Holiday Magic Found Throughout the Disneyland Resort

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

I know I’ve said it before, but the holidays are my favorite time of year at the Disneyland Resort. Between the beautiful decor, delicious food and unique merchandise, each holiday season is unique year after year. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to this year:

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  • Erin,

    Year round the Park is a wonderful and fascinating place. At Christmas time it only gets better!
    My earliest memories of Disneyland are from Walt’s first TV show in 1954. I was five years old and fascinated by what he was building. That fascination has not left me! I love the Park in all seasons but especially at Christmas.

    We did our annual “Christmas” trip Dec 6/10 and had a wonderful and memorable time. All told we had 22 people broken into three different groups. We would open the Park at early entry with the youngsters and close Downtown Disney at the Jazz Kitchen (our favorite) with the “big kids” in the evening.

    The “icing on the cake” was getting stand-by seats for part of our group for Candle-Light the first evening we were there. It was like having dessert BEFORE dinner!! After 42 years coming to the Park I don’t know how it keeps getting better but it does!

    My wife and I have done our best to live up to Walt’s Dream of a place where families can have fun together. Today our “extended” family of Disney friends numbers in the 100’s and the list of people that want to share the Park with “Uncle Mike & Aunt Wendy” just gets longer……..we couldn’t be happier!

    My wife and I have many Disney wishes yet to fulfill and one of them is to someday meet you during one of our visits.

    To all our Cast Member friends we say “Thanks for all you do to keep the place running smoothly” and thanks to everyone that helps to keep the Magic coming!

    Happy Holidays to all of you & Merry Christmas,

    Arizona Mike

  • I was wondering – will there be any change to the Christmas parade float with Mickey & Minnie doing something eles beside ice Skating ? It’s hard to see them So up high on the float ! Hoping you’ll come up with a different float for them in 2013 !
    Does anyone eles Agree ? Thanks.

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