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Tracking the Disney Dragon to New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

In my quest to find the Disney Dragon, I was tipped off last week by a friendly anonymous(e) source to go to an “Enchanted Forest” and wait for magic to happen. I didn’t know why and didn’t know when. But I knew I had to head to New Fantasyland. From the blurry photos and cryptic videos that have been posted on my Dragon Tumblr blog, I knew the dragon was a bit on the shy side. He doesn’t seem to enjoy being spotted. So if the dragon visited the Enchanted Forest, it would probably happen under the cover of night. Dressed in my best dragon sleepwear, I decided to make a late-night visit, and wait.

What I saw — or didn’t see, actually — is pretty amazing. While I didn’t see our flying friend in person, thankfully a cast member and my camera guy were quicker and caught a glimpse. Take a look.

Maybe my day for seeing him in person is coming. Or maybe not. Some people I’ve talked to think that after so many years of being on his own, the dragon won’t actually stake a claim to call anyplace “home.”


  • LOVE the idea of a Dragon in the New Fantasyland. Hope he enjoys the new Fantasyland woods and sticks around a while!!

  • Great sleepwear!
    I’m definitely more curious about the dragon than I’ve been about any other Disney discovery. Thanks for the updates. They’re my favorite posts by far.

    • Thank you David, I appreciate you keeping up with my little journey to see this elusive creature. And anytime I can wear pajamas in the park, it’s a good night.

  • Wow, I saw it, I saw it!! Perhaps I should bring my binoculars when I am in New Fantasyland next week!

  • Wait, the dragon wasn’t for Animal Kingdom?

  • Man you missed it again! Go back and play this video in slow motions but I understand the fustration. Its good to get it on tape but its an whole other thing to see it in real life!

  • I really hope to see this…will definitely be at the Magic Kingdom on Thursday!

  • I just don’t get what a dragon has to do with the New Fantasyland. I don’t recall dragons in Beauty, Mermaid or Dumbo. Confused – but anxious to learn more!

    • I think that’s why I’ve been so intrigued as well. I am wondering about his visit, and his next move.

  • Looks like the camera guy was able to catch your elusive dragon! Hopefully you’ll catch it on your next stake out.

    BTW, I LOVE the Dragon Kigurumi! 🙂

    • Katie, thanks for watching. And I agree – luckily, my camera guy had sharper eyes (and better reflexes) than I did at 3 or 4 in the morning and was able to capture a quick shot. I’ve paused it at 1:03 mark to study it.

  • I like Gary. He’s like Disney’s own version of Huell Howser.

    • Thank you Kenny, that is so very nice of you to say. I’m humbled to be mentioned anywhere near Huell Howser’s name.

  • The suspense is killing me! I am so excited! Also, is that an Orlando Magic mascot doll – Stuff?!

    • Good eye, Carrie! I’m a big fan of our hometown NBA team.

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