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DCA Today and Disneyland Today Team Creates Magical Moments for Disneyland Resort Guests

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

If you’re a Disneyland Resort fan and active on Facebook and Twitter, you probably know all about DCA Today and Disneyland Today. (If not, you should check them out on Facebook and Twitter!) The program provides real-time updates from the parks and answers questions from park guests throughout the day. But it goes beyond tweets and Facebook updates to create magical moments for guests at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks.
DCA Today and Disneyland Today Team Creates Magical Moments for Disneyland Resort Guests

The program’s “12 Days of Holiday Magic” was a special holiday gift for its followers. The team created surprise moments at both parks every day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Clues were posted on Facebook and Twitter and magical surprises, like dinner at Carthay Circle Restaurant or the Blue Bayou, were awarded to a select number of followers who correctly solved the clues and found the team in the parks.
DCA Today and Disneyland Today Team Creates Magical Moments for Disneyland Resort Guests

The Today program team also appears in the parks from time to time for mini-tweetups with followers, where they can meet the team and snag a much in-demand DCA Today or Disneyland Today button.

Have you interacted with DCA Today and Disneyland Today online or in the parks? Tell us about it in the comments! If you’re not a follower yet, you can find them at the links below:


  • My boyfriend and I attended the 24hr event at Disneyland and California Adventure on May 24th! So much fun! We ran into the DCAToday team and got the DCAToday button. Anyone looking to trade for the DisneylandToday button???

  • The DCAToday and DisneylandToday team are simply brilliant and certainly add that extra bit of pixie dust to each guests day at the Disneyland Resort. The fact that they are constantly replying to guests’ queries in a timely and efficient manner and hosting mini-tweet-ups and competitions most of the time is brilliant. This is most definitely an addition to the resort that has contributed to the in-park experience and truly promote what Disney is all about.

  • I was so excited that I got tweets back. I am newer to twitter and I was not sure if I was “doing it right” I wish they were doing a meet up while we were there. None the less, I was excited and happy to get responses to my tweets, and very thoughtful responses as well!

  • I think the DisneylandToday and DCAToday tweets are so much fun! I love getting to interact with them, both when I’m visiting the resort and when I’m at home (wishing I was at the resort)!

  • I never knew you can interact with the team at the parks! I will be sure to do that when I go in a few days! Thanks!

  • The Todays group are great. Not only do their contests give guests an added chance at fun and prizes, but their live responses are not only helpful, but an added piece of fun too. It’s nice when you can tweet to a company to get a personal reply back and that is just the touch of magic that the Today crew adds for guests on a daily basis.

  • Are there going to be similar programs introduced at Disney World soon?

  • I love the Today program team. I’m sure they’re inundated with tweets throughout the day, but they do a great job of interacting with their twitter followers. The “12 Days of Holiday Magic” was super fun to be a part of, and I love the mini-tweetups they do. I wear BOTH my buttons with pride. 🙂 Thank you to the entire team.

  • We were at the parks over New Years and interacted with both Disneyland Today and DCA Today. It was a neat perk to our trip to have that additional real time communication with the parks!

    Bob in AZ

  • Does Disney World have anything like these pages??

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