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First Look: An Imagineer Tour Through the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Interactive Queue at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Today we have an exciting update on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom Park to share with you: Walt Disney Imagineering just sent us a “first look” inside the new interactive queue that’s currently being added to the Frontierland attraction.

In the video, Project Manager Wyatt Winter and Creative Designer Pete Carsillo offer up a behind-the-scenes tour of the new queue, which builds on the attraction’s backstory of Barnabas T. Bullion, founder and president of Big Thunder Mining Company. The storyline of the new area builds the attraction into something that takes guests deeper into the mining days of the Wild West. When the finished queue debuts in a few weeks, guests will be able to explore the mountain’s Mining Office, the Explosives Magazine Room, and maybe even get a little hands-on by doing some of the miners’ activities.

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  • This is awesome, I am always trying to take in all the detail on this ride but it goes to fast, now I can take in my detail before I even get on the ride!

  • Will the Fast Pass line bypass the new queue features?

  • Oh This is so Kool I cant wait to see this when we go to DIsney World the end of May. My Family is goinf to be so excited

  • The additions to the queue look great. Especially if we get to use “dynamite” to blow things up!

  • I hope this is complete by the time I visit in June, I’m looking forward to experiencing the Haunted Mansion interactive queue line when I go, and it would be nice to see the Imagineers expand these interactive queue lines to other attractions and possibly other parks. 🙂

  • It is truly fantastic how Disney is always looking for ways to reinvent and revive all of it’s attractions and parks! I can’t wait until I am able to return to Disney next year and see this and all the other changes that have been done to the parks. Let’s hope they keep up the fantastic work! 🙂

  • This is my favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom. Can’t wait to ride it again in 60 days!!!!

    • I hope you love it, Kathleen!

  • We were scheduled for a trip next week (February 25-March 2), but rescheduled for May so not to miss Splash Mountain. Waiting for this queue to open is one more reason that it was a good idea!

  • Really excited for this…and thank you, Disney, for not closing the ride while this cool refurb is being done!

  • Jennifer, Can we expect similar changes to Disneyland’s version when it emerges from rehab?

  • My wife and I noticed the changes a few weeks ago. We very much enjoyed the experience.

  • Oh phew, I got scarred there for a minute. Thought it was going to be closed for my son’s surprise trip. He would be devastated if it were.

    • I hope he has a great trip!

  • Will the ride continue to be open throughout construction?

  • This looks incredibly exciting! I can’t wait to come back to WDW & see this!!!

  • We got a sneak peek of the new line queue during our visit to MK last week. It looks pretty cool. Can’t wait to see it when its complete.

    • Fun!

  • WOW cant wait to see all the new stuff when we come back over from Australia again next time – it will like be there for the first time with all the new additions

  • We’ll be there next week. I guess we will miss the new queue experience. Must plan another trip soon, then!

  • Thanks for the updates Jennifer. This is one of our “can’t miss” rides whenever we are at WDW. The new interactive queue will certainly add to the storyline, and give fidgity youngsters something to do while waiting to get to the head of the queue!

    • Should be a pretty cool place to explore! 🙂

  • Big Thunder is open in Florida you can ride it right now. They are mostly working at night for the new additions.

    • Correct!

  • It looks like it’s going to be amazing! I hope the same things are going on at Disneyland.

  • Is the attraction currently closed? Or is it running while the line is under cunstruction? DO you think that by July (2013) it will be opened? I can’t wait!!!!!

    • It has not closed for the rehab…work takes place overnight.

  • Really loving where they’re going with this. I can’t wait to see what the dream up for us in the west coast version. Great work!

  • Hey Jen, do you have an idea when Big Thunder is scheduled to be re-opened? I’m one of those people who enjoys looking at what the imagineers have done to add story to the ques. Love Expedition Everest! Alway get a Fast Pass first but then get in the stand-by line just to enjoy the que.

    • It is currently open – all this work is being completed overnight.

  • I love the idea of looking down into the mine and seeing what the miners are doing. That’s hilarious!

  • Awesome. That is the kind of stuff sets the Disney experience above everyone elses. I can’t wait to check it all out!

    • It looks awesome!

  • When can we expect this new line to be open?

    • No specific date to announce just yet. We’ll keep you updated!

  • Very cool. Can’t wait to experience them!! Love that more story is being brought to these great attractions! I hope the same will be done over at Disneyland!

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