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Vintage Walt Disney World: A Touchdown! at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

Nate Rasmussen

by , Librarian, Walt Disney Archives

With the big game this coming weekend, football is on a lot of minds, including mine. And while the field in New Orleans will provide plenty of action, there’s another larger-than-life field at Walt Disney World Resort where guests can have some football fun of their own.
The Touchdown! Section of Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort Under Construction in March 1994

Above is a look at the Touchdown! section of Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort still under construction back in March 1994, with the Grand Slam Pool in the foreground.
The Touchdown! Section of Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

You would need a football player who stood 200 feet tall in order for those football helmets to fit proportionally. Now that’s a tall order.

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  • Is this photo reversed? Not the newer one. TD Hall is on the right side of the field when facing TD Hall.

    • It sure was! Thanks for keeping me honest! 🙂

  • Am I going crazy here, or is the football and baseball section shown here on the wrong side of the resort? Isn’t it to the left of the lobby??

  • I noticed the reversal of the top photo, too…I had to pull out a current map of the Resort to make sure I wasn’t crazy! 🙂

  • I really believe we have serious problems that we can take one look at that picture and realize that it is reversed. Haha

  • Thanks to the previous commenters for confirming my observation that this original photo was flipped without my having to look it up. 🙂

  • Neither photo is reversed. The older one is just looking at it from the other side! Most people are used to looking at it the way you would walk into the resort. The construction photo was taken from the end of the resort. Where the open dirt area is, now stands the smaller pool.

    • It was in fact flipped, but I’ve corrected it now.

  • Actually, the pool is already in place, just not filled.

  • Hahah @ Nate I was about to start flipping out when you said it was not reversed! Haha

  • I love looking at construction pictures in the “Vintage Walt Disney World” column. Is that Blizzard Beach being built in the upper-right corner of the first picture?

    • Glad you like the construction photos. Yes, I think you’re right. It appears to be Blizzard Beach. (But don’t quote me, I’m the one who didn’t notice that the picture was flipped the wrong way today. 🙂 )

  • @Robert great catch…

  • I love this resort and I think your right about the upper right being blizzard beach

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