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Virtual Disney Vacation Club Race Has Very Real Prize!

Ryan March

by , Editor, Disney Vacation Club’s Disney Files Magazine

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately in virtual worlds, racing through amazing vacation destinations without even leaving my desk. Now lest you think I’m just playing around on the Internet when I should be working, that’s really not the case (at least not this time).

You see, I’ve been authorized to “play-test” a new Disney Vacation Club virtual board game, and I have to say it’s the most fun I’ve had playing a Disney game since “Where’s My Water?” started draining my phone battery. It’s officially called the “Disney Vacation Club Getaway Your Way Sweepstakes,” though I just call it “Cancel My Next Meeting…I’m Busy!”
The Disney Vacation Club Getaway Your Way Sweepstake

Every time you play, you get to explore three of the game’s five immersive worlds, each with its own vacation landscape to navigate and Disney Villain to race. The journey begins with “Safari Adventure,” where you race Simba’s unscrupulous uncle Scar through an African setting inspired in part by Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas.

Just as Disney Vacation Club Members do in the real world, players in this virtual world then choose their own path, racing through two of the following four environments:

Along the way, you can earn virtual vacation points, collect and share digital souvenirs, avoid “Tourist Traps” and more.
The Disney Vacation Club Getaway Your Way Sweepstake

Let’s see, did I cover everything? Virtual worlds…choose your own adventure…collect cool stuff…Simba’s evil uncle…yep, I think that’s it. Oh wait, the prize!

Players may race once a day from now through January 31, 2013 (as many as 10 times total), at which time one randomly selected player’s virtual vacation points will become actual vacation points – the kind Disney Vacation Club Members use to book accommodations at Disney Vacation Club Resorts and hundreds of other destinations around the world. (Each round of game play counts as one entry in the sweepstakes, with racers earning a maximum of 10 entries.) Plus, the vacation points will be replenished annually for three years.

To learn more about the game and begin your adventure, visit

Good luck, adventurers…and “Kungaloosh!”

NO PURCHASE OR SALES PRESENTATION NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE OR PAYMENT WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. Disney Vacation Club® Getaway Your Way Sweepstakes begins 12:00 p.m. EDT on October 16, 2012 and ends 11:59:59 p.m. EST January 14, 2013. Open to eligible legal residents of 49 U.S./D.C. (excluding Nevada) and Canadian Provinces of Alberta and Ontario, who are at least 18 years of age as of date of entry. See for Official Rules and important details on participation, including an Alternate Method of Entry. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries. Skill-testing question required if winner is a resident of Canada. Approximate retail value varies between $16,000 to $49,300. Sponsor: Disney Vacation Development, Inc., 1390 Celebration Blvd. Celebration, FL 34747.

This promotional material is a timeshare solicitation and is not an offer in any jurisdiction where the timeshare is not registered. General Product, State, & Country Disclosures.


  • I’d love to play, but I can’t register, because Nevada is not listed in the states. Are Nevadans not allowed to play?

  • I liked the graphics was something for the whole family. But I really liked the possible real rewards possiblity. Thanks for the fun keep them coming!!!

  • Wow – nice contest, but our son became a cast member this past January and now we are ineligible to enter any Disney sponsored contest. I would love to just get in and play the game, but that isn’t happening here. Good Luck to all who enter – We Love our DVC Membership!

  • Other Allie, you’re a KK fan too? Awesome! 🙂

  • What fun and love the music.

  • Reminds me sooooo much of kingdom keepers! I wish it was an app, though.

  • So because I live in British Columbia, Canada, I can’t play the game? =(

  • Wow, this sounds so fun!

  • Why are only the Canadian provinces of Alberta & Ontario eligible? As a BC’er I’m really keen to play! Usually it’s only Quebec that gets left out of these sorts of things. Very sad – game looks great! Any chance of those rules changing?

  • Definitely a fun game! Fills the void left behind by lack of a new Magical Cruise Adventure game. 🙂

  • I loved VMK, too! 🙂

    The villains aspect of this game reminds me of the Kingdom Keepers!

  • It seems to me that there’s some great changes afoot at DVC — I appreciate this new game, the Samantha Brown vidcasts, the new PAP discount, and the member meets at AKL (that I’m HOPING will still be happening when I’m down there in Jan!). But whether or not I get to go to a member meet or win anything through the sweepstakes, I’m still really appreciative of the new attention to extant members and the attempt to build more community among membership. So: thanks!

  • Just to be clear. Do you have to be a Disney Vacation Club member to play and Win or is this for anyone?

    Also I wish they would bring back VMK, I had so many cool items. It was a sad day when they closed it.

    • You don’t have to be a Disney Vacation Club Member to play or win. Have fun!

  • “It says you can win a ‘three year sample membership of your own.’ What if you’re already a DVC member? Is there an alternate prize, like bonus points for three years?”

    Answered my own question. This is an additional three-year contract of at least 160 points, and apparently you can earn up to 500 points per year for the three years via the game. The contract is at Animal Kingdom Villas.

    So now a new question … what happens at the end of the contract? I assume they’ll offer to let you buy the contract, but it would be awfully nice if we could just pay the dues and keep it. 😉

  • Even after all these years, the Virtual Magic Kingdom still rocks. wheres my VMK! 🙂

  • VMK was fun.

  • It says you can win a “three year sample membership of your own.” What if you’re already a DVC member? Is there an alternate prize, like bonus points for three years?

    • Yes, current Members absolutely are eligible. The prize points would simply add to your existing points for three years. Good luck!

  • Most fun you’ve had playing a Disney game since “Where’s my water?”?!?! Have you never played VMK? That was truly the greatest. Such a shame they ended it, so much better than any game they have out now.

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