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Make Time for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit with Two New Timepieces from Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

I’ve mentioned in a previous article how I think 2013 will be a lucky year. This notion rings true if you are an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit fan, especially with the release of two new timepieces from Disney Theme Park Merchandise. I love watches, as previously shared on the Disney Parks Blog (those retro-style Mickey Mouse watches are still some of my favorites)! Imagine my excitement as I spoke with merchandiser Tina David in the timepiece showroom about these new items.
New Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Timepiece from Disney Parks

“We have two new watches with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit arriving in early 2013,” said Tina. “They join a great assortment of unique timepieces from Disney Parks. One watch is part of the Artist Watch Program, while the other is a new pocket watch inspired by Oswald’s Service Station at Disney California Adventure park. I think it’s great when we can feature characters that guests enjoy.”

Disney show artist Jason Zucker created the artwork for the limited edition watch arriving in early February. The watch will have an edition size of 150, and will include a watch face artwork print with an individually numbered certificate. Once released, look for the watch at Fortuosity in Disneyland park, or at Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom Park and Art of Disney in Downtown Disney Marketplace at Walt Disney World Resort. There are no plans to sell this watch on the Disney Parks online store.
New Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Timepiece from Disney Parks

The pocket watch is due for release at the end of April. If you have been to Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure Park, you may recall seeing similar artwork used on merchandise at Oswald’s Service Station. The watch will have an edition size of 150, and will be released at Elias & Company and Off the Page in Disney California Adventure Park. The Disney Parks online store won’t carry this watch either, so here is the item number for my fellow pocket watch fans – 400007243682.

Stay tuned for a future Disney Parks Blog article about several beautiful new watches you will see this spring. But that is a story for another “time” (I’m here all week, folks).


  • We met Jason Zucker at the Art of Animation last summer and my son and him had a long conversation about Oswald, who is my son’s favorite character, and they each drew each other pictures of Oswald. It was a really special moment and so I’m so glad to see that Jason has created these Oswald watches! We will definitely be getting these 🙂

  • Have you heard any rumors of them putting out a ‘parks collectible’ watch without the limited quanity? i know I have little to no shot at getting one of these since the quanity is so limited…but i’d love to have an oswald watch!

  • I really want to purchase more Oswald themed merchandise but I have found that 75 percent of the stuff is sold exclusively at the parks and I do not know the item numbers to say the Oswald denim jacket or the medium sized statue. Buying is hard for a Lucky Rabbit fan.

  • Beautiful watches! Might have to call about the pocket watch.

    Steven- Do you know if they released the Galaxy SIII cases you talked about in November? You mentioned they would be out in December and I still don’t see them on the online store. You post about the availability of an official Disney case weighed heavily on me buying the SIII on Black Friday.

    • @Michael – I know the cases are in locations as I saw them in December at World of Disney. The response has been great for the first two, so the D-Tech team is working on additional designs. No confirmed timeframe for when they will be released but they said this year.

      I also don’t have an updated date as to if/when they would be sold via the online store. So, you may want to contact our Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477 or send an email to:

      Reference these item numbers:
      Minnie Mouse Big Face – 400007170155
      Classic Mickey – 400007170162

  • Very nice. I want them.

  • LOVE these! Does this mean only 75 of the watch on each coast and only 75 of the pocket watches on each coast. I don’t wanna see a crazy rush for these! 🙂

  • The Oswald pocket watch looks really cool! The collector case is a nice added touch, too. You mentioned additional watches that will be released. Any chance that a Figment/Dreamfinder pocket watch might be one of them? Thanks!!

    • @Stephen – I didn’t see any Figment watches at this point, however, that would be amazing!

  • Love the pocket watch!

    I do have 2 side questions: Is there going to be a Pin Trading Night for January or February? Or are they doing away with Pin Trading Nights? I’m wanting to go to one but it’s the middle of January and there is no dates for either months.

    • @Katie – I don’t have any confirmed date at this point. When I last spoke with the Merchandise Events team, they were still finalizing details and dates. Please stay tuned.

  • Ever since you posted ‘A Look Back at Merchandise for New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park’ I have been trying to buy one of those shirts from Sir Mickey’s via Disney Mail Order and they still can’t find it in the system! 🙁

    • @Katie – My apologies for your troubles. Here is a link to that article, and I will provide the item numbers for those shirts. Please note that some sizes are no longer available.

