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Walt Disney Imagineers Unveil a Mysterious Portrait as a Hint to an Upcoming Walt Disney World Resort Project

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Who doesn’t love a good mystery – and we just happen to have one to share with you today. Our friends in Walt Disney Imagineering just sent us this portrait as a sneak peek of one of their upcoming Walt Disney World Resort projects. Any ideas which attraction this may soon be a part of?
Walt Disney Imagineers Unveil This Mysterious Portrait As A Hint To An Upcoming Walt Disney World Project

Here’s one hint to the identity of this fine fellow: “His obsession with gold will ultimately lead him to ruin.”

Leave your guess in the “comments” section below.


  • I’m going with Thunder Mountain- it’s too much of a coincidence that this is revealed on its birthday! 🙂

  • King Midas… although he doesn’t look exactly like a king.

  • Kind of looks like Tony Baxter?

  • Reminds me of Tony Baxter…

  • Please tell me we finally have a face for Master Gracey at the Haunted Mansion!!!

  • Are they reviving the Western River Expedition???!!!

  • Something with Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – or anything in Frontierland?

  • Western River Expedition

  • Interactive queue at Big Thunder Mountain? Thats the only thing that pops in my head, something to do with the backstory to the attraction.

  • I’m thinking something with Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

  • is it a holiday themed piece? Scrooge maybe?

  • Looks like Tony Baxter! Ha! I’m wondering if this has something to do with the Jack Sparrow Experience?

    • Hmm, that’s a guess I haven’t heard yet.

  • Most likely the Haunted Mansion

  • My first guess would be Haunted Mansion especially given the hint. However, I feel this is a trick.

  • Looks like Tony Baxter to me so I’m guessing it involves Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

  • Did he happen to hold a position of power in the ill-fated town of Tumbleweed?

  • Is this part of the new interactive queue at Big Thunder?

  • Is that Tony Baxter in the portrait?

  • Looks like Tony Baxter. My guess is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

  • Big Thunder Mountain!

  • Obviously Tony Baxter, but would this appear in the Dwarfs Mine Train?

  • By the way – very cool picture of who I am assuming is Mr. Baxter!

  • I’m going to guess something for Haunted Mansion. It has that look and after having ridden the version in Paris, it would fit.

  • Big Thunder Mountain!! 🙂

  • Does it has anything to do with Mystic Manor from Hong Kong Disneyland? Or TonyBaxter?

    • Wow, Tony Baxter has a lot of guesses!

  • Big Thunder Mountain?

  • My guess is that this gentleman was looking for gold in Big Thunder Mountain, so he will appear somewhere at the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. In the new interactive queue perhaps?

  • Due to the fact that Big Thunder Mountain doesn’t really have a “story” like Disney likes to create for their guests, my guess is it is for that attraction. Though I’d also love for them to make the current Prospector into Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2!

  • Thunder Mountain interactive queue?

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad interactive queue?????

  • Is that supposed to be Tony Baxter?? LOL

  • A new villain for something like the tower of terror? He immediately reminded me of Harrison Hightower (the villian for the tower of terror in Tokyo Disney…) but I’m really excited to find out! Maybe it’ll be an interactive mystery ride!?

  • Not sure who he might be based on the hint… but he reminds me of Imagineer Tony Baxter! 🙂

  • Big Thunder Mountain?

  • OH OH Wait!!! Frontierland!!

  • Not sure if this is on purpose but he looks a LOT like Tony Baxter…

    • You must be a big fan of our Imagineering pros!

  • Is it my imagination or does the man look a bit like Donald Sutherland?

  • Tony Baxter & the Western River Expedition?!?!?!!?

  • Gold, huh? Big Thunder Mountain Railroad refurbishment?

  • Big Thunder Mountain would be my guess…

  • So they’re throwing Tony Baxter into the backstory of Big Thunder Mountain?

  • Big Thunder Mountain? It looks like a portrait of Imagineer Tony Baxter.

  • Big Thunder Mountain Queue

  • The Haunted Mansion!?

    • Hmm, he does look mysterious!

  • Does it have anything to do with Adventureland?!?! I don’t know what, but it sounds exciting!

    • Hmm, he does look adventurous.

  • This is going to drive me crazy all day long. Is it too soon to ask for another hint?

    • 🙂 Not too long, my friend.

  • Part of the new interactive elements at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

  • Haunted Mansion?

  • Hmmm… Could it be Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?

    – Lou M
    WDW Radio

    • Hi Lou – Mining in the old west? That sounds like a fair guess.

  • Interesting. The new BTMR queue maybe?


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