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Answers to Popular Questions About Shopping at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

I’ve received many questions during my time as an author for the Disney Parks Blog about shopping at Disney Parks. Here are answers to some popular questions designed to help you during your next shopping expedition.
Authentic & Original

Look for the “Authentic Original” Logo
While shopping at Disney Parks, I’ve heard some guests say they can “find a particular item back
at home.” Disney Theme Park Merchandise may partner with Disney Stores or Disney Consumer Products on occasion to offer similar items, yet there are thousands of unique souvenirs found only at Disney Parks including apparel, collectibles, seasonal goods, consumables and much more. We use the “Authentic Original” logo to identify those Disney Parks only items (look for the logo either on packaging or on an item physically). Items with this logo won’t be found at local Disney Stores, or at other locations that carry Disney merchandise beyond Disney Parks (one small exception is the Disney Parks online store).
Buy it online

Can I Buy It Online?
I’m frequently asked on the Disney Parks Blog if a particular item is sold online. The answer to that
question depends on the item. The Disney Parks online store is a boutique shop within and offers select items from Disney Parks (many things with the “Authentic Original” logo). The small assortment is ever changing as there is a limit to the amount of items we offer at any given moment.
Disney Parks Shoppes

Disney Parks Shoppes on Facebook
If you are a fan of the Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort pages on Facebook, you may have recently seen the new Disney Parks Shoppes. This Facebook shop contains some greatest hits from Disney Parks (fulfillment is done by We periodically offer “Facebook First” items and special deals to fans of these Facebook pages.

Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services
If you are away from Disney Parks but interested in merchandise, you can contact the Merchandise
Guest Services team. These cast members can help you obtain select items at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, and Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina, Hawai`i.

There are two options available to contact them: by telephone at 877-560-6477 or by email at Please note that applicable sales tax plus shipping and handling fees will apply; and availability of select items may change.


  • I am wanting to purchace the graduation ears (2013) for my daughter before we get there in June. Is there a web sight that I might find them on? This trip is what she was wanting for graduattion, and we want to make it the best.

  • Thank you, Steven!

  • Thank you, Steven!

  • Hi Steven: Could you let us know when the February, 2013 couture limited year of the ear hats are available. Thanks to your blog I was able to order the first five be telephone and would like to keep my collection complete. I will be visiting Disney World at the end of February but want to order these before they are gone. Thank you, Tina

  • Thanks Steven for your help.

  • I was disappointed to find that my merchandise discount on my Premier pass dropped from 20% to 10% on my trip 2 weeks ago. I wound up buying the Disney Thrill Rides vehicles pictured above, but I wound up holding off on other significant spending as a result.

  • I wasn’t able to visit the parks until five years after the debut of my favorite Disney movie, The Incredibles. Is there anywhere I can still find wicked cool Incredibles merch? I’ve checked all the stores (I think) in Hollywood Studios. I’m not satisfied with the “design your own” merch option available through the online store. 🙁

    Thanks for all your insight and advice offered above! Looking forward to reading even more 🙂

    • @Nicholas – I wish I had better news but we don’t have many items from “The Incredibles” currently in our assortment. I know I’ve seen Mr. Incredible included with other Pixar characters on select souvenir items. I’ve also seen a Vinylmation figure included in the recent Pixar series. Finally, we have an Disney Racers set which includes some Incredibles-inspired cars –

  • I wonder Steve I had heard that only at the park can I purchase a Mickey Claddagh ring. But was unable to find it maybe I checked in the wrong place. Do you know where I might this? Any info I would appreciate.

  • Are these theme park cars available on disney store online? I think my little guy would love them! Thank you for the post!

    • @Sara – Unfortunately that set isn’t offered on the online store. One option is to contact the Merchandise Guest Services team at the contact information above. The item number is 400016475449.

  • I always stress to family and friends that if they want what they see at the WDW resort they need to purchase it while they are here because they will not see the same items nor will they see the same quality of items off property if you get what I am saying 😉

  • Great article! Is there a way to give feedback to Disney about which items we’d like to see more of? By which I mean Oswald? 🙂

    • @Dustin – Thank you! I’m sure there are other unanswered questions out there but I thought these were some of the more popular ones.

      @Erin – I think you just did. 🙂

  • Well-written and informative article Steven.

  • I am headed to WDW in a few months and am wondering where I might be able to find the most Princess and the Frog merchandise. Do you know? Thank you!

    • @Theresa – Thank you for the wonderful feedback!

      @Ellie – There are a few places that carry select Princess and the Frog merchandise. I would check World of Disney or Once Upon a Toy at Downtown Disney Marketplace. If in Magic Kingdom, stop by Castle Couture in Fantasyland.

  • I cannot stress how helpful the Guest Services team personnel can be. As an example, I went to Epcot last Spring and saw a particular shirt I really liked. I talked myself out of getting it while I was there. A week later, I called and described it as the “purple short sleeved t-shirt in several of the Flower and Garden Festival kiosks around the park. Size Medium.” Four days later it arrived at my house 800 miles away. Thank you Disney! Great customer service. Can’t wait to come back in two months!

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