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Magically Drawn to Magnets from Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Magically Drawn to Magnets from Disney Parks

I’ve previously discussed numerous souvenirs found at Disney Parks, including Vinylmation, MousekeEars, pins and much more. Yet I find myself strangely drawn by some unseen force to one souvenir in particular – magnets. I have a small collection of Disney magnets at home that I use to hang my children’s artwork on the refrigerator. I love my hipster Mickey Mouse magnet I picked up last year while visiting WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney District in California. I recently stopped by the souvenirs showroom at Disney Theme Park Merchandise, where I caught a glimpse of some current and new magnets.
Cheshire Cat and Orange Bird Magnets from Disney Parks

I think my new favorites are the Disney attraction posters from Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. I also found four new designs that feature an oversized magnet with a clip (happy to see the Orange Bird, of course).
Dumbo and Mickey Mouse Club Magnets from Disney Parks

The souvenirs team said they are working on a few additional food-inspired designs that will debut in late summer (fans of Disney Parks’ food will be happy!).

Do you have a favorite Disney magnet on your refrigerator? Please share in the comments below.

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  • Over the past few years magnets have become somewhat of a hobby to collect for my family. Our fridge is now about half full and about 30 of them are Disney. My favorite is my Haunted Mansion collection of which I now have eight including the mini magnet set. I have two 40th anniversary of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion magnets, one is an ebay purchase of a cast member exclusive, and the magnet from the “Room for one more” event. I didnt find very many magnets on our trip to WDW last Summer so lets hope the merchandising team is planning some new attraction magnets like from New Fantasyland!

  • Oh! (Not to stray from the original topic..) But is the Epcot 30th shirt still available, or did it go out of stock again already? Mail order is telling me it’s still not available, but it is on order. (Just to make sure I have it right, the sku I am using is 400006849069..for the first shirt pictured in your post from July 16, 2012).

  • We collect magnets every where we go. I have had a hard time finding Disney magnets the last couple times I went to Disney World. I have a 40+ magnet collection from Disney World and the Disney Stores, but the stores seem to have stopped carrying them.

  • You finally hit on one of the main items I collect and my Disney magnets number several thousand so it is hard to pick a favorite. I have two refrigerators and 3 large pieces of sheet metal on the walls covered with Disney magnets and still have a ton of them in bins for future display. One of my favorites is a set I put together of small ceramic mickey mouse ear magnets that had one letter of the alphabet on each of them. I have all 26 but purchased enough extra to spell out “Louis Magnets” for fun.

    • @Anne – Wow! That’s way more magnets than I have. Also a creative idea to use the front door.

      @Louis – Amazing! I figured there was someone out there who had a great collection. One day I would love to see photos. Thanks for sharing your comment.

  • This post is right up my alley. My husband and I have been collecting magnets for many years and as a tradition often get a magnet when we visit Disney World and Disneyland. I just counted and we have 27 Disney magnets (eek lol) and so many more from our other vacations! Our fridge isn’t magnetic so all of our magnets adorn the inside of our front door (wish I could share a picture). Looking forward to seeing the new designs!

  • Our collection is mostly WDW but also includes Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris. We have been collecting so long we outgrew our fridge! So, we painted a section of wall in our kitchen with magnetic primer and covered it with the wall color. Now we have a wall of magnets!

    • @Christina – How awesome! Someone in our office recently painted her wall with magnetic paint. It’s the coolest thing and sounds like a must for your magnet collection.

  • I’ve never had a place to put magnets, so I never bought any. But this year, I have a metal locker, so I finally have a spot! I got several on my last Disney trip, including that new Cheshire Cat one!

  • I love that orange bird one! Any Oswald magnets coming out? I collect magnets of my travels and one of my favorite Disney ones has to be one of Disney’s Hilton Head. It may have actually been a car magnet, but I made it work on my fridge. I am a fan of Shadow. 🙂

    • @Alison – I don’t recall seeing any specific Oswald the Lucky Rabbit magnets in the sounvenirs showroom. I’d have to check with the team in California. Ah, Shadow! I really need to take a trip back to Hilton Head. I haven’t been there in a few years. I’ve always dreamed of a week long vacation there where I unplug from the system and write a book. 🙂

  • Light up Tinker Bell One

  • We have magnets from all of the parks and resort hotels. They are on the front of the fridge just like a map of the property – not to scale, of course!

  • I love the attraction poster magnets.. Can you tell me, are they packaged as a set of 4? (For WDW 40th, that’s how they were…) Also, do you have SKU’s for the attraction poster magnets?

    I’ll be calling mail order sometime soon to place an order anyways as I found out you WILL be getting more of the Epcot 30th shirt with the Spaceship Earth attraction poster design! 🙂

    • @Jennifer – Good sister! That’s a great Epcot magnet.

      @Jonathan – The poster magnets will be sold individually. They are due to arrive this summer at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Unfortunately, I don’t have item numbers yet for them. And glad to hear about the Epcot shirt. I recall seeing them at Mouse Gear about two weekends ago during a visit with my son.

  • I always enjoy getting my sister magnets for her collection. My favorite Disney magnet I’ve gotten her (and her favorite too) is from Epcot. It has the World Showcase flags inside Mickey Mouse Head shaped windows that you can rotate. I always enjoy spinning it when I’m standing in front of her refrigerator 🙂

    I love the Tiki Room and Tropical Serenade magnets, I may need to start a magnet collection of my own! And next time I’m at WDW I’m going to need to pick up those Orange bird magnets for my sister.

  • Magnets are the one memento we get wherever we go, our freezer is pretty much all WDW magnets – we even have a few that are in the picture up there. Our favorite is the ‘Mine’ seagull magnet from Seas with Nemo and Friends.

  • We have a really cute collection of Vinylmation magnets on our fridge from a few years back.

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