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Disney Time: World-Renowned DJ Steve Porter Creates a Walt Disney World Resort ‘Magical Mashup’ Featuring Guests, Cast Members and (of course) Mickey Mouse

As he sits in his production company’s headquarters on a chilly Massachusetts day, DJ Steve Porter’s thoughts are about 1,200 miles south, at the Walt Disney World Resort. Surrounded by computers, musical instruments, monitors and all sorts of editing equipment, he’s putting the finishing touches on his latest remix video, a mashup of magical proportions for Walt Disney World Resort.

After building his career for 15 years as one of the top DJs in the country, Porter expanded into the world of video mixing and opened his own production company, PorterHouse Media. Regarded as a pioneer of the mashup/video mix movement, he creates his videos by editing sound bites and musical scores to create new songs. In 2012, he won a “Webby Award” (for a Tim Tebow-themed remix he created for ESPN called “All He Does Is Win”) and was named one of “The 100 Most Creative People in Business” by Fast Company magazine.

And the world is watching, and listening. In the past few years, Porter has created original videos for TV networks, national morning shows, popular primetime comedy shows and professional sports teams. Last summer, he created a Muhammad Ali mix that was shown in London during a Team USA tribute to the boxing great.

Take a look (and listen!) and enjoy the video. But a word of whimsical warning: like many songs featured in Disney attractions (yes, I’m thinking about you, “it’s a small world”), Porter’s “It’s Magical” tune just might stick with you for a little while after you view it.


  • Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice! Loved all the scenes from my favorite place on earth, and the happy families, of course!

  • Not only the best bit of video editing I’ve ever seen, and the catchiest tune ever, it’s really put me in the mood for my vacation – 34 days and counting!

    • Darren, that is so great to hear. I hope you have a wonderful vacation with us. (And it’s in less than a month!)

  • Brought tears to my eyes! LOL Thank you for sharing on this very very cold and gray day. 161 days to go!!

    • Jennifer, thanks for watching and for writing. That’s so nice to hear. I am glad you had a little warm Florida sunshine today (even if it is via video). And I like the countdown. Those days will fly by before you know it!

  • Simply magical! Love the creativity that was put into this video and the remixed sound of Disney!

  • This is the single most perfect music video I have ever seen. Bravo Disney World!!!! So wonderful. Colorful. Magical. Supercalifragicl.

  • My kids have watched this at least 5 times already! Is that the DJ in the video?

    • Hi Mary, and please thank your kids for watching! I’m glad they enjoyed it. Yes, that is DJ Steve Porter in the video, putting the mix together in his studio.

  • Steve Porter is one talented DJ. 287 days to go until my honeymoon there.

    • What a special place to spend your honeymoon, Michael. We look forward to seeing you in November!

  • Loved the video. Now you need to do one for the Disneyland Resort.

  • I love this! It is awesome. We’re thinking of returning this summer and this is certainly pushing us in that direction. Now it’s time for me to share this with my family!

  • It’s Magical! Where Dreams Come True : ) and It’s always Unforgettable

  • Woop whoop! This be my new jam now!

    • I agree, Jason. The tune has a great upbeat tempo – one that gets you moving.

  • My girlfriend and I are at 0:35 for a split second. I’m wearing the red mickey shirt 🙂 – we’ve been waiting to see this video ever since we were interviewed in August!

    • Corey, great to hear from you and I’m glad you’ve been watching out for the video. If you also look on DJ Steve’s desk monitors at 1:07 and 2:12 you also appear for another split-second. (Almost like a Hidden Mickey.)

  • Simply amazing work by Steve Porter – Completely reflects the essence of WDW.

  • Have been a fan of Steve Porter’s since his great 2005 album “Homegrown”. I’m glad he is doing well for himself and hope he releases a second album!

    • Great to hear from a longtime fan of DJ Steve! He definitely created a magical mix with this video.

  • Absolutely brilliant!!

  • Just got back from Disney World 2 weeks ago and can’t wait to go back in a few months. Thanks for a great video mix.

  • Love, love, love it!!! Perfectly brilliant!! I’ve never been to WDW but I feel exactly the same about Disneyland! Magical!!! Maybe someday I’ll get to WDW!

  • This sounds cheesy, but it gave me the chills! Everyone in the video is so happy to be there. We already have two trips planned to the kingdom this year!! I can’t wait to be back!

    • Not cheesy at all, Lana! (And with Mickey and Minnie, being “cheesy” is actually a great thing here.) Thanks for watching and I hope you have a great time on your next two visits with us.

  • This is the MOST AWESOME video that I have ever seen. I have to listen to it every day. I would love to see and hear more like this! It really makes me want to go back. Planning a trip for November of this year for my daughters 17th birthday.

  • LOVE!!!! This just about sums up what runs through my mind when I think about Disney Parks; or rather, this mashup represents my brain when in “All things Disney” mode. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one! 🙂 Will have to display to my family as our vacation approaches!

  • LOVE IT!

  • My family and I got home from my WDW 2 days ago and this video fits the post Disney vacation giddiness perfectly! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • I couldn’t stop smiling! Thanks for sharing!

  • I’ve always enjoyed Steve Porter as a DJ and seeing this video makes me like him even more!

  • Every time I see this video, I get even more excited for my next trip!! 8 days and counting!!

  • Love the video! Both of my children are featured in the video. My son (in the blue shirt and glasses) continually says “at the Magic Kingdom”-with voiceovers as well- and talks about his favorite rides are Spaceship Earth and Mission Space. My daughter talks about riding the Dumbo ride. I am a very proud parent.

    Out of curiosity- will we be seeing this video on television or on dvd? Great work to the producer. Another fine piece of Disney magic.

    • Hi Roger! So happy to hear from you and I am glad you and your family enjoyed the video remix. It’s so great to hear from two “stars” of the video. I have to agree with your son – Spaceship Earth is one of my favorite attractions as well. To answer your question, there are no plans for additional broadcast or production other than what has been posted here and on the Disney Parks YouTube Channel. So it’s only a click away!

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