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Couple Visits Disneyland Resort Every Day in 2012

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Jeff Reitz and Tonya Mickesh Receive a Night in the Disneyland Dream Suite from Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Tom Staggs in Celebration of Visiting Disneyland Resort Every Day in 2012

Congratulations to Jeff Reitz and Tonya Mickesh, who today reached the milestone of visiting the Disneyland Resort every day in 2012! Having made at least 366 memories this year (including One More Disney Day, of course), Tonya and Jeff received a special welcome this morning from Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Tom Staggs in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

As the couple entered Disneyland park, Tom was waiting to greet them at the other end of Main Street, U.S.A. Moments later, he marked the occasion by making Tonya and Jeff honorary citizens of Disneyland. And Tom presented one more added surprise – a gift that would ensure at least one more memory in 2013: a stay in the Disneyland Dream Suite.

β€œJeff and Tonya have an affinity for Disney Parks that is shared by many of our guests, and I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate them on reaching this milestone,” Tom said. β€œDuring this momentous year, their dedication to the Disneyland Resort is a testament to why we continue to expand, grow and share the Disney Parks experience with guests around the world.”


  • Just added this to my “bucket list”. I was there every month in 2012, but every day?! What a magical goal to accomplish. Congrats!

  • We try to go once a week but would love to go everyday!

  • Congrats to Jeff and Tonya!

    We go to Disneyland 1 to 2 times a month. Friends think that many visits is too much, but what do they know? πŸ™‚ As my kids say “Disneyland is awesome!!”

  • Now that takes some SERIOUS dedication! I can’t imagine working AND making that trip everyday! I’d LOVE to try! Β°OΒ°

  • WOW! They have been to a Disney park more times than I have this year – and I work at one! Congrats!

  • Congrats to Tonya & Jeff!! What an awesome way to spend your year!

  • That is so amazing that they got to stay in the Disneyland Dream Suite! πŸ™‚

  • Congratulations, Tonya and Jeff. What fun it must have been to be in Disneyland every day (366 days in a row!) and how wonderful that you accomplished your goal. I am more than a little envious. Thank you for giving me an idea for my Bucket List, though a little problematic as I live in Oklahoma!!

  • Thanks for all the support everyone. This was a total surprise to both Tonya and I since when we started our daily visits it was just something for us to share to help keep things positive and share our time in the park with our other local Disney friends.

    If anyone is interested in following or has other questions feel free to follow me to talk more.

    Thanks again,
    Jeff Reitz

    Twitter – jreitz1972
    Instagram – jreitz1

    Or you can just search for #Disney366
    (I am keeping that tag since it makes me think of Disney all the time, like 24/7 sorta.)

  • Wow! That’s quite an achievement! What is their twitter handles? i would like to follow them too. Are they trying again for 2013?

  • I’m just really glad to know that they got jobs!

  • What a fantastic surprise for them! πŸ˜€

  • wow! congrats!!…we feel lucky going at least once a year, (its like 14hrs driving).

  • congrats! keep telling the hbby that we should go more often πŸ˜‰

  • It must be fun to be them! Congrats! I noticed they don’t share the same last name — I think Tom should give them the ultimate Disney wedding. Now that would be even more fun!

  • Congratulations to Tonya and Jeff. Truly awe inspiring!
    Tipping my Mouse Ears to ya!

    I agree with Dinah…adding this to my bucket list…for Walt Disney World. πŸ™‚

  • Congratulations, I’m so jealous my family won the YOMD Mickey Miuse Pentehouse thats was spectactular but a night in the park is a dream i still hope for! y

  • And I thought visiting each month was doing good lol!

  • How did Tom know when this couple would be entering to give them this?

  • Well, that’s one way to make sure you get your money’s worth out of an annual pass, lol. I’d love to be able to try that someday. Congratulations to Jeff and Tonya!

  • Been following them on twitter all year. Next stop. Walt Disney World. Way to go!

  • I have been following Jeff’s amazing journey on Twitter. Congratulations to Jeff and Tonya.

  • I have been following Jeff on Twitter. Congrats to completing a year long goal!

  • Awesome way to end a year long celebration! Congrats to Jeff and Tonya!

  • This is pretty awesome! I remember reading an article on them in the OC Register, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them in the parks. Congratulations to both Jeff and Tonya!! What an accomplishment. I think I know what I’m adding to my bucket list!

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