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Experience the Sights and Sound of Africa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, No Passport Needed

Wildlife photography has always been a passion of mine. I was recently walking through Harambe Village early one morning after photographing gorillas inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom, when I was struck by the vast array of handmade items from Africa: hand-carved wood masks and animals, intricate beaded creations, beautiful woven baskets and so much more. Africa is one of the most fascinating and diverse countries I know of, and I stopped to capture some of the intriguing details, all the while being quietly transported to yet another paradise.

I hope these snapshots capture some of the beauty and history of this amazing place. I also included a gorilla photo from that morning.


  • All I can say is great photos and wish I was there. Now, if I could only find my pith helmet.

  • Africa is a continent not a country, but the pictures are beautiful

  • Thanks Brian. All of those images were made with a Nikon D3S, using a 80-200mm Nikkor lens.

  • Michael- You are absolutely correct. Africa is considered the second largest continent, containing 54 sovereign states.

  • Thanks John. The music is available through Killer Tracks Production Music. The one I used is from a disk titled Asian Beats 2, and is a small part of track 2 of Kraal Chant, which I found mesmerizing when I first heard it.

  • Fantastic shots of the stuff in Africa! In addition to hearing about the music, can you also let us know what you shot with (camera, lens, etc.)?

  • Thanks for the wonderful photos. What is the source of the music and is it available to purchase?

  • Thank you for sharing the beautiful sights and sounds of Africa. Photographing Animal Kingdom is always one of my favorite days. There is so much to capture!

  • Great pictures. We love visiting Animal Kingdom and really enjoy seeing the animals in a natural environment.

  • Nice post. I really enjoy the Animal Kingdom park as it was home to my first 5K Disney run and one of the coolest coasters, Expedition Everest. Unfortunately, this post needs to be updated to indicate that Africa is a continent and not a country.

  • Wonderful pictures Gene! I know many of us runners watched it in anticipation for the meet up info from runDisney! 🙂 Thank you for that picture of the gorilla at the end. Africa is a wonderful continent, I’d love to visit. Can’t wait to head to the Animal Kingdom next week!

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