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Disney Memories Inspire New runDisney Shoe

Robert Hitchcock

by , Content Director

It has been a busy couple of weeks for runDisney. Last week more than 65,000 runners gathered at Walt Disney World Resort for the 2013 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna. Over 25,000 runners from across the U.S. and over 60 countries participated in the 20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon. This week, more than 19,500 runners are set to take flight and earn their wings at the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend at Disneyland Resort.

Adding to the excitement of both event weekends has been the debut of the new Mickey and Minnie-themed runDisney shoes. The running shoe is part of a new alliance making New Balance the official running shoe of runDisney. The response has been amazing.

Recently, I traveled to the New Balance offices in Boston to talk with the designers behind the runDisney shoe. I wanted to find out what went into creating the footwear and where designers found their inspiration. It was interesting to hear how Disney childhood memories played a role in the final product.

Currently these new running shoes can only be purchased at runDisney Expos, including this weekend’s Tinker Bell Half Marathon and next month’s Disney Princess Half Marathon.

For more information, or to register for a runDisney event, go to


  • Hi All, the way that it worked at WDW Marathon Weekend was this:

    -The shoe is the 860v3; a stability shoe for mild to moderate overpronators. It’s their most popular model.
    -There were a limited number of shoes available
    -The sizes varied, but they COULDN’T guarantee your size would be there after you waited in line, or the gender.
    -They brought out batches of shoes at pre-set times throughout the day
    -I’m not sure about the discounts, but passholders get discounts on anything sold by runDisney, but not at the other retail booths.
    -They are market price at $125.
    -There was a two hour line for the batch they brought out at 3 PM, which was the second batch. It consisted of 90 pair.
    -Word is they are still in the testing phase, and haven’t decided if they will offer it outside of runDisney events. I would think not since runDisney has really become such a huge entity and can support the sale of these shoes on their own. So far, they haven’t stated they will be available for purchase anywhere other than at the runDisney events, just like the shirts and other runDisney merchandise.

    Hopefully they will come prepared for the Princess Half, since they did so well at WDW Marathon weekend. I heard they did just as well at Tinkerbell. Hope this helps!

  • Bob – I am loving my New Balance 860v3 runDisney edition shoes! They are turning heads around town like you would not believe! It does not matter if they even know about runDisney…people are complementing them left and right saying simply “I love your shoes!” It is hard to miss the Minnie Mouse theme! I wear them because they make me happy and as it turns out they are just another intro into talking about runDisney! I also picked up a pair or 890s since I am more of a neutral runner. I have had them out for several runs since WDW Marathon Weekend. I can’t wait to hit the streets of WDW for Princess weekend strutting my new New Balance shoes! Feel free to pass along the good word to Josh. The shoes are a hit!

  • Okay…questions that need to be answered before we rush off to Princess to get these….(A) do any of the discounts (Disney Visa, DVC, Castmember) that Disney Parks would normally honor apply? and (B) What type of shoe is this? Is this a support shoe, a standard shoe, a cushioned shoe?

  • I hope these will be sold in the parks and on the Disneystore site. Can you tell me what the smallest size the Mickey shoes come in?

  • I would love to purchase these shoes to start training for the upcoming 10K in Disneyland. Please make these shoes available online for people who are not currently running!

  • I hope you will soon sell these to the public, for those of us who cannot run.

  • I hope you sell these shoes on line for anyone who cannot make it to the races, they are aweseom!!!!

  • How much are they and what sizes are available? I wear a narrow so it’s hard to find shoes sometimes. How much are they? I’d like to know how much I need to save to buy these at the Disneyland Half! Please more info!! I looked at the New Balance site and there’s nothing on there either!

  • Please sell these to the general public! I’d love to have a pair, but am no where near ready for a RunDisney event!

  • Welcome to the blog Mr. Robert!

  • Please sell these to the public in the DisneyStore! They are way too cool to limit their sale!

  • Is the expo for runners only? or can we g if we are just at Disney at that time?

  • Please sell these to the general public.

  • Will these sneakers be available at the Tower of Terror 10 Miler?

  • Hi there, I would please like to know if you can buy thses sneakers? B/c I like the minnie mouse color (the red ones) they are so cool looking.

  • I really hope Disney plans to sell these to the general public. I’m not running any Disney races soon and would love to have the Mickey pair to motivate me for next year’s Expedition Everest Challenge or Tower of Terror 10 Miler!

  • I love these shoes!! They sold out at the WDW Marathon Expo. I will be at Princess Expo so please, please, please don’t sell out. Make sure you have plenty! 🙂

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