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Starbucks Locations at Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot Set to Open Next Year

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

UPDATE 11/12: Here’s some additional information about our Walt Disney World Resort Starbucks locations. The Main Street Bakery will keep its name and theming when it reopens in early summer. It’ll also continue to serve Disney favorites like cookies, brownies and seasonal cupcakes, in addition to Starbucks signature beverages and other items. And for those of you who asked in comments, the cinnamon rolls are available at Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland, and the ice cream sandwiches are available at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street, U.S.A.

As we announced earlier this year, six Starbucks locations are planned at Disney Parks in Florida and California. In June, the first Starbucks location opened at Disney California Adventure park in the Fiddler, Fifer and Practical Café and is already a guest favorite.

Starbucks Locations at Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot Set to Open Next Year

Today, we’re excited to share that the first two Walt Disney World Resort locations will open next year, one at Magic Kingdom Park and one at Epcot.

At Magic Kingdom Park, Main Street Bakery will close for refurbishment in January 2013 and reopen as a Starbucks location in early summer. At Epcot, Fountain View will close in March 2013 and reopen as a Starbucks location in midsummer.

Both locations will be designed to fit the theme of their surroundings. At Magic Kingdom Park, for example, cast members will wear a costume consistent with the early 20th century look and feel of Main Street, U.S.A. At Future World in Epcot, the new Starbucks location and cast member costumes will be designed to match the park’s futuristic theme.

The Starbucks locations at Magic Kingdom Park and Epcot will both offer the full complement of Starbucks® signature beverages, artisan breakfast sandwiches and a wide selection of baked goods, including muffins, scones and specialty treats.

More Starbucks locations are coming to Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland park soon. We’ll be sure to keep you posted!


  • I am so happy that Disney is bringing Starbucks to the parks!!! Wonderful news….thank you! Can’t wait to have the worlds best coffee at my favorite place!! Seems to be a lot of unhappy people posting but from what I’m reading on the Disney side, the Disney treats are not leaving…..just moving to other locations. Which will mean you’ll have to leave Main Street for those cinnamon rolls and cupcakes….which means a short line for me when I go for coffee!!

  • The news of the closing of Main Street Bakery and refurbishing it into a Starbucks, comes as such a shock. The early morning sights and smells of Main Street U.S.A, are among our favorites at Magic Kingdom.

    Breakfast at Main Street Bakery, is a tradition for my son and I, upon every visit to Magic Kingdom. It is a Disney experience that we treasure. We love the massive breakfast rolls, breakfast sandwiches, and other pastries.

    Several mornings we have enjoyed a visit by The Mayor to the Bakery, while we dined and it was always such a treat! On my birthday a few years ago, I was presented with a huge wrapped cookie tied with a bow. What a surprise this was!

    Part of the charm of Main Street Bakery, is that you can only find it at Disney. It’s a Disney experience and truly a Gem in the Magic Kingdom. There are Starbucks everywhere. As a Disney enthusiast I love experiencing the uniqueness of Disney World.

    I am not against Starbucks, just please place it somewhere else.
    We love Main Street Bakery 🙂

  • Will we be able to purchase Starbucks beverages-all of them-with snack credits from the Disney Dining Plan?

  • 1) Founain View used to be a coffee shop with no Ice Cream so this is actually restoring it to a previous incarnation

    2) I think it’s a great partnership. Disney has created and tried different branding partnerships throughout the history of the parks…This is nothing new. Just in the last 15 years there have been many, many changes to Main Street at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Go with the flow people.

  • Not a Starbucks fan here. There are many other places in Walt Disney World to put this without disrupting Main Street. Just the name “Starbucks” would be a natural in Tomorrow Land.

  • This news is very disappointing. Starbucks does not belong on Main Street.

  • Will they provide free wifi?

  • Thank you ever so much for the update…I thought people were going to blow a gasket! Thanks for always keeping the magic first!

  • First off, the Cinnamon Buns at Gaston’s are NOT the same as at the Main St. Bakery. And even if they were, I want to enjoy eating my cinnamon bun on Main St. If they simply add the Starbucks coffee and leave all the favorite items alone, then there will be no problem.
    Over at Epcot: At Fountainview – If they only replace the current coffee with Starbucks coffee, and keep the ice cream, then there will be no problem.
    Will we still be able to get our ice cream at Fountainview?

  • Just saw the update… Thank you for keeping the Main Street Bakery name!!!