      (Top row, left to right):

      Ariel on Rock
      XS – 400006858672
      Small – 400006858689
      Large – 400006858702

      Born into Royalty
      XS – 400006859273
      Small – 400006859280
      Medium – 400006859297
      XL – 400006859310

      Birds From Cinderella
      XS – 400006857712
      Large – 400006857743
      XL – 400006857750
      2XL – 400006857767

      Cinderella’s Face
      XS – 400006857774
      Small – 400006857781
      Medium – 400006857798
      Large – 400006857804
      XL – 400006857811
      2XL – 400006857828

      (Bottom Row, left to right)

      Ariel’s Face
      Small – 400007067134
      Medium – 400007067141
      Large – 400007067158
      XL – 400007067165
      2XL – 400007067172

      Ariel as Sketch
      Small – 400005470370
      Medium – 400005470387
      Large – 400005470394
      XL – 400005470400
      2XL – 400005470417

      Cinderella in Blue
      XS – 400006616517
      Small – 400006616524
      Medium – 400006616531
      Large – 400006616548
      XL – 400006616555
      2XL – 400006616562

      Princess Aurora
      XS – 400006616630
      Small – 400006616647
      Medium – 400006616654
      Large – 400006616661
      XL – 400006616678
      2XL – 400006616685

      XS – 400006616692
      Small – 400006616708
      Medium – 400006616715
      Large – 400006616722
      XL – 400006616739
      2XL – 400006616746

  • I am dreaming of this pocket watch, but wont be in DLR until mid-May. I need to be one lucky rabbit to be able to get that pocket watch! Steven, do you have any luck or pixie dust I can borrow to get one of these!

    Keep churning out the Oswald Merchandise also, he is so AWESOME. My wife is even calling him Oswald the Expensive Rabbit, for all the Oswald collectibles I am buying.

    Any word on the price of the pocket watch?

    • @Eddie and Michael – The Artist Watch will have a retail of $200 (plus tax), while the pocket watch will have a retail of $150 (plus tax). Please note that all retails are subject to change without notice.

      @Michael – You may want to try the Mail Order team as they may be able to assist after the pocket watch is released.

  • Is there any pricing info on these watches, specifically on the pocket watch?

  • What is an “edition of 150”? I certainly hope that doesn’t mean that 150 is all they are making.

    • @Beth – The artist watch has an edition size of 150 which means only 150 were made. I also learned the pocket watch will have an edition size of 500.

  • First the Trader Sam’s mugs and now this. If I ruled the world I’d make you Prime Minister of Everything.
    Do you have any decision-making power over the whole “Disney Parks” merchandise thing? I’m so glad to see park-specific merchandise coming back out. I hope this means that the shops in the parks will have more individual things and not the same merch in so many stores. From your track record, I expect great things of you.

    • @Michelle – Well, that’s humbling. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’m happy to share the stories of what the Disney Theme Park Merchandise team is doing. I have the easy job – I get to tell everyone about the great products the merchandise team has created. And yes, those Trader Sam’s mugs are awesome!! My girlfriend picked up a few for me to add to my endless tiki mug collection.

  • So… what’s the point of giving us the item number? Can we call somewhere and order it?

    • @James – Since the items won’t be carried on the Disney Parks online store, one option may be contacting Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477 or send an email to:

      Depending upon availability, they may be able to help order the watch. They will need the item number to complete the transaction.

      I’ve had a few requests from readers about adding item numbers, so I figured it would be easy to add it to the article this time since I had room.

  • I love the pocket watch! I have 2 pocket watches already but I may need to add this one to my collection 🙂 I just need to figure out how to work it into my everyday attire… Need more pockets…

  • So nice to see Oswald being featured on more and more things (and wouldn’t it be grand if he was meet ‘n greet at the parks?) Both of these watches are both lovely items, and I’m hoping this might herald a time of a few more special character watched being available, I have to be honest and say that I really miss the wider selections that used to be available at WDW’s DTD ‘Villains Room’ and in the jewellery stores around the parks. Here’s hoping! =)

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