Continuing the Golden Horseshoe Legacy with ‘A Salute to the Golden Horseshoe Revue’ at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

You probably already know that “A Salute to the Golden Horseshoe Revue,” now running as a part of “Limited Time Magic” at Disneyland park, is a tribute to a special piece of Disneyland history. But for some in the cast and crew, it is a continuation of personal and family legacies that began more than 57 years ago. In the video below, we’re pleased to introduce you to Deedee Bozikis, former can can dancer in the original “Golden Horseshoe Revue” and now assistant stage manager at “A Salute to the Golden Horseshoe Revue.” You’ll also meet Tobi Longo, who was a dancer in the “Golden Horseshoe Jamboree” and whose mother was one of the original can can dancers in the classic show. Tobi is now the choreographer for “A Salute to the Golden Horseshoe Revue.” I hope you enjoy hearing their stories as much as I do!

Don’t forget – you can still catch “A Salute to the Golden Horseshoe Revue” part of “Limited Time Magic” at Disneyland park every Thursday-Monday through February 4. And you can experience all the magic at the Disneyland Resort for less with our special limited-time ticket offer.


  • I got to see this I was so excited! I hope to see it again before it leaves… I’m so glad it came back for people to see since some of us weren’t able to I wasn’t even born in the time of the original so I’m glad I can see it now. I really wish it was permanent! I want to be a can can dancer now! haha

  • We went yesterday 11:30 show. Went at 9am and got our tkt .They open doors at 11:00 but tell you be there at 10:45 and that was was when the line to get in started (we were 3rd in line) and at 11:00 they open doors . You give the person your tkt and got and and pick you seat. Upstairs or downstairs. We got food(Chili Bread Bowl, which was good) , ate and after we were done they show started at 11:30. And was great. I will be seeing again before it is gone.

  • We were just there and it was so fun to see the show again! You must go to the Golden Horseshoe in the morning and get a ticket for the show you want to go to. Seating is first come first serve so if you want to sit up close come back and get in line early! It was really great! Always such a great show!

  • I don’t think you should stop the shows after Feb 4. Please keep it going and not only add more to the current show. Please…

  • Looks great! I wish this was a permanent show at the park or offered beyond the currently scheduled dates. Please extend through Valentine’s Day. 🙂

  • Can’t wait to see the show, I’m hoping to go next week. Quick question: Do we get to pick our own seats? Or do CMs seat you? Thanks for the info and the video!

  • The show was great!!! Everyone seemed to really enjoy it .Will have to see again before it is gone. Hopefully someday they will bring back permanently!

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