Storytelling at the Royal Theatre in Fantasy Faire, Opening March 12 at Disneyland Park

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

We’ve been giving you peeks into the new Fantasy Faire coming to Disneyland park here on the Disney Parks Blog, and today, I’m pleased to let you know that this area will officially open for guests on March 12.

Storytelling at the Royal Theatre in Fantasy Faire, Opening March 12 at Disneyland Park

One of the highlights of Fantasy Faire will be the Royal Theatre, where you’ll be treated to two unique shows relating the tales of “Beauty and the Beast” and “Tangled,” as told by a pair of Renaissance Storytellers, Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones.

Messieurs Smythe and Jones are men of the theatre and lovers of legend and lore. The storytellers present the tale as old as time and the hair-raising tale of Rapunzel, with the assistance of some fellow villagers, all to the musical accompaniment of Sir Samuel of Morocco. Even Belle, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider appear onstage to help tell their own stories.

“We’re using our imaginations to create these stories,” said Show Director Chris Utley. “The storytellers will play a variety of roles, filling in as the other characters. They may put on a costume accessory to pretend to be Beast, or Gaston or Mother Gothel. ”

Storytelling at the Royal Theatre in Fantasy Faire, Opening March 12 at Disneyland Park

“The stories are told in a fast-paced, whimsical kind of way – very fun and theatrical,” said Chris. “It’s kind of a Renaissance vaudeville style, and the two guys are reminiscent of the old comedy duos of Gallagher & Shean, Abbott & Costello and Laurel & Hardy. They tell their stories with a lot of humor and heart.”

The storytellers will take to the stage of the Royal Theatre when Fantasy Faire opens on March 12.

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  • I hope at night turns in to swing dancing again!!

  • So nice! I love disney! And I think ‘The Royal Theatre’ will be an incredible experience, can wait to see it! Congratulations for the ones that revived this, it is like a dream come true for someones! Just amazing! (sorry for my bad English, I’m Argentinian)

  • This is awesome. My little girl saw the plans for this last time we were there and loves the princesses. We’re coming again in May, and I’m glad to see that it’s going to be open already. I was worried that it may not be.

  • Can someone please confirm or deny if swing dancing is returning to Disneyland Park or not? I’m hearing more than what Fred has heard. I’m hearing it’s definitely NOT returning and, in fact, the bandstand by ESPN is getting a new sound system and new lights.

  • I have now heard through recent news sites that Disney is undecided if swing-dancing will return to the venue. I assume that if it doesn’t, it will probably remain in Downtown Disney.

    Either way, I’m still excited about Fantasy Fair and all of the new details to explore.

  • Katie, the tower looks like it will be about 20 feet tall or so (I read the details in Blue Sky Cellar the day they opened it up with the Fantasy Faire preview)

  • will Rapunzels tower be returning? I thought I saw that at Blue Sky Cellar? and I’m glad the round canopy is being utilized instead of torn out so a piece of Carnation Plaza Gardens is still there.. sad it’s gone but glad too see part of it remains!

    • Katie – A sculpted obelisk in the shape of Rapunzel’s tower will be featured in the village square at Fantasy Faire. It will be installed sometime in the next few weeks, as we approach the March 12 opening date.

  • This is such an exciting year at Disneyland. I can not wait for the fatasy faire and the fantasyland theater. It is a fun year to have an annual pass, even with Big thunder being down most of the year. Now if they could only make the new matterhorn bobsleds more comfy it would be perfect.

  • Thanks Shawn! I can’t wait. It will be my 8th Disney trip, but the previous 7 were WDW, so 1st time to Disneyland, and 2nd parks trip for my 6 and 4 year old girls. This is such a great surprise to have this open early. I’m thrilled! I’m such a Disney geek, my youngest daughter’s name is Aurora. 🙂

  • Any chance of a soft opening the last week in Feb?

  • Well now I’m glad our trip was postponed. The kids will love this. Who am I kidding, I will love this.

  • Wonderful news! I had heard a rumor this wouldn’t open until May, and since I’m bringing my daughters in April, this changes everything! Great surprise, Disney!

    • Andrew – Your daughters are going to absolutely love Fantasy Faire!

  • Dolores I have hear the samething as Tyler has. Only Aurora,Ariel and Cinderella will be doing the meet and greets in the buildings. But I also had read that Beast was sopost to be with Belle to for story time then Meet and Greet after the show. We should know more when it is open.

  • Brian–
    According to what Disney has previously said, swing-dancing will be returning.

  • Yes! Ditto annual passholder preview PLEASE! 🙂

    So looking forward to the new Fantasy Faire to opening soon!

  • Does anyone remember Animazement? It was in 1998/1999. Honestly that was one of the best stage shows EVER at Disneyland. The Little Mermaid, Be Our Guest and Lion King numbers were amazing, as expected. They combined The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pocahontas and, Hercules songs into one number that was very powerful as well. I wish Disneyland would bring back that show or something very similar. I can’t wait for this new addition! Love Disneyland!!!

    • Melissa – I loved the “Animazement” show! As a fan of that production, I think you’re really going to like “Mickey and the Magical Map” when it opens this summer at the Fantasyland Theatre. I’ll have more to share about that new show very soon!

  • TYLER IN WA! I like you’re break down! But I would hope that the Princesses in Fantasy Faire rotate and that we get to see Jasmine, Aurora, Mulan and other Princeses in Fantasy Faire as well.

  • What about the swing dancing will it be returning?

  • I’m so excited for this! Will we have an annual passholder preview?

    • Dolores – Look for details on when you’ll get to experience Fantasy Faire, as we get closer to the March 12 official opening date.

  • Thanks for the update Shawn! 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing this new area, and I’m also very excited about “Mickey and the Magical Map” opening this summer at the Fantasyland theatre. I’m hoping that there will be another update on it soon.

    • Sooner than you may think, Fred. How about later today!? Check back…

  • One of the things I’m most excited for is seeing Ariel, Cinderella, and Aurora as the main meet and greet princesses, while Merida still gets a home (from what I hear she will be moving in where Rapunzel can currently be found), Belle and Rapunzel/Flynn will do meet and greets after their shows, Snow White will be over by her wishing well (only princesses I saw there 2 weeks ago were Ariel and Aurora). And at the same time, Jasmine will continue to meet guests with Aladdin and Genie in Aladdin’s Oasis (in adventureland) and Tiana will be found in New Orleans Square!!!

    • Tyler – It’s certainly going to be a dream come true for Disney Princess fans!

  • That sounds great! I am so excited for the new Princess Fantasy Faire to open!

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