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For the Love of Minnie Mouse – A Visit to Tren-D in Downtown Disney Marketplace at Walt Disney World Resort

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs

For the Love of Minnie Mouse Bow
I recently spent an early morning at Downtown Disney Marketplace shooting some video footage of various merchandise locations. One of the shops I visited was Tren-D, the stylish boutique that is the place for the most up-to-date Disney fashions and accessories. I feel like every time I visit that location, the assortment has changed. On that particular morning, my eyes were drawn to one corner bathed in familiar red and white polka dots, and descending shades of pink.
For the Love of Minnie Mouse at Tren-D
Minnie Mouse was everywhere and on everything! This didn’t surprise me as I know there are many folks, including my mother, who love her. I guess I didn’t realize just how many items we offered until seeing the impressive visual statement throughout the shop.

After the video shoot, I grabbed my camera (I never travel anywhere without it) and took some images of the Minnie Mouse merchandise. Mom, this article is for you.
For the Love of Minnie Mouse Scarf


  • Steven,

    Thanks for the info on the bow ties. I will try my luck with the option you provided.


  • I really love these outfits and want to purchase something for my upcoming trip in March and was wondering if I can get some of these online? I’m looking for the Minnie Mouse Poncho (its a cotton jacket with Minnie ears) and the red Minnie Mouse long sleeve shirt.

  • Steven,

    A while back, you posted some pictures of Disney bow ties, which were supposed to be available for purchase online. However, a search at the store for “bow tie” or “bowtie” shows no results whatsoever. Can you please assist?


  • That Minnie Mouse dress is gorgeous, definitely my favorite I got it for Christmas and loved it!

  • I absolutely loved the red and white polka dot Minnie dress when I tried it on …I wish I would have bought it! Could you please provide the product number for it in a size S?

  • I love my Alex and Ani Minnie Mouse bracelet I got at Trendy! Along with Mickey and the Castle of course!

  • I absolutely Love all the Minnie Mouse Stuff, It’s so cute and Trendy!

  • I Love Minnie Mouse!

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