A Visit to the Royal Hall at Fantasy Faire in Disneyland Park

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

We’re rapidly approaching the opening of the all-new Fantasy Faire at Disneyland park, and if you’ve taken a walk by Sleeping Beauty Castle lately, you know that work is progressing nicely on this beautiful expansion of the park’s Fantasyland.

One of the main attractions in this quaint, storybook village will be the Royal Hall, where beloved Disney royalty eagerly await your visit. The Royal Hall promises to be a truly special place, filled with rich layers of detail.

“After walking into our main entrance, you will first go through a garden-like setting before entering the reception hall,” said Michel Den Dulk, Creative Director of Fantasy Faire for Walt Disney Imagineering. “Once inside the Royal Hall, guests will discover a beautiful gothic interior with nice wallpaper, wall cresting, wood finishes and chandeliers.”

Passing through a series of spaces, including the Grand Hall, you’ll have the opportunity to meet as many as three Disney princesses, from classic stories such as “Cinderella” and “Sleeping Beauty.”

“The favorite aspect of the project for me personally would be that it’s right in the heart of Disneyland,” added Michel. “It’s going to be very charming, with a lot of detail and great new experiences for the park.”

We’ll all be able to see for ourselves when Fantasy Faire opens this spring.


  • Hi! I have been coming to Disneyland since I was a youngster and have enjoyed it since! When I first heard about the new Fantasy Faire, I thought it was a cool idea but now I just don’t. What is the status on Rapunzel & Merida on if they will be at the new area or stay were they are? I’m coming back late March!

  • I have now heard from various news sites that swing-dancing will not be returning to the venue (Some have said that Disney is undecided) If swing-dancing doesn’t return to the location, I assume that it will remain in Downtown Disney.

    Either way, I am still excited about the Fantasy Faire and all of the new details to explore.

  • IF this were to be open by June 2013 Do you think that this Park Attraction would be available to Grad Night Participants?

  • What can you tell us about two new shows that are coming to the New Fantasy Faire? I know one show features Belle and the Beast and the other features Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

    • Adam – Stay tuned! We’ll have more to share about that very soon…

  • Adam,

    Currently on the walls surrounding Princess Fairytale Hall’s construction it shows the portraits of Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White and Jasmine. This would seem to be a good idea of who they are planning to have there.
    –It should be noted that Tiana was originally also depicted but she was removed at some point.

  • Will Merida be joining the other Princesses in the Royal Hall?

    • Jeff – I checked with the team at Disneyland, and as of now, Merida is expected to remain at her own location in Fantasyland near “it’s a small world.”

  • I think this is awesome. Disneyland and Disney World just keeps getting bigger and bigger. And that’s ok by me, I love to be able to experience new and exciting ideas at the parks.

  • At the Blue Sky Cellar they mention that Fantasy Faire will include the “Maurice’s Treats” food cart. Sound cool. I really like the fact that they are including references to “modern” classic Disney films like Beauty and the Beast and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. (Clopin’s music box sounds pretty cool!)

  • Im a little confused…. Is this going to be directly behind the castle (if so, where? i didnt think there was room, so whats moving?) or a replacement of the Princess meet and Greet thats already there further into fantasyland?

    • Natalie – Fantasy Faire is being built in the space just to the left of Sleeping Beauty Castle, off the Central Plaza. The site was previously known as Carnation Plaza Gardens.

  • In terms of the Princess Fairytale Hall in the New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World in Florida, will Rapunzel make appearences there?

    • Adam – We don’t know just yet who will be at Princess Fairytale Hall when it opens later this year, but Rapunzel does currently make appearances with some of her fellow Disney Princesses at Town Square Theatre in Magic Kingdom Park.

  • This looks amazing! I can’t wait to see it once it’s completed. I’ll be visiting Disneyland later this year so I’ll be sure to pay the new Princess Fantasy Faire a visit.

  • I can’t wait to see some photos of the area, I am sure it will be great.

  • Ron–
    Yup, Disney has confirmed that the classic stage will remain (it will have a new canopy) and that swing dancing will still hosted at night. It was also confirmed that the stage will still host a number of other events, just as before.

    Last year, Disneyland Resort spokeswoman Suzi Brown said;

    “Swing dancing will return to the park when the Fantasy Faire opens next year, the area is being designed to host a variety of entertainment, from princess meet-and-greets during the day, to a wide range of musical offerings, including our popular swing bands, in the evening.”

  • hello shawn,
    i wanted to ask that because this year is the year of “limited magic” i wanted to kno or maybe you can hint around that will the prince’s will be with the princesses.? like ariel and eric. my daughter would love to get the prince’s. she was so happy to flyn rider.

    • Tanya – Many of the special things happening this year as part of “Limited Time Magic” are meant to be surprises, so keep watching Disney Parks Blog and LimitedTimeMagic.com for announcements each week. You never know!

  • will there be a Be Our Guest Restaurant like there is in walt disney world? oh i hope that would be awesome people would love that here!

