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Time-Lapse Video: Magic Kingdom Park Decorated for the Holidays

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort is decorated for the holiday season. And today, we have a fun look at how it happened this year.

Planning for the big holiday transformation at Magic Kingdom Park takes months – it begins in summer. But the work of replacing jack-o-lanterns with ornaments and toy soldiers happens in hours. Did you spot any of your favorites being placed in the park?

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  • Absolutely amazing how in just hours it changes from Halloween to Christmas. I always tought that it took many days to do it. Thank you very much for showing all these little secrets.

  • This is my ultimate dream job! Love it!

  • Looks like just about everything went up in one night except for the big tree. That’s incredible!

  • That’s crazy to do all in one night… It takes me a whole day to figure out how to hang up a streamer.

  • It must be utterly surreal to be visiting over the change over to come one day and it’s Halloween and the next is Christmas. Kudos to the overnight change out crew for making it a magical experience. Someday we’ll be back there for the holidays, but this year we are going to settle with Disneyland. Can’t wait to see what Mater did there to get it all gussied up. 😀

  • The family was just talking about this very thing while we were at Epcot. This is so cool to see! Thanks for sharing.

  • It’s really awesome to see the transformation in just a few hours. You are amazing guys!! So glad I’ll be there for the holidays!!

  • Just watched with my daughter & she is SO excited! We are taking her for the first time next week 🙂

  • my long-time dream is to be a part of the team that does this work – I would volunteer my time……I would do anything, even deliver coffee to the workers. How would I go about actually being a part of this wonderful experience?

  • My partner and I were literally just having a conversation about the switch from Halloween to Christmas decor! What a nice idea to have a post about exactly that. True dedication and magic on Main Street!

  • Can’t wait to arrive and see the decorations this weekend! This will be the first time my wife and I have been down to WDW during the holidays to see the decorations and we’re very excited.

  • Always knew the magic happened when we are not in the park. But seeing through time lapse is excellent. Thanks for the inside look.

  • Can the crew come to my house and help me decorate? I can’t even finish decorating in one evening and I have .0000000021% of the decorations you all have!

  • besides the fact that MK looks smashing for the holiday season, what is the track used for the christmas portion of the video?

  • One week from today…we will be there and can’t wait!! Love the parks anytime, but holiday time is awesome!

  • Nice video. I too would like to know what is the music track used for the Christmas portion of the video?

  • Very excited to see the real work behind the scenes. Thank you. Can’t wait to see in person, 2 weeks today!

  • What music was used for this video?

  • Can you tell me around what date this switch happens? We’d like to go in November next year, but want to make sure the Christmas decorations are up for at least part of our trip.

  • Love, love, love!!

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