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Have You Tried the Doofenslurper at Epcot?

Just asking for it makes us smile – The Doofenslurper, a sweet, slushy drink in a cool keepsake
beaker that’s perfect for sipping and strolling World Showcase promenade at Epcot.

Have You Tried The Doofenslurper?

Named for Dr. Doofenshmirtz, the clueless mad scientist from the popular Phineas and Ferb animated series on The Disney Channel, the Doof comes in three flavors. At Fife and Drum Tavern at American Adventure try the frozen blue raspberry topped with passion fruit sorbet foam. At Promenade Refreshments, it’s frozen lemonade topped with passion fruit sorbet foam. And at Cool post in the Africa area, sip frozen strawberry topped with passion fruit foam.

Do you have a favorite Doofenslurper flavor?


  • How much are they? Saw a post that said 3.99 but i think that was in a regular cup.

  • I bought one of the lemonade Dufenslurpers this past week. My husband had a sip and liked it so much that we now have TWO beakers. Highly recommend the lemonade… not overly sweet tasting!

  • Is there a place I can see the ingredients? I have a child who cannot have food dyes and I’d like to know if he can have any of these before he sees them on our upcoming trip to WDW.

  • How long will they be available and can you get them on your quick service plan as maybe a snack? We are coming down in a couple of weeks can’t wait to try these?

  • Yes, Slurpinator, But I think a adult version would be fabulous.

  • I definately want to try the blue raspberry (and maybe others… ;)) when I’m at Epcot in May!!!

  • I think it’s not called “Slushinator” because Doofenshmirtz must have USED an -inator to get Disney to put his face on these and spread his flavor through the tri-state area! But in Epcot it’s going to have to be tri-country area.

  • Wonder if these are considered a snack on the dining plan, anyone know?

  • how long is it going to be there my daughter saw it and is having a fit we might go to disney in october and we can’t wait

  • Wish I had known about these last month when I was there…would love to have tried all three!!
    Next year, I guess!!!

  • Do you have any allergen info and know if they are safe for peanut/nut allergies with no “may contaIn warnings”?

  • How many ounces and what’s the price? Looks like a fun item!

  • I am going to ditto everybody who wants this at the Disneyland Resort. I can only imagine how awesome it would be to enjoy this while watching Phineas & Ferb’s Rockin’ & Rollin’ Dance Party.

    PS – I also think it should be called Slurpinator, too. 🙂

  • Are they going to have these at Disneyland too?

  • With this drink I will wreak general “evil” havoc and assert my rule across the entire Tri-State area!!!

  • I agree…. This should be called the Slurpinator!

  • The Doofensmirtz’s Slurpinator is what creates the Doofenslurper. Remember, the -inators create, destroy or generally act upon something else. The Doofenslurper is the result of that.

  • They sound great! Not super crazy about the price, though. Are they available in just regular (less expensive) cups?

    • You can purchase a regular slushy for $3.99. this does not include passion fruit sorbet foam.

  • I was just told they are not for mommies. Translated means that no one is going to share and I will have to get my own if I want to try.

    By the way, I love the re-themeing of the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure to the Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. Love the new characters.

  • I would love to try these.

  • The Doofensmirtz Slurpinator three THOUSAND! (lab coat not included with purchase).. Feel free to send these to DCA anytime. It would go with the Phineas & Freb dance party.

  • How about Erlenmeyer Flask-inator, instead :)?

  • Do you really need to go to 3 separate locations to try the 3 different flavors?

    • Yes. Promenade Refreshment has Lemonade, Cool Post has Strawberry and Lemonade, and Fife and Drum has Blue Raspberry and Strawberry. So I guess you could get all 3 between Cool Post and Fife.

  • That’s not a beaker. It’s an Erlenmeyer Flask.

  • That’s awesome!! Forget the kids…I want it!! Love the foam on the top…so good!

  • Shouldn’t it be called “Doofensmirtz’s Slurpinator”?

  • Shouldn’t it have the suffix -inator on it?

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