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Walt Disney Imagineers Unveil a Mysterious Portrait as a Hint to an Upcoming Walt Disney World Resort Project

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Who doesn’t love a good mystery – and we just happen to have one to share with you today. Our friends in Walt Disney Imagineering just sent us this portrait as a sneak peek of one of their upcoming Walt Disney World Resort projects. Any ideas which attraction this may soon be a part of?
Walt Disney Imagineers Unveil This Mysterious Portrait As A Hint To An Upcoming Walt Disney World Project

Here’s one hint to the identity of this fine fellow: “His obsession with gold will ultimately lead him to ruin.”

Leave your guess in the “comments” section below.


  • I’m going with BTMR television show that ABC is planning.

  • Other websites are commenting about a potential Big Thunder Mountain TV series in the works. I’m guessing this is a character (designed to pay tribute to Tony Baxter) that will tie the TV series into the ride, and most likely the next gen cue elements.

  • This is fun!! When do we find out the answer??

    • Very soon! Keep checking back for a new post.

  • Does it have anything to do with Gary’s post from yesterday that has something to do with dragons in New Fantasyland…? So many secrets! It’s driving me crazy!

  • Master B. of course, owner of the B.T.M.M.Co.

  • It’s probably for Big Thunder Mountain. But OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, I WOULD DIE OF HAPPINESS if it were for a reopening of the Adventurer’s Club. I walked past the building (which still exists, even if the front steps are hidden behind potted plants) a few weeks ago and just hoped and hoped they would bring it back. Never been there, but have wanted to go since I knew it existed…which is after it stopped existing anymore.

  • I’m with Ian, I think it’s Merriweather Adam Pleasure.

  • I’m guessing Big Thunder Mountain (and that it might have something to do with an article I just read regarding a pilot for an ABC television show based on Big Thunder Mountain)….

  • I SOO wish this was Merriweather Adam Pleasure, but I’m inclined to agree that it has to do with the Big Thunder Mountain queue.

  • Let’s think outside the parks. How about part of a rebranding of Port Orleans Riverside?

  • It is Auric Goldfinger

  • I’m going to agree with the Tony Baxter guessers, especially since the portrait in Bonjour Gifts looks a lot like someone I know. However, for what the portrait will be used for: I don’t think anyone guessed this, and I had a blast with them on the Disney Fantasy…is it an interactive portrait? The Midship Detective Agency was a lot of fun, would be a nice touch to a queue like Big Thunder. 🙂

    • That would be cool.

  • Looks like Tony Baxter is the “old miner” from Big Thunder Mountain?!

  • My second guess would be Jason Chandler from the town of International Village who invented a drilling machine to retrieve the riches of Big Thunder Mountain. He also saved the lives of 26 miners just before an earthquake claimed him, his invention and all the gold of Big Thunder.

    Oh how I miss the Disney Magazine!

  • He looks like Merriweather Adam Pleasure!!! Have they finally returned from their vacation?!!

  • Silly thought, but this isn’t Henry Ravenswood, is it? He could fit in at both The Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain.

  • It’s Donald Sutherland

  • Tony Baxter’s first big project was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This looks like Tony Baxter, Thunder Mountain was a gold mining town, and today is the anniversary of Big Thunder at Walt Disney World.

    As his time at Walt Disney Imagineering comes full circle, perhaps we’re getting a hint of Tony Baxter’s final project by his portrayal of a Midas-like character in one of his first rides.

  • Merriweather Adam Pleasure! The Adventurers Club is on its way?

    • Nope, I can say that that is not it.

  • Wow, I was way off thinking Jack Sparrow Experience! LOLOL

  • Looks like the guy who tried to rip-off Merriweather Pleasure from buying Pleasure Island and establishing the Adventurers Club

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and I bet that is Kit Carson.

  • Here lies —— Buried in golden treasure

  • An interactive queue is never far away when you use your imagination.

  • Tony Baxter the musical!

  • Since they’re doing a BTM series on ABC, I’m guessing it’s queue related.


  • lol It looks like Tony Baxter.

  • I looked at it and saw Donald Sutherland 🙂

  • Ok…going to agree with the majority…I despise bEing a lemming, Big Thunder Mountain…I also agree with few people who said it looks like Donald Sutherland a little. We all know its Mr. Baxter though. Love it! Btw, New Fantasyland…..AMAZING!!!

  • My Guess.. either BTM or HM.. either one, I’m more partial to BTM as part of the new referb and the amazing size of the gold nugget. Plus the portrait looks more realistic than the ones in HM>

  • I say Big Thunder Mountain or Master Gracey for Haunted Mansion!

  • I say Big Thunder Mountain or Master Gracey for Haunted Mansion.

  • Big Thunder Mountain queue…and hello Tony Baxter!

  • Scrooge?

    • That’s a good guess this time of year.

  • It’s Donald Sutherland and they’re doing a hunger games attraction LOL

  • Big Thunder Mountain or the rumored ABC series based on it.

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

  • Darian- I totally see D. Sutherland too! That was my first thought!

  • My guess would be the Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster

    • Interesting guess, Michael.

  • Looks just like Donald Sutherland

  • This guy looks like Donald Sutherland. Perhaps he is playing a character that is part of the mystery! Or perhaps this guy just looks like Donald Sutherland…

  • Is Tony Baxter taking over the mines at Big Thunder Mountain?!

  • Only one I can think of is king Midas but the portrait does not fit…

  • While I would think Big Thunder Mountain ill go the Seven Dwarfs Mine train to be different.

    • Way to be unique!

  • BIg Thunder Mountain!!

  • Is that Tony Baxter??!!

  • Haunted Mansion?

  • He looks like Donald Sutherland…

    The only thing I can think of that does anything gold-related is Ravenswood Manor in DLP, but I’m sure that couldn’t be it…

    • Love that attraction (and storyline!).

  • Big Thunder Mountain?

  • Donald Sutherland???

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