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Join Us for Our ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ Disney Parks Blog Meet-Up at Epcot

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

UPDATE: This event has been filled to capacity. Please CLICK HERE to view a list of the accepted event attendees. If you are on the list and do not receive a confirmation email by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, please contact us at

Sure, the official opening of “Oz the Great and Powerful” may be a few weeks away, but this Sunday, Disney Parks Blog readers will have a chance to see a special sneak peek screening of the film at Epcot and experience our new “Land of Oz Garden” at the park.

The film tells the backstory of Oz the Great and Powerful. In it, small-time magician Oscar Diggs is hurled away from Kansas and into the Land of Oz. There, he’s drawn into the problems facing the residents of Oz, and must use his magical arts to save them and transform himself into the great and powerful wizard.
Join Us for Our ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ Disney Parks Blog Meet-Up at Epcot

Our event begins at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, February 24. You’ll be able to see “Oz the Great and Powerful” in RealD 3-D in World Showplace at Epcot and check out “The Land of Oz Garden” on your way to the screening. There will be snacks and – like all Disney Parks Blog meet-ups – a surprise or two.

Space is limited so RSVP now by sending us an email with your name, address, and how many guests (up to three guests) you’ll be inviting to

Also, there are a few things you should know:

  • All participants who sign up for the event must be 18 years or older, but guests do not need to be 18 or older.
  • Limit three guests per registrant.
  • We will send an email to individuals whose valid RSVPs are received by us via email before we reach the planned capacity to confirm their attendance for the event.
  • If confirmed, it will be necessary for the registrant and guests to check in at the front entrance of Epcot for access to the event. The confirmation will include those details.
  • Valid photo I.D. will be required at check-in.
  • Meet-up confirmations are non-transferrable and have no cash value.
  • Confirmation will be for the accepted registered person plus their number of specified guests.
  • If you do not receive an email from us confirming your reservation, then your RSVP was not accepted.
  • The event and individual appearances are subject to change or cancellation.

This post will be updated when capacity has been reached. Please note the event is subject to change or cancellation without notice.

Hope to see you there.


  • Thanks Disney for such a fabulous meet up! The whole event was first class! I will be first to admit it was a little difficult to go 2 hours without my phone but I survived and it was worth every minute! The movie was wonderful.

    Thank you


  • I wish I had seen this yesterday! It’s too late now 🙁 We would have LOVED to have been there. Maybe next time we go to WDW

  • For everyone asking about getting a warning on it, they sent out a tweet at least a half hour before saying a meet-up was going to happen and stay tuned. Then they sent out another tweet with the link to sign up, so twitter can be your friend!

  • So excited to have made the list! Have to cancel my Be Our Guest reservation, but I am totally ok with that!! So excited!

  • NM, found the solution. Missed the RSS button on the top of the page. :O)

  • Is there a way to subscribe to be notified of all posts on the blog? I could only find the option to get the daily updates emailed to me the following day. We keep missing out on these opportunities. Thanks!

  • hhmmmmm….why do I get the email ABOUT the meet up the same day as I get the email it was filled up? This happens every single time there is a meetup. All of my DPB emails come the day after they are sent and I don’t know how/if I can change that. Was this posted on FB as well? donna

  • OMG I saw the list earlier and just figured I was out of luck. The website was still up hours later when I refreshed my phone and I’M IN!! So excited. Thanks Disney!

  • YES! Our first Disney Meetup! Super excited! #PrincessHalf in the am – #OzMeetup in the pm – Sunday will be a great day for Team Disney Bride & Groom!!!

  • Thanks for posting the updated list!

  • THANK YOU !!!! THANK YOU!!!! I am so excited! I was totally bummed when my friends made it and I didn’t… both of their names started with a B! I am so excited to see this movie. I actually have been using the lunch bag they gave us at the Disney Marathon all week! See you this weekend!

  • It worked! Thank you so much I got in!! Yahoo! Im off to see the Wizard the Wonderful Wizard of OZ!

  • So sad, I sent my email at 4:24 and didn’t make the list…

  • Woot! Updated list! 😀

  • i sure hope i wasn’t passed over because i live in CA. we’re coming to WDW for princess half and this would’ve been perfect. oh, well.

  • OK, the list seems to be complete, past J. 🙂 I’m on the list, yay!

  • Hmm, not a single first name after the letter J in the accepted event attendee list? Curious… :/

  • Is it really only for the first part of the alphabet?

  • Is the list up to date I only see A-j

  • Is this the complete list? It has names from A-J only.

  • We are coming from Canada for a family vacation this weekend…..I really hope we get in! It would be a once in a lifetime experience!

  • Really would love to be a part of this! Wizard of Oz and flowers…. I am so there (I hope!).

  • This sounds so exciting!! I’m a HUGE Wizard of Oz fan and am really looking forward to Oz the Great and Powerful. I so hope I make it in!

  • Pick me! Pick me! I’ve never been to a Parks blog meet up event!

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