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New Jewelry and Pins Continue Epcot 30th Anniversary Celebration in 2013

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

New Charm Bracelet Helps Continue the Epcot 30th Anniversary Celebration in 2013

One of my favorite moments in the past six months was on October 1, 2012. I loved celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Epcot with friends and family. I will always remember watching the special Illuminations: Reflections of Earth show with my children, then hearing all of the great Epcot music while exiting the park (I am still wishing for an Epcot music box set one day). I recently found a few new merchandise items that continue the 30th anniversary celebration this year.

The first item is an incredible charm bracelet that contains original logos from Future World pavilions. The bracelet is attached to a postcard with concept art from my favorite EPCOT Center book I had growing up. The bracelet was released at Mouse Gear and World Traveler in Epcot, and at World of Disney at the Downtown Disney Marketplace. It will not be available via the Disney Parks online store (here is the item number for those interested – 400006967718).

New 24 Pin Mystery Set Helps Continue the Epcot 30th Anniversary Celebration in 2013

There will be a new 24 pin mystery set released on February 21 at Walt Disney World Resort (it won’t be carried via the online store, so here is the item number – 400007261587). This set was created by Disney Design Group artists Quynh Kimball and John Henselmeier. You may recall they were instrumental in creating the Epcot 30 merchandise style guide. I spoke with Quynh about the pins featured in this set.

“The limited release mystery set has 12 known pins and 12 mystery pins,” explained Quynh. “We wanted to highlight classic attractions, shows and experiences from Epcot’s thirty year history. We included a mixture of pins with Disney characters enjoying Epcot attractions with other iconic things like my favorite pin, the globe from Illuminations: Reflections of Earth which opens to reveal the flame torch.”

Mystery Pins From New Pin Mystery Set Help Continue the Epcot 30th Anniversary Celebration in 2013

Each mystery set will contain two randomly selected pins – one you can see and one that is a mystery. We typically don’t show the mystery pins but I couldn’t resist showing the five pins pictured above (A Horizons pin? Sold!). There will also be a Figment mystery pin in this set for those wondering.

New Open Edition Pin Arriving in Summer With the Classic Epcot Font

Finally, fans who love the classic Epcot font (like me) should look for a new open edition pin arriving in summer.


  • I just had my husband pick up the awesome bracelet. Thanks for keeping those of us far and near updated on these amazing releases!

  • I have got to get me on of those Chip and Dale pins! Is that one of the mystery pins or the pin you can see? Please tell me the pins will be available in July or through merchandise seervices.

  • Oh man i’m visiting in February but before the 21st :(. I am a huge fan of Epcot merchandise!!

  • Does anyone know if the charm bracelet is sterling silver? Or just costume jewelry? I might have to order one if it is sterling 🙂

  • Hi Steven. I am just loving all this Epcot 30th merchandise. Can you tell me if there will be any special merchandise/activities to coincide with the 30th Anniversary of Journey into Imagination with Figment since that is technically this year?

    I would also LOVE for the Dreamfinder (with Figment) walk-around character to be brought back for Limited Time Magic with the Journey Into Imagination Anniversary being this year and all.

  • @Louis Probably $19.95. They have a set packaged the same way (1 hidden, 1 seen) over at Magic Kingdom right now for New Fantasyland and that’s the price.

  • #6 1/2 Steven Miller

    The item numbers are the same,

    • @Skip – Oops. Thanks for the heads up. Has been fixed in the response. I also included the item numbers in the text of the article (as someone – cough, Katie – asked for such a thing 🙂

  • My name is Gayle…and I’m a pin-a-holic….these are fabulous and must haves for any pin collector!

    • @Mariah – Glad you liked it. I also thought it was pretty amazing!

      @Gayle – Hi Gayle! Thanks for the note.

  • I’ve never gone to the Merchandise line…but I may have to for that bracelet! I just TOTALLY geeked out!

  • Hi, do you have the price for the pin set ??

    • @Louis – The retail for the pin set is $19.95 plus tax per box (please note that all retails are subject to change without notice).

  • Extinct (and sorely missed!) Epcot attractions are my favorite! Looks like I have a few new pins to add this year. I’m excited and my credit card is shaking, haha.

  • I just told my wife that she has a charm bracelet that she has to buy.

  • Thanks for the info Steven!! I’m looking forward to the Figment mystery pin. I was surprised and disappointed that neither WDW nor WDI released a Figment Christmas pin for 2012. Poor Figgie.

  • @Paul: The number for Merchandise Guest Services is 877-560-6477.

  • Steven — I love the bracelet. Do you know how much it retails for? So happy to see all this awesome retro EPCOT (yes, I still believe it’s an acronym!) merch.

    • @Danielle – The bracelet retails for $39.95 plus tax (please note that all retails are subject to change without notice).

  • Love seeing those item numbers! 😉

    • @Katie – You’re welcome!

  • What is the phone number to contact someone about ordering the pins and the bracelet? Any idea on when the Epcot 82 pin will be released and an item number so that we could order it? Thanks!

    • @Juliana and Paul – Your best option would be to contact Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477 or send an email to:

      Please reference these item numbers:
      Bracelet – 400006967718
      Limited Release Mystery Pin Set – 400007261587

      I unfortunately don’t have an item number for the Epcot 82 pin since it won’t be released until June.

  • I wish Imagineering and Corporate would take a leaf from your book – there’s a reason for the popularity of the original attractions. Great storytelling, classic Disney style. We miss them.

  • Will the bracelet be available online? If not, can you provide the SKU #? I NEED that bracelet!!!

  • Yay for vintage Epcot! I love all the classic Epcot merchandise – especially the charm bracelet and open edition pin.

  • I so love that bracelet. Too bad we just got back from WDW.

  • My new goal in life is to own that Horizons pin. Luckily, we’ll be heading down to The World five days after this is released!

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