  • What about the egg, ham, and cheese croissants? Even more importantly, what about the wonderful banana bread pudding? I don’t want to have to go anywhere else to get my favorite cinnamon roll or bread pudding! I love the Main Street Bakery just the way it is!

  • Will there be any indication on the exterior of the building that the Main Street Bakery will serve Starbucks? (Such as in DCA) If so, I do believe that it will take away from some of the magic.

  • McDonalds has good fries, Starbucks has good coffee, but when I’m on Disney property I want all things Mickeyfied. To bring in other stuff decreases the ‘magic’.

  • I have to agree with other responders that this is a disappointing idea.
    I love Starbucks, but I can get that anywhere. I can only get Main Street Bakery on Main Street USA.
    I hope Disney can see that this might not be the best idea in ruining traditions of its guests.

  • I love Main Street Bakery and Starbucks. I trust Disney to do it right – I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised when all is said and done. Have faith!

  • I am really disapointed, however, I do want to have faith in the WDW planners et organisers to make sure that we wont’t miss the bakery and the fountain too too much. They were always busy places to eat drink or relax. They are loved and surely will be missed.

  • Thomas,I think you should tell the guys who make the decisions that they were off on making this switch. Leave the bakery as it is and just add Starbucks coffee and some other items from their menu. Obviously the people who come to the parks love the bakery and want it to stay intact. Why do we have to ruin tradition for commercialization. Like many before me have said, the bakery, the treats, and the wonderful smells are Main Street.

  • Keep the cinnamon rolls at the Main Street Bakery where they belong!!!

  • I am sad to hear the Main Street Bakery will be replaced. Although I like Starbucks, I am surprised they could not find a less popular area to change. Will Starbuck’s be a part of the dining plan?

  • I’m glad to hear that the theming and some desserts will stay, but what about the other food? The sandwiches and veggie cups there are perfect for a quick lunch or a healthy snack. We even bring them back to our rooms sometimes! And I heard that the cinnamon rolls at Gaston’s have different icing, maybe maple-flavored. One of my family members doesn’t like maple. And the beauty of the Main Street Bakery is that it’s right on Main Street, perfect for a quick breakfast on your way into the park. It’s not as good if you have to go all the way into New Fantasyland for it.

  • Like most everyone who posted here I will be very disappointed to see the MSB replaced. Why change it? Just display the name and serve that good Starbucks coffee at the MSB and leave it as it is, a FAVORITE of the masses. Disney, please reconsider.

  • In my own humble opinion, I look for “Disney” branded experiences both in food and drink. I thought it was a step forward removing the McDonalds booth from Magic Kingdom and I think it is a step in the other direction adding Starbucks.

    If I wanted a Starbucks I could go to a mall, however, I am sure there are people that are giddy with excitement over the addition to the Magic Kingdom.

  • Quick question my wife collects the Starbucks mugs from around the world the ones with city name on. Does anyone know if there is a Disney Starbucks Mug in the Magic Kingdom?

  • This update makes me smile! I was not happy with the idea of the “real world” infringing on my “magical world” Thank you Disney for listening to us!!

  • We’ve got Trouble…with a capital T…and that rhymes with P…and that stands for pop. Please, for the love of God, sell pop.

    We non-coffee people need our caffeine, too. Coffee houses tend to discriminate against those of the carbonated persuasion.

    Thank you.

  • Thomas, what are the plans for being able to get some type of bakery item/coffee during the refurbishment? We will be down there in April and I am very disappointed to miss out on some of the cookies and especially those cinnamon buns while we are there. Can we get these items somewhere. I certainly hope there is a nice selection available somewhere during the refurb, not just 1 or 2 items. Oh, I so wish the Starbucks would have been placed elsewhere in the parks, and the bakery left with ALL Disney foodstuffs. Just my opinion!

  • PLEASE just keep the cinnamon buns at MSB. I’ve heard the ones at Gaston’s are different and not as good. Oh yea!! And don’t forget about the carrot cake.

  • For some reason it always surprises me when Disney makes these kinds of changes. You would think that they would realize that it’s the little touches which mean the most to repeat visitors. Changing things too much only serves to slowly alienate their most loyal fans. Yes, it’s true that no one likes change except a wet baby. But by modifying old favorites bit by bit, something of value is lost each time. It is definitely true that when it comes to Disney World, the sum is greater than the parts- but only if you don’t mess with the parts too much! I for one hope they still pipe out the great smells of the Main St. Bakery! A little touch, but a prime example of a little touch which creates a sense memory for the long time fan, which in turn creates a connection with wonderful memories of family and fun. Let’s hope that whatever changes are in the future, Disney doesn’t loose site of just how many of us have those connections, and how much they mean to us.

