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In Need of Some Disney Time?

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Up for some free #DisneyTime for you and your family? We’re giving away one Disney vacation per day throughout the month of January – and there’s only one week left to enter!

Enter the Disney Time Sweepstakes for a Chance to Receive a Disney Vacation Package

To enter, simply visit the Disney Time Sweepstakes website and select your favorite type of vacation – Happy Happenings, Magical Discoveries, Amazing Fun, Big Thrills or Sweet Romance. Each vacation package is themed around your family’s specific interest, whether it is having fun with Disney characters, taking a behind-the-scenes tour, getting up close with animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, or indulging in a romantic fine-dining experience. Be sure to check out each category – each package sounds like a blast!

For more information and the full set of rules, visit


  • Is there a list of winners posted anywhere? I’d love to double check and see if my name is on it!

  • We just wanted to thank Disney for a great contest! Were the winners for January 2nd and are so excited to plan our trip!
    We just did Disneyland this summer, so we are picking Disney World!

    Thanks Disney!

  • Would be great if you ran a competition liken this for international Disney fans 🙂

  • According to the Official Rules, the contest “day” is from 12 am to 11:59 pm Eastern time. As I understand the rules, if you live on the west coast and enter after 9 pm on a Monday, you won’t be able to enter again until after 9 pm on Tuesday, as the first entry is considered to have been entered on Tuesday.

  • I’m trying to figure out how it SAYS it was posted today, January 25th, yet you talk about it like it was posted on the first. AND, there are comments from the first; I looked in the archives and it’s not there! Is this some sort of weird glitch?

    It’s actually pretty disappointing as I had my 31 chances reduced to 7 because it never showed up the original time ):

  • Wow! Hoping to win a trip to WDW so I can say I have been to the happiest place on earth! Thanks for reposting… never knew this was going on! I have a week that I can enter…. better get started. 🙂

  • I had no idea this Sweepstakes was going on! Thanks for reposting!!

  • Is there going to be a Limited Time Magic announcement today? Or is this it?

  • Couldn’t even get into the site yesterday.

  • I’ve entered faithfully since New Years and hope to be one of the lucky winners! Is there a list of the winners posted somewhere?

  • Pick me pick me!! 😀

  • Where are the daily winners being posted? It would be nice to see the winners listed on the sweepstakes site. We’re entering every day with two email addresses! Never win anything but have to try anyway when it’s Disney!

  • when will they start announcing winners

  • I did not get to watch the new years eve announcement and just saw it today. So excited and I did an entry for myself and have my fiance do one as well. I have wanted to go to Disneyworld ever since I was a little girl but never had the money to do it. This year my fiance and I will be getting married in July and what a wonderful present it would be to win one of the 31 days!! Good luck everyone.

  • Awesome! Hope I win! we are fortunate enough to live in Florida and visit WDW multiple times a year, but have been wanting to visit Disneyland, perhaps this will be the way we can!

    • Best of luck.

  • Is it one entry per day per person or per e-mail? We read it as per e-mail and entered with 2 different e-mails per person. Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  • Wow, 31 lucky people are going to have a VERY magical 2013! (hope I’m one of them! hehe) I am SO EXCITED that this sweepstakes includes Canadians!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • The rules state that you can enter each daily sweepstakes but it will not let me enter today. I entered yesterday. Today when I try it says that my email address has already been entered today and to try again tomorrow.

  • The official rules seem to say “only one entry per person” but the entry confirmation screen seems to say “one per e-mail address”. ???

  • You should do one of this for International Guests! We love Disney too! 🙁

  • So excited for this opportunity! I hope I win! 😀 Although is it really awful for me to say I wish it weren’t a trip for 4? LOL I just want myself and my boyfriend to go!! Hahha but I wouldn’t be complaining if I won, that’s for sure… 🙂 🙂

  • According to the rules, looks like you can only enter once per day for the month of January.

  • I wish you had extended this to overseas fans =(

  • Cool! Is there an age limit for entering?

  • Can we enter multiple times in one day?

  • Can’t get the entry site to work. It just says loading from weblogger01 data disney etc. Bummer looked like a cool contest.

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