    • Sorry, Monica, but there are no plans at this time to add Be Our Guest Restaurant to Disneyland Park. I guess you’ll just have to plan a visit to Walt Disney World, too!

  • It looks like it will be beautiful! Are they going to fix the problem they have with the current version of the rotating Princesses which makes it almost impossible to plan out a meet and greet with the Princess your child specifically wants to see?

    • Katherine – While character appearances may be subject to change, the plan is to have a consistent group of Disney Princesses who visit Fantasy Faire.

  • I can’t wait! I have triplet princesses that we are bringing there in the next few months! They are VERY excited to meet all their favorites! Is there still going to be the separate area for Rapunzel and Flynn that is there now?

    • Hi, Nicole! I have twins, myself. Triplets sounds like three times the fun! When you visit, you’ll find some of the Disney Princesses at Fantasy Faire and others, like Rapunzel and Merida, in their regular locations.

  • Is the area going to be like the previous incarnation, The Princess Fantasy Faire, where the Disney Princesses would rotate in and out? Or will the area be specifically themed for each Princess, such as a “Snow White” area, an “Aurora” area, a “Cinderella” area, etc.?

    I know this is a bit off topic, but will the location host swing dancing on Saturday nights like it used to when it was Carnation Plaza Gardens. I have been told the area was remodeled and rethemed, but that the dance floor (that Walt and Lillian used to dance on) and the stage (that has hosted so many school, university, and big names such as Louis Armstrong) are still there. Thank you.

  • Will there be anything like this at DisneyWorld?

    • Chandra – While it’s not a direct comparison, Princess Fairytale Hall will be opening later this year as part of New Fantasyland at the Walt Disney World Resort. Princess Fairytale Hall will provide a similar princess greeting experience for Magic Kingdom Park Guests.

  • When in the Spring is this set to open?

  • I’m so excited for Fantasy Faire to open! My daughter is just about 2 months old & cant wait for her to meet all the Princesses in the new area!! Spring get here already!

  • Hi. We are coming in Early April for our first visit all the way from Australia. Is this likely to be open then?

    • Crista – Look for information on the opening date of Fantasy Faire soon!

  • Shawn I hope that means the Be Our Guest might be in our future too! Thanks for the updates-can’t wait to take my girls and son too for that matter!

    • Gayle – Fantasy Faire will be a quaint village square in a cozy corner of Fantasyland. I’m afraid there just isn’t space available there for a restaurant like Be Our Guest.

  • Will the Princes like Prince Phillip, Beast and Prince Eric finally be part of this new Fantasy Faire meet and greet or not?

    • Jeffrey – The princes you name will not be making regular appearances in Fantasy Faire.

  • Shawn–
    I really like the castle wall extensions too!

  • I love this! It reminds me very much of the area where you meet Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder…which brings me to my question…when the new Fantasy Faire area is opened will Rapunzel and Flynn be moving?

    • Melissa – I got an update from the Disneyland Entertainment team yesterday, and as of right now, Rapunzel is expected to remain at her current location in Fantasyland. Of course, things are always subject to change.

  • I am really excited at what the space is becoming. When can we expect announcements on a opening date? Will AP holders be given a preview similar to the opening at WDW?

    • Dolores – We’ll be ready to announce an opening date soon, so stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog!

  • Hi Shawm, I was wondering is there any way you can get the opportunity to stay in one of the princesses’ castles?It has always been my dream.

    • Grace – The only one of our castles where that sort of experience is possible is Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park. The Cinderella Castle Dream Suite was added there in 2007 as part of “The Year of a Million Dreams,” when each day we surprised one lucky family with a night’s stay in the castle. Today, overnight visits to the suite are occasionally offered as part of contests or sweepstakes, so keep your eyes open for it and wish on a star. You never know… that dream of yours could come true someday!

  • While I’m not as excited for the princesses, I am interested in the architecture. Disneylands are great scrapbooks of architectural styles and I love to see how Imagineers distill Gothic, Victorian, Art Deco, Tiki, etc. into their essential forms. More than a few rooms in my home have used Disney designs as a reference point! I’m sure that the Faire will look incredible.

  • Is a new restaurant coming to this area? I would love another full-service place in the parks, or one of the casual waffle sandwich places like WDW has.

    • Pamela – Stay tuned! There will be several more updates on Fantasy Faire in the coming weeks, as we get closer to the opening.

  • It going be be nice having a very detailed location where families can reliably find and meet the princesses, just as there is currently a reliable place for people to meet Mickey (his movie barn in Toontown)

    What I really like is the architecture is an extension of the storybook village that houses all of the Fantasyland dark rides

    Plus, the Fantasyland theater will finally go back to having a stage show!

    • Fred – The architecture is really turning out nicely. There’s so much detail! I especially like the extension of the castle walls into the area.

  • oh i cant wait to take my girls there they love all the princesses.

    • Vanessa – I think your girls will be in heaven! The whole area is going to be so great. We’ll have even more to share soon!

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