  • Can you confirm if the design will have the starbucks logo all over it or will it blend nicely into the overall aesthetic of Main Street? The only thing i don’t want to see is a Large Green & White logo all over the place.

  • Instead of changing the Main Street Bakery, why didn’t the Starbucks get placed in the new Fantasyland?

  • Thank you for listening. While we like the idea of Starbucks coffee over the Nescafe, we are pleased that Disney will keep the theme of the Main Street Bakery. That is the first stop we make after entering MK and we would be so disappointed if the menu and atmosphere was changed to just a regular old Starbucks. Thanks for your attention to our comments.

  • Hi!
    My brother and I are going for the Marathon Weekend and we were wondering if The Main Street Bakery will still be open on that dates, we loved that place

  • Please have Starbucks keep the cinnamon rolls! There not the same at Gastons and I can’t eat them fresh while sitting on Main Street. Plus the line at Gastons is crazy and it’s in the very back of the park. Please Please Please!!!!!

  • Please keep the tomato and mozzarella focaccia sandwich! (Yes, it’s better than the Starbucks one)

  • Thank you for the update!!! I can now have let out a sigh of relief knowing our beloved goodies will still be around and that the theming/name isn’t changing, and I can now have many of my beloved Starbucks drinks while at WDW!!!

  • I’ll have a venti iced coffee and a grande mocha frappucinno, extra coffee, no whip.

  • Bringing Starbucks coffee and coffee drinks to the Main Street Bakery seems like a winner to me.

    Just please make sure to keep the cinnamon buns. Stopping at the Bakery for coffee, juice, and cinnamon buns has long been a family tradition!

  • Thank you so very very much for the update! That is wonderful news!!!

  • I appreciate that you’re all listening to the online community, and there seems to be a bit of reexplaining/spin going on here.

    Bottom line: for years, we’ve all been asking for better coffee resort-wide. We know that you have an agreement with one of the lesser-quality coffee companies, which is why, save for a few locations, coffee at WDW has been universally awful. We were hoping that Disney would sign a new agreement with a better coffee purveyor, such as Starbucks. But instead of better coffee resort-wide, we get ONE location in each park, which is sure to have EPCOT Photo Spot-like lines. That’s why we’re all pretty “meh” about it.

    Add to it, the fact that it’s taking over one of the most beloved spots in a park with TONS of new square footage… it just doesn’t seem like such a sweet deal anymore.

    We asked and asked for better coffee. It cost us an institution.

  • What about the carrot cake? Why cant you just add the coffee with out taking out everything else?

  • Thanks for posting the update! I’m so glad the bakery will keep it’s name and themeing! Starbucks will be a great addition to it!

  • I am so impressed with you guys for posting an update that addresses all of the “concerns” people have. Love the more transparent Disney! Thanks!

  • People seem to think that replacing MSB will mean huge green signs that scream STARBUCKS. While I have only seen pictures of the location in California, from what I see they are themed SO WELL! Like, you would not know it was a Starbucks if you didn’t walk in to it. People have been complaining for years about the coffee on property, well this is an answer. As long as They still cell the MSB favorites, I only see this as a good thing. Universal Stuidos Orlando has a very well themed and placed Starbucks in their park and it works well. This is not quite the crisis situation people are making of it I think. Give it time and this will work out.

  • I’m a passionate Walt Disney World fan who can sometimes be critical of decisions made in the parks, but I think that the blending of Starbucks coffee and pastries with the Main Street Bakery we know and love is a fantastic idea.

    My personal preference does not lean toward the current coffee served in most areas of WDW (except for the amazing pressed coffee at Kona cafe!), and I welcome the addition of Starbucks coffee into the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

    My sister visited the DCA bakery on her honeymoon in August, and did not realize that it was Starbucks until she read about it upon her return home. The theming was that well integrated and the products were to the high standard she expects from a visit to Disneyland. She was extremely impressed!

    I also think that the high standards to which Starbucks holds its baristas, and their world-famous attention to service and detail will blend nicely with the demonstrated and historical Disney commitment to giving Guests the best experience possible. This is truly a win/win.

  • It really doesn’t matter to me what coffee the Main Street Bakery sells, just please tell me that you’re keeping the cinnamon rolls. They’ve been a staple for my family ever since we started visiting the parks. I know that Gaston’s Tavern sells them, but those cinnamon rolls are covered in different icing.

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