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Disney Style Snapshots: A Love-ly Disney Outfit

Michelle Stepney

by , Production Director

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we may turn our thoughts to some of the classic romances throughout history. Antony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, and of course Mickey and Minnie! Their whimsical take on expressing their affection for one another is the inspiration for this week’s outfit.
Disney Style Snapshots: A Love-ly Disney Outfit

Denim in bright hues has been a great alternative to navy or black the past few seasons, so we start with a pair of red jeans. (Apparently Mickey is quite the trendsetter with his red pants.) We’ve topped them off with a black tee that touts “I love you to the moon and back.” If you look closely, you’ll catch a silhouette of the couple kissing. Finally, we accessorized the look with a Mickey and Minnie tote, white zip wallet and sparkly Minnie necklace. Pop on your own ballet flats or tennies and you’re ready for whatever Disney Parks fun ensues on Valentine’s Day.

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  • Great outfit! Love the “I Love You To The Moon and Back” shirt! Where can I get one? =)

  • Such a cute outfit!

  • I’d love to have the t-shirt and the bag!!

  • Love the whole outfit, but especially the shirt. Where can you get one.

  • I would love to know the source for all of the items..isn’t that posted somewhere??? Especially the tote and zippered wallet.

  • Where can I buy the shirt??? Perfect gift for my Minnie on Valentines day!!!

  • I love this bag!! Where can I buy this?? I can’t find it anywhere…Someone help please 🙂

  • Please how can I get this whole outfit?

  • I love the shirt and the wristlet, where can I get them?

  • love the wristlet! where can i find that?

  • ahhh I WANT THAT SHIRT!!!!

  • Hopefully someone will soon answer the questions that have been posted as to where we can purchase these items, especially the shirt. Thanks

  • I saw this shirt in Clothiers at Disneyland on Main Street a couple of days ago

  • Where can one of these awesome shirts be purchased?

  • I love all of it!! Please tell us where we can purchase them.

  • love the bag!! saw it, want it, and gonna go order it 🙂

  • Michelle, Thanks for the phone # and item #. It made shopping so easy. I just called and ordered a t-shirt and it should be here early next week, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

  • my wife is looking for the shirt #400007156104 but no luck – any ideas – thank u

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