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Have You Seen This Box?

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks


We’ve been hearing a lot about a box full of unexplained artifacts that is the basis of a film starring George Clooney being developed at The Walt Disney Studios. The project is known as 1952 (although we’ve just learned it’s now called Tomorrowland – okay, we’re officially intrigued) and is from The Incredibles director Brad Bird and Lost creator Damon Lindelof.

Last week, the pair tweeted out tantalizing pictures of this mysterious box purportedly found in the Walt Disney Imagineering archives. What’s in the box, and what does it have to do with us? We’re as eager as you are to find out.


  • Walt Disney was involved in launching a student ambassador program called “People to People” with – – guess who?? President Eisenhower!! Eisenhower’s granddaughter is the head of the program. I know about this because my daughter is in the program and has gone on several wonderful trips all over the world promoting the youth of America and good relations with the youth of the world – “It’s a Small World After All!”

  • Maybe the comic book has to do with ironman.. maybe Disneyland is getting a new ride…

  • @Paul, LOL

  • It always seemed like Walt had designed 50’s-Disneyland’s Tomorrowland for something bigger than just the House of the Future or the Rocket to the Moon–Like the Matterhorn was tied in to his mountain-climbing movie, it’s strange that Tomorrowland was just sort of THERE, but never done anything with on the show apart from a handful of TV episodes. Think Walt may have been picturing his own “real-scifi” version of Destination Moon, but all the studio ever got out of it was the big-budget “Man and the Moon” episode that was later turned into a short.

    All the pictures of the box we’ve been seeing definitely looks like something viral (what, no more dragon sightings? 😉 ), but the guesses right now seem to be either Disney’s own in-house biopic answer to “Saving Mr. Banks”, or some whimsically Brad Bird retro-spin on whatever Walt originally had in mind.
    (And @April, there had been talk of sentimentally rebooting The Rocketeer, but I’m sure they’d let us KNOW if they were.)

  • oOo The life of Walt!

  • I’m really hoping for something on the creation of Disneyland, here! And maybe a new Tomorrowland in the parks to go with it, hearkening back to the Tomorrowland of Walt’s day.

  • I saw this during Magic & Merriment in December during the scavenger hunt. Is it in the alley by Uptown Jewelers in one of the window cases at Magic Kingdom?

  • Wait a second…I’ve seen that box before…on The Island! Who knew that the Dharma Initiative and WDI were working together on Tomorrowland? Was Ben Linus an Imagineer???????

  • I am gonna guess that the movie is either eabout Wal Disney himself, or the creation of Disneyland in “1952”!

  • Alternatively You can take it in another crazy direction and say the 1952 actually stands for 1-9 and VII or episode 7 of star wars which instead of long ago takes place in the future…. but that’s just crazy right?

  • So exciting!! Didn’t Walt Disney start Imagineering in 1952? Intrigued indeed!! Can’t wait to find out more!

  • Hmm, well here’s my two cents worth 🙂
    The photo on top appears to be Eisenhower and Disney who is receiving something from him. The Photo immediately underneath is with Amelia Earhart there is an identical photo of her in the same place and time with Cary Grant to compare to. The Comic is Buck Rogers and the picture that they have carefully covered up appears to have him in a rocket pack. The blue book looks to me to be title “Moral Research” And aside from the box originally being named “that darn cat” that is all I can make out for sure from its contents.
    1952 I believe is the end of the hayday of the “superhero” comic books. And the beginning of censorship in the industry. And Eisenhower did give Disney and award for promoting American values to all.
    This all does seem like it could fit together. Though I’m not sure. If I had to make a crazy guess I would say a remake of the Rocketeer or sequel or a movie along those lines… promoting values and adventure.

  • Oh, this really looks like a project to keep an eye on! I wonder if it will be something about the making of DisneyLand?

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