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Disney Cruise Line Voyage Report: Adventures in Grand Cayman

Hello from the Caribbean! Right now, I’m on a Disney Magic cruise that departed from Galveston, Texas, last Saturday. Hopefully you’ve been following along on Twitter, joining the #DCLTexas fun with @DisneyCruise.
Grand Cayman, One of the Ports on a Disney Cruise to the Caribbean

Yesterday we hit up our first destination, the charming Cayman Islands, where we tendered at Georgetown, Grand Cayman. With the view I had from the ship that morning, I knew it was going to be a good day.

Port Adventures in Grand Cayman on a Disney Cruise to the Caribbean Port Adventures in Grand Cayman on a Disney Cruise to the Caribbean

After being greeted by the islanders, we hopped on a bus with a friendly tour guide who gave us a rundown of the sites (including the many banks) as we drove to Hell and back. Despite the name of this unique limestone formation, the gift shop staff was very friendly and welcoming, even decorating visitors’ passports with an official stamp from Hell.

Ocean life, One of the many sights on a Disney Cruise to the Caribbean

Next, we hopped on a boat to the world-famous, and breathtakingly beautiful, Stingray City, where we saw tons of these beautiful creatures.

Today we’re stopped in Cozumel, which I can’t wait to explore. I’ll check back in with you later. Hasta la vista!

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  • I love the Grand Cayman Islands! They are the prettiest place to take a cruise to. We swam with the stingrays also and para-sailed and loved every minute. It’s crazy that you can be 4 miles out in the ocean and stand up with water to your waist. I will definitely be going back one day! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and enjoy the rest of your trip.

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