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Vintage Walt Disney World: Taking a Spin Through Tomorrowland

Nate Rasmussen

by , Librarian, Walt Disney Archives

Today, back in 1974, Star Jets opened at Magic Kingdom Park in Tomorrowland. Below is a look at the attraction still under construction in June 1974.

Scaled-down Apollo-Saturn replica rockets propelled guests up to 60 feet above Magic Kingdom Park.

While guests can no longer hop aboard a Star Jet, the Astro Orbiter continues the legacy of space flight in Tomorrowland.

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  • Different John,from Fla.That pic reminds me of the first time we went to WDW in 1978. Loved it then an LOVE it now.

  • I spy something turquoise to the left of Space Mountain’s roof. Maybe those will return someday.

  • As someone much to young to successfully recall Tomorrowland before the 1990’s refurbishment, this picture is one of the greatest things I have ever seen!!! I have a HUGE interest in the Walt Disney World I never got to see!!! (I would be interested in the Disneyland I never got to see as well, but I haven’t gotten to visit there just yet!)

  • Boy…did that bring back some great memories! I was 11-years-old when that picture was taken.
    I, as well, would love to se more Vintage WDW photos of days gone by.

  • I would love to see Space Mountain construction. I did my Disney College Program there!

  • I love how you can just make out that at the time of the picture the TTA was the WEDway PeopleMover!

    • You sure can. That second picture is from December 1975.

  • Wow!
    Everything looked so white and clean back then.

  • I love vintage Walt Disney World photos like these. I just wish you posted higher resolution versions of them. There is so much detail to see and I’m sure my eyes are missing some of it. Please, please, please give us higher rez!!

    Thanks for posting!

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