Memories and Reflections from 2012 Disneyland Candlelight Ceremony Narrators

Donna Fisk

by , Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

One of the great holiday traditions here at the Disneyland Resort is the Candlelight Ceremony and Processional. Featuring a cast member choir, as well as a full orchestra and other choirs from around Southern California, the ceremony in Town Square at Disneyland park is majestic. I had the privilege to sing in this ceremony in 2003, and this year I had the great privilege to interview some of the celebrity narrators for this year’s performances. Please take a look at some highlights from this year as well as some very special comments from our narrators.


  • My first Candlelight was last year.This year,however ,was even more memorable. We enjoyed three nights,getting closer each night! Our last night ,a cast member led us to seats up close. The music was incredible! Our narrators,Edward James Olmos and Lou Diamond Phillips,were wonderful to listen to. The trumpeteers were awsome! And my favorite,the Hallelujah Chorus, was thrilling! I sang every note,every night! I think maybe a new tradition might be happening.Thank you Disney!

  • Was so happy that they had extended this at Disneyland, since that is where it all started anyway. Gave much more opportunity for me to make it out with a busy schedule, as well as to let others enjoy it. Not to mention more celebrity narrators. I got to see Patricia Heaton this year and she did a great job. I also met Jessica Alba at the park that day with her family. I wonder if they stayed for the candlelight ceremony.

  • This has been a tradition I have done going back several yrs with my mom. And now that she is gone, I have kept up the tradition of watching Candlelight. Thank you to the choir and everyone that put in the many hours of rehearsals over the past few months to give me and everyone who was there to enjoy such an awesome show in song and word. And since I have been an annual passholder, I have become friends with several Cast Members and I loved getting to see my friends be a part of the shows I attended. Thank you Nancy Sulahian for your awesome directing. I look forward to seeing Candlelight next year back on Main Street. Thank you everyone!!

  • I was talking about WDW in my above post 🙂

  • I attended my first Candlelight Processional this Sat Narrator was Trace Adkins He was amazing so humble The music was beautiful The thing that finally made the tears overflow was 2 notes into the Alleluah (sorry spelling) chorus and everyone in the audience was on their feet Looking around you could see so many different people from all over the world different cultures different nationalities but we stood as one in unison as if we had rehearsed it I saw many tear stained faces The Holy Spirit was in EPCOT that night no doubt Merry Christmas to you all

  • i bet it was great. lucky you

  • I’ve been lucky to have watched the Candlelight Procession many times throughout the years. Thank you for expanding the numbers of days it was performed this year. I was able to watch it twice this year. Please expand it to more days in 2013 and continue to have it performed on Main Street.

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