

  • As a child of the 90s, I so appreciate that you are starting to recognize the awesomeness of some of the 90s movies and shows we grew up on! Love the Gummi Bears. Thank you so much!!

    • @Courtney – “…the awesomeness of some of the 90s movies and shows…” YES!! There were lots of them way back then. 🙂 Thanks you for the comment.

  • I NEED these shirts in my life! That Gummi Bears one is awesome! I’m not a pin collector but I may need those.

  • Are these items also available online or at the Disneyland Resort?!

    • @Steph – There are no plans at this time to carry the shirts via the online store or at Disneyland Resort.

  • These shows were FANTASTIC!
    As awesome as it would be for these to air on Disney Channel or XD now, I seriously doubt it would happen. I’m sure the DVD sets are selling pretty well.

  • OMG!!! I was just having this conversation with some of my friends. Disney should bring all these back! I used to rush home from school just to be able to watch these. Duck Tales, Chip & Dale, Bonkers, Darkwing Duck, GUMMI BEARS!!! ahh….once again Disney bringing out the child in me

  • Glad to see more merchandise for Disney Afternoons coming out. The Pin set is a must have for sure! Thanks and Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    • @Samantha – Glad you liked the article! Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  • I was a HUGE Duck Tales fan!!! These are really cool!!

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