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Gingerbread Houses Come to Life on Disney Cruise Line Ships

Jonathan Frontado

by , Public Relations Director, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and Disney Vacation Club

How would you like a gingerbread house like this in your home for the holidays?
The 237-Square-Foot Gingerbread House on the Disney Dream

At 237 square feet, this gingerbread house on the Disney Dream is the largest holiday culinary creation in the Disney Cruise Line fleet! Each Disney ship features an oversized gingerbread house uniquely created by its own crew.

Baked, built and decorated onboard, the Disney Dream’s house took approximately 320 hours from beginning to end. While the ship’s culinary team baked the gingerbread cookies and prepared the other ingredients, the ship’s carpenters built the framework. Then, each brick was individually aligned and stuck to the frame with icing before the real fun began: adding lots of sweet treats and Disney-themed décor!

The 237-Square-Foot Gingerbread House on the Disney Dream The 237-Square-Foot Gingerbread House on the Disney Dream

If you are hoping to build your own gingerbread house this size, keep in mind you’ll need 650 pounds of gingerbread dough, 5,250 gingerbread bricks and 220 pounds of icing sugar, not to mention the candies, cookies and other fun decorations you’ll want to add to it!

Be sure to stop by and get a delicious whiff if you’re sailing with Disney this holiday season (Yes, the house smells as good as it looks!), and let us know in the comments if we’ve given you inspiration for the design of your own family’s holiday gingerbread house.

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  • Just finished our Disney Fantasy cruise on December 8th! It too had a beautiful gingerbread house in the grand lobby. Just the sight of it made me smile, and it smelled heavenly. Thanks to all the crew who worked on this masterpiece – it truly makes the holidays extra special to see (and smell) such a wonderful work of art.

  • This amazing house still there in January ?!? I’ll be here !!

  • Were there 2012 gingerbread house pins released from each of the four DCL cruise ships as has been done in the past?

  • Oh I’d love to see it in person. How long will it stay up? We’re going in early January.

  • Walking by the gingerbread house on our 2010 Christmas cruise on the Magic was one of our favorites because it smelled SOOOOOO good!!

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