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Moms Panel Monday: At Walt Disney World Resort, a Beautiful, Bucolic Treasure and…Bulldogs?

Many people know that Imagineers have for decades placed thousands of “Hidden Mickeys” throughout the resorts and attractions of Disney Parks. Some are incredibly difficult to spot and only those with a keen eye and patience, basically everybody but me, can find them. But there is one hidden gem that even I can’t miss. It is the gorgeous 700 acres of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground.

Moms Panelist Kay Belin is a huge fan of this special place. She parks what she calls her “bus,” a spacious and luxurious motor home, at the resort for long periods of time throughout the year. Kay is drawn to the tranquil, peaceful atmosphere of the resort. She loves watching birds and other wildlife such as deer and foxes make their way around the thick forest in the early morning hours.

This resort has three different accommodation choices: tent camping, recreational vehicle sites, and fully equipped family cabins. Kay tells me that for the family who wants to be budget-savvy, the camping option is an ideal solution. The loop for tents offers each site water and electrical hookups, and she says that the bathhouses are kept clean with showers and laundry facilities nearby.

“I really love Fort Wilderness. The recreation options are endless. They have archery lessons, Segway tours, canal fishing, and many playgrounds. My family likes to rent bikes and tour the back wood paths. It is a serene experience,” she said.

I love my high heels, but I happily give them up to go horseback riding at Fort Wilderness. My daughter shares my love of horses. Spending time riding and enjoying the outdoors together is a rarity in this technology-centric time.

But perhaps my favorite Fort Wilderness memory is watching my little one toast marshmallows through the large bay window from the living room of Kay’s home away from home. Except for one little thing. She has two bulldogs who enjoy taking naps on me. Where I sit, they nap. I’m sure they are quite dapper to each other, but their mom dresses them in these ridiculous cheese hats for some strange reason. Odd indeed.

Even with the gargled and loud snoring of Kay’s four-legged “children” ringing in my ears, a visit to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is peaceful, quiet and an incredibly fun way to experience Disney.

What are your favorite campfire memories?


  • I have to agree – we need pictures of those dogs, Laura!

  • I loved getting my 6’4″ father n law up on the stage in a pink ballet tootoo in Pioneer Hall at Fort Wilderness. He was a great sport and carried on the show. It was also fun seeing him go down the slides at River Country. I know he would have enjoyed taking the steam trains over to Wilderness Lodge if he and the trains were still with us.

  • Hi Laura,

    Fort Wilderness is such a cozy and appropriate resort for celebrating Christmas! Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is also one of my favourite resorts, as the lobby is magnificent with the enormous Christmas Tree right in the middle.

    Fort Wilderness being nearby, makes staying at Wilderness Lodge a vacation spot all on its’ own, with so much to do. We never miss heading over to Fort Wilderness for a carriage ride or a trail ride, it’s so beautiful.

    Afterall, who can resist rubbing Humphrey the Bears nose for a bit of Disney magic?

    Thank you for sharing this post and stirring such cozy and loving memories of our past vacations at this resort!

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

  • Lovely story — and really makes me want to visit Fort Wilderness. But the description of the dogs in hats w/o a picture is a tease 🙂

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