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Disney Dragon Mission: Accomplished! I Found My Flying, Fire-Breathing Friend in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

After weeks of poring through page after page on the Internet, studying grainy video, hearing reports of strange encounters and trying to make sense of archival photos from another era, I finally saw the Dragon tonight.

The graceful, fire-breathing creature made his grand entrance tonight in the night skies over Magic Kingdom Park. The majestic, reptilian-like wonder soared high above New Fantasyland, and then roared loudly (in what sounded like roars of joy…if my dragon-speak translation skills are what they used to be).

Sources tell me the Dragon made this special appearance tonight because he was drawn to the New Fantasyland Grand Opening Celebration. As he disappeared into the darkness, I was left wondering if we would ever see him again. There were plenty of cameras on hand to capture this magic moment, and the Disney Parks Blog captured this stunning video of him. Take a look. And don’t forget to check out my Disney Dragon Tumblr site for more.


  • As amazing as this thing is; my initial reaction was it would be pretty awesome to fly over DAK especially after Avatar is there. Then I thought about it, and have to agree with Mark poster # 50 it probably would be disturbing to the animal residents there. Hope she/he does get to re-appear somewhere though.

  • Amazing! I would love to see that on my next trip!

  • It was truly amazing to see! Definitely the highlight of the evening!

  • I was at the fireworks that night, but I didn’t see the dragon. 🙁 It must have happened after we left! I hope the dragon comes back someday; it would have been amazing to see it in person!

  • Still pinching myself. Wan’t it amazing?!

  • I was riding Dumbo with my Neice and her BFF ebcause they were bored at the Media Party and I MISSED IT!! I am so bummed! But luckly as a local, I hope to see it next flight!!!

  • AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to come back and see the New Fantasyland and hopefully get a glimpse of our winged friend! I must say, I celebrated Walt’s Birthday on the 5th with cake watching Mary Poppins as usual, but I wish I could have been there to see the best birthday gift ever! Great job WDI! See ya real soon.

  • Does the dragon have a name? Please bring him or her back,so we can all have the chance to experience the magic! My wife and I love Disney and dragons.

  • Actually i think this would make an incredible addition to Disney animal Kingdom. i doubt that the live animals would have an issue with it.

    with the planned Avatar coming to that park soon a Banshee flying over this new land in the future would really add to the realism of that land.

  • A flying Dragon?!?! Now Disney had everything! Hope it magically reappears for Christmas! 15 days to go!

  • How i wish we could have seen him! We are going in late February and have been excited for the possibility of maybe seening this awesome creature while we are there. I guess we will have to Wish Upon A Star really, really, really hard and maybe our dreams will come true. After all, in Disney anything is posible, right?! Please keep him around for all to see!!!!

  • The Dragon was amazing! I hope he hangs around longer than one night.

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